American Public Schools: Guardians of Sharia

     Despite the strict “separation of church and state” in public schools, it increasingly feels like there is no “separation of mosque and state”. We’ve already seen examples of schools in America teach about the hajj, extolling jihadis, and even write the Shahada, the profession of the Islamic faith. Now, we are seeing Sharia law starting to be enforce: A public school teacher threatened a girl for not wearing a hijab.

     In the student’s own words:

“Today I was happy. I had completely stopped covering my hair and was speaking confidently with other people. I was just so happy, I wanted to go home and dream about it all night.

“In math class, when the bell rang to switch, a teacher asked me about my hijab. I told her that I just took it off and it was no big deal. She told me that it was important to uphold culture, she then asked if my parents knew what I was doing. Being the idiot I am, I said no and asked if she would tell. To my absolute horror, she said yes.

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Venezuela: Brand New Decade; Same Old Tyranny

     The decade of the 2010s certainly seemed to close on a twinkling of hope for Venezuela. Spain ordered the extradition of Venezuela’s Ex-Intelligene chief to the U.S., while Maduro’s brother tyrant, Evo Morales, fled Bolivia after he was caught rigging an election. So, the times they are a changin’?

     Only for the worse: Maduro’s military minions won’t allow their bread n’ butter to come to harm, and in lieu of Morales, Maduro has Communist Daniel Ortega in control of Nicaragua.

     Of course, all this means is that Venezuelans’ once wealthy country will continue to die a slow death with a collapse of its water system, total bond default, hungry children, and being forced to rent caskets… though that there are still caskets to be rented shows that there is still a long way for Venezuela to fall.

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News of the Week (January 5th, 2020)


News of the Week for Jan. 5ht, 2020

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Firing Line Friday: The Road Back

     In the hopes of encouraging a more civil, and illuminating, discourse, here is another episode of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s “Firing Line”.

     Much has been achieved to not only slow down the advance of socialism but also to establish a conservative alternative as well as push back and reclaim liberty, and this began by people like Fifty years ago William F. Buckley, Jr. asking where the road back from socialism was.

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Quick Takes – Victories Against Transgender Totalitarianism: Unwaxed Scrotum; No Boys In The Girls Room; Medical Conscientious Objection

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Standing athwart the transgender movement and yelling “Stop!”

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     Just how extreme of a transgender totalitarian do you have to be for Canada to think you’ve gone too far? “Jessia Yaniv” too far.

“On Tuesday, Jessica Yaniv, a biological male who identifies as a woman, lost his legal battle to force women to give him a Brazilian wax. After multiple female estheticians refused to wax his genitals because of his male anatomy, he filed human rights complaints, claiming that they engaged in discrimination against him due to his transgender identity.

“’Human rights legislation does not require a service provider to wax a type of genitals they are not trained for and have not consented to wax,’ the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal ruled.”

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Happy New Year!

     Have a Happy, and safe, New Year!

     Enjoy a tasty beverage (or ten)!

     Stay safe. Stay zoning…

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News of the Week (December 31st, 2019)


News of the Week for Dec. 31st, 2019

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     Back in the day of the Golden Age of Blogging, people kept in touch not only by interlinking their links with others, but by exchanging e-mail information, which was far less ephemeral than social media accounts from propitiatory platforms that could be readily deleted for whatever woke reason.

     This is one reason why I still host my own blog on a server hosted by someone I trust. That being said, it is still important to maintain the maximal yet viable vectors of communication.

     Aside from the extant Twitter, E-Mail, and Reddit links, the following avenues of communication are presented. Of note, these accounts will be used primarily as back-ups for the time-being, though in time they could be used as a more primary vector of communication.

     Additonally, my user name for the following platforms is “ThePoliticalHat”: Counter.Social,, and BitChute.

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     A number of the blogs listed in the sidebar are now pining for the fjords, and have been for a while now, and no longer exist, or are otherwise unavailable. If one of these blogs comes back or has moved to a different URL, let me know and I’ll add them back in.

akula51 dot net, Cogito Ergo Doleo, I, Capensis, Judgy Bitch, Mindful Webworks, Ron Futrell, Transparent Nevada, Velociworld.

Update: Mindful Webworks is up and the web address has been corrected.

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Boxing Day Open Thread

     Now this is a holiday!

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