American Rivers Are People Too

     The Colorado River has legal personhood, according to some environmental radicals who are suing on behalf of an ever changing flow of water…

“The Colorado River is about to have its day in court – and not as the subject of a lawsuit, but as the plaintiff.

“In a first-of-its-kind lawsuit in the United States, the state of Colorado is being sued by the Colorado River in an attempt to establish ‘personhood’ for the river and its rights to exist, flourish and regenerate.”

Pictured: Literal Rape.

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Big Mouth Big Derp

     Adult oriented cartoons and animation that involve potty humor are well established, be it South Park, Drawn Together, or some hentai anime. However, the vulgarities were just a means to tell an often outrageous joke. But ‘twould seem that for some people, humorless in-your-face sex references is the new norm. Case in point:

     How bad does it get? The story is about kids hitting puberty and includes an adult character promoting to a child oral sex in a pointless and humorless way. South Park, in contrast, had far worse, but it felt less off-puttingly vulgar because it was done in a humorous way that was based in part on its over the top outrageousness. Also:

     Shocking and vulgar things can be funny, but they are not per se funny. Absent a good set-up or other comedic aspect it will range from boring to creepy.

     As can be seen above, another aspect being increasingly embraced by American animators is horrid character designs.

     This isn’t to say that cartoonish or even stylized designs can’t work, but the designs have to work with the humor and style of the show. Even then, quality designs can cover up a poor plot, while horrid designs are only palatable if the writing and directing is otherwise top notch. In the case of “Big Mouth”, it appears to have neither.

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Social Justice’s Own Future Doctor Mengele?

     With increasing use of euthanasia, including involuntarily, and demand that people be treated unequally to achieve some type of mythical racial equity, “social justice” and medicine is poised to be a dangerous combination… for the designated “H8rz”, of course.

     But no professional doctor would let “social justice” get in the way of the Hippocratic Oath, though, right?


     The frightening thing is that if Eugene Gu himself would never cross that line (and I sincerely hope he wouldn’t), then certainly other “social justice” medical professional would be willing to turn into the “antifa” version of Josef Mengele, which is why (amongst other reasons) single-payer healthcare in the hands of a government staffed with Leftist bureaucrats is a rather bad idea…

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To Serve And Protect But Not Be The Best And Brightest

     Average IQ is typically considered in the range of 90 to 110. A cutting off point of just over that average IQ range would make sense if high intelligence was necessary, such as with a good amount of police work. However, New London, in Connecticut, has decided that those with high IQs will be barred from serving as a police officer:

“A man whose bid to become a police officer was rejected after he scored too high on an intelligence test has lost an appeal in his federal lawsuit against the city.

“The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York upheld a lower court’s decision that the city did not discriminate against Robert Jordan because the same standards were applied to everyone who took the test.

“‘This kind of puts an official face on discrimination in America against people of a certain class,’ Jordan said today from his Waterford home. ‘I maintain you have no more control over your basic intelligence than your eye color or your gender or anything else.’

“He said he does not plan to take any further legal action.

” Jordan, a 49-year-old college graduate, took the exam in 1996 and scored 33 points, the equivalent of an IQ of 125. But New London police interviewed only candidates who scored 20 to 27, on the theory that those who scored too high could get bored with police work and leave soon after undergoing costly training.

” Most Cops Just Above Normal The average score nationally for police officers is 21 to 22, the equivalent of an IQ of 104, or just a little above average.”

There’s just one thing I don’t understand…

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California Considering Banning Internal Combustion Engines

     California is mulling a ban on the internal combustion engine, meaning, primarily, non-electric cars.

“California Governor Jerry Brown “has expressed an interest” in eventually banning the sale of vehicles using internal-combustion engines …

“Achieving a single-state ban on specific kinds of cars would be tough, but California has been able to create its own pollution-related legislation since the 1970s. Instead of asking the EPA for waivers to pass this kind of legislation, the state could change vehicle registration rules as it sees fit, which could work as a sort of ersatz ban.

