Old Communist China Same As The New Communist China: Evil Incarnate

     With the recent attention shone on Hong Kong trying to resist the treaty-violating machinations of the tyrants of Beijing, we are reminded that the “New Communist China” that was supposed to embrace democracy and (classical) liberal values just embraced a side of fascist economics (i.e. corporatism) to go along with their Maoist tyrannical ways.

     It is also a reminder that non-Whites can embrace the same values as Whites—that non-Western civilizations can come to revere the same values and precepts that Western civilizations have, or at least had. The measures taken by the Hong Kong protesters are manifest: Daring escapes by sewers; channeling Spinal Tap with anti-police “little stonehenges”; holing up, in the same tradition as ancient European universities; improvising weapons due to lack of legal firearms; bravely defying anti-mask laws; and all this despite the Communists going after pre-teen children.

     Despite this, the people of Hong Kong have stood up and expressed their voice in the one democratic remnant they still have (for now). And it it to the credit of the Hong Kong voters that the Communists can but lash out at non-Chinese who voice support for Hong Kong.

     With the highlighting of tyranny in Hong Kong, a far more lucifarian evil that the Communists exercise in the rest of the People’s Republic China outside of Macau and Hong Kong… especially with one of the many ethnic, religious, and cultural minorities within the People’s Republic China’s borders, as is the case with the Uighurss in Xinjiang who are subject to concentration camps/gulags for “reeducation”, where faux medieval wannabe torture devices are employed in a way that not even the novel “1984” could’ve proposed as plausible for its time.

     In order to provoke outrage, the Communists have been spreading games where those who wish to prove themselves loyal to the Communist regime can use to express their willingness and approval of attacking the Hong Kong protesters. Also, an unhealthy dose of literal book burning!

     There is also the irony of the People’s Republic of China literally doing what the overly apologetic West is perpetually accused of: Neo-colonialism.

     Not only are they saber-rattling against the de facto independent, and antecedent, Republic of China (i.e. Taiwan). Even worse, they are not only throwing their weight around in the United States, but they are buying slave brides from Pakistan (who turns their eyes away when the victims are Christian)!

     Is the Communist regime being rent apart by protests in the rest of the country and about to fall?

     The People’s Republic of China, despite it’s Marxist and Maoist curse, is still reverting to the base evil of rape, murder, arson, and rape that has always been the default of mankind. To avoid that, strong civilizations must stand together against such barbarity and wicked evil.

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