Whither Columbia?

     ‘Tis an interesting confluence in the year 2020, where statues of Columbus, et al., are being torn down because of “racism”, including by the California state Senate which ironically voted to endorse racial discrimination by removing the prohibition of the same from the state Constitution, while the House of Representatives voted for making the District of Columbia the State of Columbia.

     Will they really change their name from Columbia? Heck, will they unilaterally change the name of the City of Washington, whose flag is based on George Washington’s coat of arms, to something else?   How would this conflict with Article I of the Constitution be resolved?

     Will the cities of Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio be renamed, or the Columbia River, or the motion picture company? Will there be demands that British Columbia be pressured to change it’s name, or the country of Columbia?

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Venezuela, A Pariah Of Oppression

     Actual socialism doesn’t work, not even in Venezuela, so they’ve embraced… money laundering, schemes to get around sanctions, graft, and criminal cartels!   Yet they still have gas shortages.

     While some nations like the U.S. are standing up against Venezuela’s kleptocrats Venezuela still have friends in the world, like Iran, who are accepting gold payments from Maduro’s regime for a bit of refined gasoline, as well as military and espionage support!

     Funny, then, how they can afford to aid and abed, if not outright participate in, the violent riots that have hit the United States of America this year, along with instigators from Cuba and Sandinista Niceragua.

     And the people of Venezuela, at least those who are not outright “disappeared”, or the deaths of women during childbirth being kept secret. The prisons are becoming Coronavirus breeding grounds, which is about as bad as their regular hospitals.

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News of the Week (June 28th, 2020)


News of the Week for June 28th, 2020

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Firing Line Friday: How to Protest

     In the hopes of encouraging a more civil, and illuminating, discourse, here is another episode of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s “Firing Line”.

     There was a time when serious advocates of “fundamentally transforming America” had to distance themselves from riots and overt Communism, and rather try to maintain a semblance of a thoughtful reformer who pushed for respectable protests.   Mr. Buckley debates one such advocate: Dwight MacDonald.

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All The Cops Are Criminals; All The Fundamental Transformative Revolutionaries Saints

     So, after the city of Minneapolis was subject to lawlessness, arson, looting, violence, and arson, the woke leadership of the Minneapolis City Council got the bright idea to abolish the police department, explained their clever little scheme:

     The city council went ahead and voted to end the police department, despite surrounding police and sheriff’s departments saying that they wouldn’t touch a police-less Minneapolis with an eleven foot poll.  Any bets that Minneapolis will become the New Detroit (without the hope of becoming Delta City).

Send him to… Minneapolis!

     And what will the Minneapolis City Council replace the police with? A “transformative new model of public safety” and “invest in community-led public safety”.

     So, “Struggle Sessions”? Collective liquidation of Kulaks as a class? Somewhere in the pits of hell, Ernst Röhm smiles at the revolutionary wokeness.   Of course this “invest[ment] in community-led public safety” would probably be led by a… Committee of Public Safety.

     This would explain the sudden gushing of love for the Reign of Terror in the media.

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UN-Serious, UN-Fair, and UN-American

     The United Nations is know as, aside from child-raping “Peacekeepers”, as being a joke—and a bad joke at that. Now, the so-called “Human Rights Council” of the U.N. (which is run by the usual assortment of tyrants) is going after the “systemic” racism in the United States, which it just presumes to exist, lead by hardcore Leftist Michelle Bachelet (who has a helicopter-sized chip on her shoulder).

“In line with the final version of the resolution text, the High Commissioner should ‘prepare a report on systemic racism, violations of international human rights law against Africans and people of African descent by law enforcement agencies, especially those incidents that resulted in the death of George Floyd and other Africans and of people of African descent’.

“The text also calls on Ms. Bachelet – assisted by UN appointed independent rights experts and committees ‘to examine government responses to anti-racism peaceful process peaceful protests, including the alleged use of excessive force against protesters, bystanders and journalists’.”

     The resolution was adopted without dissent.