“All this talk of bans is a bit premature, though. The CARB chief who talked to Bloomberg pointed out that there’s no firm date when such a ban could become feasible. It’s on the order of decades away, so if you’re planning on going out and buying a Mustang GT350R next week, feel free to do so with impunity.”

     This is obviously not plausible in the short term, as electric vehicles are too expensive for most people, despite being heavily subsidized by the government. But then, plausibility is one thing that California’s loonie politicians don’t seriously care about; that a state with sprawling horizontal cities and a myriad of suburbs that was designed around affordable personal transportation (i.e. car culture) could still operate for most people if they didn’t have cars is insane… which is why the elitist loonies might just push ahead sooner rather than later.

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News of the Week (October 8th, 2017)


News of the Week for Oct. 8th, 2017

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Dear Straight Black Men, Welcome to the Kyriarchy!

     Just as those of Asian ethnicities have become the new “Whites” (with all the attendant “White Privilege”), now it seems that Straight Black Men have become the “White People of Black People“…

“It feels counterintuitive to suggest that straight black men as a whole possess any sort of privilege—particularly the type of privilege created for and protected by whiteness. In America, we are near or at the bottom in every relevant metric determining quality of life. Our arrest and incarceration rates, our likelihood of dying a violent death, our likelihood of graduating high school and attending college, our employment rates, our average net worth, our likelihood of surviving past 70—I could continue, but the point is clear.

“But assessing our privilege (or lack thereof) on these facts considers only our relationship with whiteness and with America. Intraracially, however, our relationship to and with black women is not unlike whiteness’s relationship to us. In fact, it’s eerily similar.


“Either way, that statement, that phrasing and what they suggest are shocking and succinct: simple, subtle and fucking scary.

“And it’s true.”

     In other words: Welcome to the Kyriarchy, all you straight Black men!

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Climate Inquisition Comes To Canada

     Climate Change due to CO2 and only CO2 is a neo-religious tenant, which denies dissent and assumes a divine revelation of truth. Canada, under “little Trudeau” has launched a “competition bureau” which decided to use its time and budget to… investigate climate heretics:

“Canada’s Competition Bureau, an arm’s length agency funded by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to the tune of almost $50 million annually, investigated three organizations accused of denying mainstream climate science for over a year, following a complaint from an environmental group.


“The complaint was filed by Ecojustice on behalf of six “prominent” Canadians, including former Ontario NDP leader and UN ambassador Stephen Lewis.

“It accused three groups, Friends of Science, the International Climate Science Coalition, and the Heartland Institute of making false and misleading claims about climate change, including that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide, and that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.

“When it launched its complaint in December, 2015, Ecojustice told the National Observer it would press the Commissioner of Competition to refer the matter to the Attorney-General of Canada for ‘criminal charges against the denier groups’.”

     This is just adopting (IIRC), Thomas Aquinas’ views on scientific investigations: Anything can be considered and hypothesized, but if it conflicts with divinely revealed scripture, then the divinely revealed truth must be right and the contrary hypothesis must be wrong.

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Quick Takes – Intersectionality!: Intersectional Faith; Intersectional Liberation; Intersectional Pilgrimages

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Catechisms of a Secular Faith

     First, a little bit of mood music:

     Carrying on…

     And thus the secular faith manifests!

“Intersectionality is a wholly academic invention that plays a large role in this movement. Indeed, it stands in the vanguard of the progressive academy, allied with critical race studies, queer studies, women’s studies, and ethnic studies. Intersectional scholars proudly proclaim their goal: to smash the neoliberal, corporate, heteropatriarchal academy and then to reinvent it in a way that rejects traditional notions about what universities are meant to do. These scholars also want to redefine the family and to abolish the ‘binary’ of man and woman.


