Volonté Générale: The Coming Dawn of the Hive Mind?

     Since the days of Rousseau, the Left have pined away for their secular god, the Volonté Générale (i.e. the “General Will“) which exists as a singular will arising Borg-like from the masses. Such a “general will” of a populace is a fiction used as a fig-leaf of legitimacy by the worst of tyrants. Now, however, it seems that a unified hive-mind may be scientifically plausible:

“Neuroscientists have successfully hooked up a three-way brain connection to allow three people to share their thoughts – and in this case, play a Tetris-style game.

“The team thinks this wild experiment could be scaled up to connect whole networks of people, and yes, it’s as weird as it sounds.


“In the experiment set up by the scientists, two ‘senders’ were connected to EEG electrodes and asked to play a Tetris-style game involving falling blocks. They had to decide whether each block needed rotating or not.

“To do this, they were asked to stare at one of two flashing LEDs at either side of the screen – one flashing at 15 Hz and the other at 17 Hz – which produced different signals in the brain that the EEG could pick up on.

“These choices were then relayed to a single ‘receiver’ through a TMS cap that could generate phantom flashes of light in the receiver’s mind, known as phosphenes.

“The receiver couldn’t see the whole game area, but had to rotate the falling block if a light flash signal was sent.”

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Who Runs Venezuela?

     The world is dividing between those few countries (primarily Russia, Cuba, Iran, South Africa, China, Turkey, and Bolivia) who support Maduro and much of Latin America, Europe, and the United States of America who are either recognizing opposition leader Juan Guaido or are calling for new and fair elections.

Recognition map of Venezuelan head of state.

     While the suffering of the Venezuelan people continues, including economic woes involving inflation and the potential bankruptcy of the oil company Citgo, Maduro’s disaster is increasingly affecting other countries very negatively.

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News of the Week (February 3rd, 2019)


News of the Week for Feb. 3rd, 2019

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Nonconsensual Puberty

     The disparity between reality and what it takes to buy the “transgender” ideology has rarely had such a striking and facepalm inducing example:

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Quick Takes – Purging the Pledge of Allegiance: In NYC; In San Francisco; In College

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: No salute.

     First, a little pledge explanation:

     Carrying on…

     Unsurprisingly, the educational establishment in San Fransisco isn’t fond of the Pledge of Allegiance.

“For the first time in memory, the San Francisco school board bypassed the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of its meeting Tuesday night, a purposeful omission by the board’s new president.

“Stevon Cook, presiding over his first meeting, said he had been mulling over the idea of replacing the recitation of the pledge after he was elected to lead the board following the departure of former President Hydra Mendoza two weeks ago.

“He told only a few board members prior to Tuesday’s meeting, and instead of asking people to stand and recite the pledge, he read a quote from poet Maya Angelou: ‘When you learn, teach. When you get, give.'”

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New York Poised To Deny Thought Criminals Their Second Amendment Rights

     Before graciously permitting you to exercise your inalienable rights, the State of New York is considering a proposed law that would allow them to deny a person’s 2nd Amendment right for expressing thoughtcrime. Specifically, it would require the state to review one’s Facebook, Youtube, Gab, Twitter or Instagram accounts to see if they contain “excessive discriminatory content; or … content that is likely to incite or produce a violent action in or towards others”.

     In other words, one’s exercise of their 1st Amendment right in a way that the State of New York does not like will result in the surrender of your 2nd Amendment rights.

     As Eugene Volokh, a respected 2nd Amendment legal scholar, notes:

“‘Discriminatory content’ isn’t defined, here or elsewhere, but presumably refers to speech that expresses negative views about various groups (or what else would it mean?). Presumably more than 100 posts in 3 years that criticize Muslims, or oppose bans on discrimination based on transgender status, or contain sexist jokes would qualify. What about “discriminatory content” towards Republicans? Towards Israel? Not clear.

“It’s also not clear what qualifies as ‘content that is likely to incite or produce a violent action in or towards others’ (for which there’s no 100-post ‘excessiveness’ standard). Does this have to be a 51% likelihood, a threshold which would almost never be satisfied? Some possibility, which could be satisfied for a vast range of rhetoric? Again, not clear.

“It is clear, of course, that such speech is generally constitutionally protected, whether it’s ‘discriminatory content’ (‘excessive’ or not) or speech that is ‘likely to incite’ ‘violent action’; recall that the very narrow incitement exception to the First Amendment is satisfied only if the speech is (1) intended to produce (2) imminent illegal conduct, and (3) likely to produce such imminent legal conduct — item (ii) above doesn’t include the intent or imminence requirements.”

     Considering the call for banning “H8 speech”, this is the camels nose in the tent of liberty that the anti-liberty Left will use to eviscerate the Bill of Rights.

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Cancer Does Not Care About Your Gender Identity

     Many cancers and other ailments are more likely to occur in one biological sex far more often than the other, if not exclusively, due to human beings being a sexually dimorphic species with physical differences between the sexes. For example, though it is possible for a male to have breast cancer, it is very rare compared to breast cancer rates in females, while it is impossible for a male to have ovarian cancer due to not having ovaries.

