The Digital Panopticon From Chinese Social Credit to New York and the 2nd Amendment

     The People’s Republic of China is expressing the totalitarian power that social media provides them by giving benefits or denying privileges based, in part, based on their online activity. The State of New York is poised to tell the Chinese Communists “hold my 白酒”!

“Anyone who wants to buy a gun in New York would need to submit their social media profiles and search history prior to purchase if new firearm legislation in the state becomes law.

“Officials would be able to review up to three years worth of search history.”

     More and more, people’s online persona(s) can be linked to their own person in “meatspace”. This is monitoring for thoughtcriminals writ large.

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News of the Week (December 2nd, 2018)


News of the Week for Dec. 2nd, 2018

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Yes, Western Civilization IS Superior

     Daniel Hannan, a soon-to-be-former member of the European Parliament, has often explained in simple and straightforward terms the miracle of the English speaking peoples of freedom under law and a civic basis of our national heritage. Though he rejects the “blood & soil” Continental-style nationalism, he is even more so the antithesis of the moral relativists and anti-Western pseudo-intellectuals, as he makes it clear by explicitly making it clear that Western Civilization IS superior!

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Quick Takes – Transing Children: 8-Year Old Drag Queens; Purging Cis-Normative Foster Families; Biological Push-Back

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Handpuppet Children Know Best (What Their Puppet-Masters Want)

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     As had been noted many times before, an eight year old is not only the most woke of children, but also the most “trans” of children…

“There are only two reasons to do this to a child. The first is grooming for pedophilia. The second is because queer children are the new status symbol in America. Selfish and bored women who want extra attention can now get it by transitioning their child at the age of two or three and forcing everyone around them to deny reality and call Jane ‘Joe’ and build new bathrooms at school and hold conferences where they are the center of attention. A long time ago I remember that mothers would sometimes get caught making their children sick by feeding them Drano and other poisonous things for attention. They called this Munchausen syndrome by proxy and every few years some unhinged whacko would make the news for almost killing their child. In 2017 Munchausen by proxy has taken on new life. Desperate for attention and affirmation, mentally unstable women (with the help of the medical community) are putting their children on hormones (that can sterilize them!) to transition them into the opposite sex—or painting their boys like 20-year-old hookers.”

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Dear Mexicans: Welcome to the Kyriarchy!

     Specifically, those Mexicans who are Mestizo or heavily White ethnic heritage, who are the “colonizers” who are oppressing “Central Americans” in the “immigrant caravan” (as well as White-free “indigenous” people and those of noticeably African decent.

     The list of “privileged oppressors” continues to grow. Not only are straight Black men and those of Asian ethnic decent now considered “kyriarchs“, but now also Mexicans who are angered by foreigners coming to their towns demanding free s**t!

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Canadian Hospital Urgent Care Waiting Room To Patients: Kill Yourself

     A public information announcement at the William Osler Health System encourages patients in its urgent care waiting room to “end their suffering” by offing themselves.

“The ad oozes compassion. The visual is a photo of a male doctor’s hand gently resting on the arm of a woman in a hospital bed, accompanied by the following text:

“‘Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) 

“‘MAiD is a medical service in Canada, whereby physicians and nurse practitioners help eligible patients fulfill their wish to end their suffering.’

“The PR notice then provides a toll-free phone number that people interested in being killed can call to obtain more information.

“This is profoundly abandoning. Realize, these patients may be afraid. They may be in pain. They may be depressed. And what one act does the hospital from which they seek succor push? Killing.”

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Male Teacher Fired For NOT Watching Naked Middle School Girl

     In the age of #MeToo and fears of The Patriarchy™, one would expect a male P.E. coach to be fired for watching a 12 or 13 year old female student strip naked and shower, especially with dozens of young males present in a locker room together. However, one would be wrong when said female identifies as a “boy”, and the woke new rules requires that not only the underage boys who are of the age when puberty hits and they may be uneasy with their own bodies’ transformations, but that an adult male coach supervise and keep watch over a naked middle school girl. Refusing, then to “knowingly place himself in a position to observe a minor female in the nude or otherwise in a state of undress”, means being punished for not “doing [his] job in the locker room”.

“A Florida school district allowed a self-described transgender female student regular access to the boys’ locker room, with no advance warning to the boys or their parents. The first time she walked in, she caught ‘boys (literally) with their pants down, causing them embarrassment and concern by the fact that they had been observed changing by an obvious girl,’ says a complaint letter to Pasco County School District from Liberty Counsel, a pro-bono constitutional law firm.

“With a ‘gag order,’ school administrators forbade teachers from talking about the change, and ordered a male P.E. teacher to supervise the potentially undressed girl in the Chasco Middle School locker room, the letter says. When he refused to ‘knowingly place himself in a position to observe a minor female in the nude or otherwise in a state of undress,’ administrators told him ‘he will be transferred to another school as discipline for “not doing your job in the locker room.”‘

“In an email, an administrator initially threatened to put the male coach on administrative leave, telling him that refusing to supervise a potentially naked female student would ‘not be tolerated,’ said Liberty Counsel attorney Richard Mast. The school’s other P.E. teacher, who is female, also objected and was ignored.”

     If it is not only acceptable, but also mandatory, to have pubescent youth of both sexes shower together, then why even bother having separate facilities? Why is it so important to segregate those who “identify” as a “boy” and those who “identify” as a “girl”? Upon what rational basis can one argue for “separate but equal” facilities based on “gender identity” but not one’s biological sex? To answer this, one would need an objective definition of “boy” and “girl”; that there is none raises the question of how a subjective personal identity can justify putting one group together while segregating them from the other group? The answer is obvious: To delegitimize that there are physical and actual physiological differences between the sexes by appropriating the appellations of the sexes and applying them to “social constructs” with no basis in objective reality.

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News of the Week (November 25th, 2018)


News of the Week for Nov. 25th, 2018

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Happy Thanksgiving for 2018!

     This Thanksgiving, between expressing our thanks that we haven’t become a socialist country (yet), and enjoying some tasty turkey, let us eschew politics for at least one day while we enjoy the company of kith & kin.

     Here are refugees from North Korea enjoying a Thanksgiving Dinner.

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Leviathan’s Play Date

     The government has increasingly put the “loco” in in loco parentis. Leviathan has increasingly assumed that all children are not under the aegis of their parents, but that parents are simply allowed to raise Leviathan’s children. Now, the city of Washington, DC has decided that parents who organize “play dates” for their children, with some basic common sense ground rules for behavior, must beg permission first from the government.

“Back in the 1970s, a group of parents got together to create an informal playgroup for toddlers in DC in a spare room of a local church. Over the last 40 years, groups of parents and their two-year-olds have enjoyed these three-hour playgroups, which children can attend up to three days a week. The playgroup is staffed by parents of the kids who attend, and they take turns watching the children. There is no paid staff.

“… ‘Some DC government officials now are trying to regulate the program, which they contend is an illegal child-care facility.’ The Office of the State Superintendent of Education investigated the playgroup cooperative in early September and issued a statement saying the group is violating child care facility laws and must get a license to operate.”

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