“Yet intersectionality deals not only, or even primarily, with individuals. Individuality is secondary to group identity. For just as prejudice and oppression define our dominant institutions and social structures, intersectionalists assert, we are formed by the social structures and groups to which we belong. Blacks, women, and others have the distinct disadvantage of being part of nondominant social structures, no matter what other characteristics they possess (wealth, tenure, prestige). They are the inevitable targets of prejudice, discrimination, fear, and hatred. The only solution to this society-wide problem is coalition-building and political action on a large scale. In other words, we need a revolution.”

     This, sadly, is but a gospel…

” Patricia Hill Collins is distinguished university professor in sociology at the University of Maryland. She has had a long and productive career as a black feminist academic. Her work is cited widely by scholars in gender studies, queer studies, Africana studies, rhetoric, communications, and sociology.

Collins was the keynote speaker at the Notre Dame conference I attended. Though I disagreed with almost all of the substance of her talk, she drew the audience in, made us feel like we were her friends and allies, and effectively recruited us to her cause. She used humor and storytelling to describe her life as a black female academic in an age when she had very few peers who looked like her. (She’s currently sixty-nine years old.)

As she spoke, I began to feel that I was not at an academic lecture at all, but at an Evangelical church with a charismatic pastor. She even looked the part, wearing all black with a vibrant green scarf that hung around her shoulders like a cleric’s stole. Some of her statements brought approving murmurs from the audience—“Umm hmm.” At times people broke out in spontaneous applause or acclamation, as if we were at a revival.

Soon the church-like atmosphere evolved into a political rally. Collins told us that the academy is filled with “timid people” who are afraid to challenge the status quo. She also asserted that authentic intellectual engagement requires political activism. Why should we “take up the words” if we “lose the critical edge” and the ability to put ideas into practice? “Now is not the time,” Collins asserted, for “business as usual!” The election of Donald Trump has heightened the need for intersectionality, as a way of protesting the egregious racism, sexism, and homophobia that his administration embodies. She exhorted us to be oppositional. Revolution cannot take place unless we overthrow the existing power structures, and intersectionality requires that all oppressed groups work together. Citing black feminist heroes such as Angela Davis, she charged the audience to form nonhierarchical networks of flexible solidarity, coalitions of conscience, made up of people who would devote themselves to upending the status quo. Everyone loved it. Nobody seemed to notice (or mind) that this was precisely the same language that radicals of all stripes have employed for at least the past fifty years.”

     Oh new (un)holy faith…

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Arizona Supreme Court: Deny Objective Biological Science and Presume the Impossible

     The Supreme Court’s ruling declaring Gay Marriage to a Constitutional right was premised on the Rawlsian presumption that a couple of different sexes was exactly the same as couples of the same sex, and that any point to the contrary was “irrational animus”.

     This chain of (il)logic, then, requires any actual difference be ignored in order to perpetuate the fantasy that there are no biological differences between men and women, particularly when it comes to reproduction. We have already seen the outright denial of objective biological reality with California mandating that if a same-sex couple couldn’t conceive a child naturally between them for a year, than insurance must pay for infertility treatment, despite the obvious fact that two people of the same sex can and will never be able to naturally have a child between them, due to the rather obvious fact that a same-sex couple are physically incapable of conceiving a child naturally between them due to coitus being an exclusively heterosexual act. But because the courts begin with the declaration that there is no difference between same-sex couplings and opposite-sex couplings, the courts must invent impossible fantasies because objective biological reality has been deemed “irrational”.

     Marriage had always been about the coupling of man and woman. This is because marriage was about the family as a basic unit of society, and where monogamy was utilized to provide a stable basis for having and raising children in a safe and optimal environment. Much, if not most, family law involves not just the relationship between the two spouses, but were based on the assumption that any child born within their parents’ wedlock was presumed to be legitimate with the mother being the mother and the father being the father. The same logic can not be applied to a same sex couple because it is biologically impossible for both to be the natural parent of the child!

     The Supreme Court has already ruled that two women can be listed on a birth certificate, despite the fact that the birth certificate had always included by presumption the natural parent of the child. The entire point of establishing parentage by nature of the birth certificate can not apply to same sex couples. These recordings of facts no serve no purpose in establishing actual biological parentage.

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