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Corona-chan Gets Kinky in New York

     During the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, New York City, which has suffered about a third of Xinnie the Flu’s Wuhan Bat Soup Death Plague Bio-Weapon of DOOM (with sprinkles*) in the United States, released guidance to help kinky perverts get their groove on.

     The bad news is that hookers, orgies, stiking your tongue in somone’s “out door”, and anything not involving a mask is a no-no.

     The good news, if you are into that thing, is that gloryholes are totes endorsed!

“Be creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls, that allow sexual contact while preventing close face to face contact.”

     So, the City of New York, in a time of crisis and reminiscing on all her past troubles, has decided that Gloryholes are not only not bad but actually good when it comes to Corona-chan!

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Systemic Oppression, Mandatory Allyship, and the March Through the Institutions

     For many, the riots, revolutionaries, and cultural iconoclasts that seemed to come out of nowhere and have been met without any resistance are either a bit of temporary madness that affects someone else (which somehow the communities of those many are somehow immune to), or somehow an example of how the Left could only win because cowards on the right preemptively surrender.

     Neither of those views, however, bear any semblance of reality.

     Both of these views assume that the sense of “normalcy” that such view-holders have is indeed the framework upon which American society firmly sits, and the consequence of that view leads to either the expectation that “it couldn’t happen here” or that it can only “happen here” due to preemptive surrender. Neither view considers that the groundwork by the Left hasn’t already rotted the pillars of society and instituted a framework sub rosa conducive towards the Left’s beliefs and ethos, leaving only a superficial shell ready to be replaced be a “new normalcy” custom fit for the new framework.

     There is no better demonstration of this fundamental change that so many are blind to, including those who now wholly agree with the new way of thinking, than the redefinition of fundamental terms and double-meaning of slogans. For example, to many, “man” still refers to a biological male and that gender is a synonym for biological sex; but for increasingly “gender” is defined as an “identity” that is separate and district from biological sex (which is now considered a spectrum or even nonexistent as a category) and that insisting that a “trans-woman” is a “man” is pure ignorance.

     Such is also an example of what racism means. The term “racism” means, though increasingly rarely, the idea that one race is superior to another and the assorted actions and behavior thereof. However, the “academic” definition of racism is a combination of not only a belief in racial superiority/animus, but also of being in a “position of power”.

     White people, for example, have the unsrivable sin of “Whiteness” and can only be tolerated if they actively destroy this “Whiteness” that somehow flows through them like the Dark Side of the Force.

     This is where “allyship” comes in. Oh, not being an ally to individuals, but an ally to identity groups and to the Leftist ideology that exploits the same. It does not erase the original sin of “Whiteness” (or more intersectionally the sings of “cis-nomativity”, being straight, being a biological male, &c.), but it provides temporary protection and perhaps a bit more than others, like a “House Slave” in the antebellum South vis-à-vis the slaves in the field. And yes, this parallel is quite ironic.

     This, in effect, means that only and all White people are racist because of the belief that Western Civilization is fundamentally about racial oppression, discrimination, and slavery. This is what is generally referred in one permutation or another to as “structural racism” (a “formalization of a set of institutional, historical, cultural, and interpersonal practices within a society that” effects racism), “institutional racism” (A “form of racism which is embedded as normal practice within society or an organization.”), and “systemic racism” (“[A] claim that the United States was founded as a racist society, that racism is thus embedded in all social institutions, structures, and social relations within our society.”).

     It thus becomes a sacrosanct article of faith, then, that America was founded upon racism, with the consequence that racism can not be removed from America, with the only option left being to reject America and build up a “non-racist” society in opposition.

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News of the Week (June 21st, 2020)


News of the Week for June 21st, 2020

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Firing Line Friday: Vietnam Protests

     In the hopes of encouraging a more civil, and illuminating, discourse, here is another episode of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s “Firing Line”.

     With all the radical declarations, from Seattle’s little commune to the radical #BlackLivesMatter related riots, looting, and arson, let us look back upon a previous time of turmoil half-a-century ago, when Mr. Buckley debated one of the greatest unacknowledged evils of the 20th Century: Benjamin Spock.

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