     However, the “quality” socialist medicine of the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) seem to believe that whether or not you should be invited to have a breast exam or cervical exam is dependent not on your biological sex but your gender identity, as out lined in their pamphlet “Information for trans people” for “NHS Screening Programmes”.

Death, Rx

     That’s correct: The NHS seems to think that someone without a cervix ought to be invited for a cervical exam while someone with a cervix ought not to be invited to have one, because not doing this would hurt a “trans person’s” human rights by not pretending that a female who calls herself a male is still a female or that a male who calls himself a female is still a male.

     This is of particular note because the pamphlet explicitly mentions “males” and “females” rather than men and women, the former being an indicator for biological sex, while the later is used for one’s “gender identity”. We were told that gender is something separate and distinct from biological sex, but as has been noted before, once the words such as “man” or “her” were appropriated for use as it pertains to “gender identity”, the biological reality of sex would be denied and rejected.

     The problem with denying biological sex and instead relying on “gender identity” is that cancer and other diseases don’t care what “gender” you think you are, and any medical doctor who doesn’t also disregard such nonsense to instead focus in on biological reality is a quack.

     Sadly, it seems that the quacks are running the NHS.

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Banning Unwoke Pronouns in California

     California state Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson has decided that her state Senate Judiciary Committee shall replace “he” and “she” with the gender-neutral “they” because California now recognizes “non-binary” as a gender option.

     Note that she then goes on to use masculine and feminine pronouns, particularly when talking about Roe v. Wade.

     Still, this new pronoun rule of not using “he” or “she”, while not easy for Sen. Jackson, may be easier for woker generations, despite the irony that it is those same woker generations that insist on being asked what their “gender pronouns” (including the invented ones) with the expectation that those pronouns will be used.

     Or perhaps Sen. Jackson’s lack of wokeness will have her declared sooner or later yet another “H8r” and oppressor…

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News of the Week (January 27th, 2019)


News of the Week for Jan. 27th, 2019

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The Magical Awokening

     The term “Great Awakening” refers to several periods in American history when religious revival had a distinct and immense impact on American civilization, the 2nd such Great Awakening in the late 18th and early 19th century being probably one of the better known ones. In contrast with “awakening”, modern society is plagued by an “awokening” wherein mature religious theology and philosophy is replaced by magic in a “golden bough” vein…

“Is the social justice movement that’s sweeping British and American universities a secular religion? The core beliefs of the members of this cult certainly seem to play the same psychological role as the central tenets of the world’s major religions. They furnish their adherents with rituals and blasphemy laws, a way of distinguishing between the sacred and the profane, a vision of what it is to be a good person and live in a good society, and they enable them to engage in tribal sorting, dividing people between members of the in-group and the out-group. No doubt the same could be said of most political ideologies, but there’s one aspect of left-wing identity politics in which it reveals itself as more cult-like than other belief systems. I’m thinking of its magical component.

“This was brought to my attention by the psychiatrist and blogger Scott Alexander. In a post entitled ‘Devoodooifying Psychology’, he compared the concept of ‘stereotype threat’ to a voodoo hex. Stereotype threat holds that if a person is expected to perform badly in a test because she’s a member of a particular group, she will perform badly. It is invoked by the social justice left to explain the under-performance of women in Stem subjects, as well as other group discrepancies. Alexander means two things by this. First, that the effect of stereotyping someone, according to the theory, is similar to that of a voodoo curse, negatively affecting their performance. Second, that the effect isn’t real. Stereotype threat is one of the casualties of the ‘replication crisis’ afflicting psychology, with researchers unable to replicate this finding.

“Another example Alexander gives is ‘unconscious bias’. This is the idea that people, particularly straight white men, are influenced by biases they aren’t aware of that lead them to discriminate against women and minorities. Informing people of their biases, usually by making them take an implicit association test, is one of the key elements of diversity training, which has become an $8 billion-a-year industry in the US even though study after study has shown it doesn’t work. A belief in unconscious bias isn’t confined to members of the intersectionality cult, but they have latched on to it, partly because it enables them to claim racism and sexism are responsible for a host of outcome discrepancies in spite of the evidence that bigotry and prejudice have declined significantly in the past 30 years while many outcome discrepancies have remained stable. Again, there is something deeply irrational about this: a belief in an unseen force that is responsible for many of society’s ills.


“The same belief in magic reveals itself in the claim that certain words or ideas associated with ‘white privilege’ are a form of ‘epistemic violence’, capable of wreaking untold psychological damage on women and minorities. When a group of LGBT+ activists at a university claim that giving a platform to a ‘Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist’ will ‘erase’ the identity of trans students, it is tempting to dismiss this as hyperbole. But maybe we should take what they say at face value. If we grant them that courtesy, we have to conclude that the members of this cult attribute a terrifying supernatural power to those in possession of ‘white privilege’. They really do believe that the people at the top of the intersectional hierarchy can literally ‘erase’ people by uttering certain words, almost like magic spells. In this context, the ‘safe spaces’ that have been created in universities, in which students are protected from the harmful effects of these spells, are a bit like churches — holy places where evil cannot penetrate.”

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