Progressives’ Dream Constitutional Convention

     A group in, of course, California are launching an initiative position to stake out an ultra-Left wing set of demands to be put forth if an Article V convention were ever called. While it is unlikely that 2/3 of states would call for a convention to push all of these insane proposals, this Constitutional Convention (not a mis-named “convention of the states”, since the Convention is a creature of the Federal Constitution and not the states) might, if triggered during even a brief resurgence of the Left’s control of sufficient states, allow a “run-away convention” to formally propose them since it is the Convention (and not the states) that is explicitly given the same power to propose Amendments that Congress has utilized.

     Amongst some of the more crazed elements of moonbattery include, in addition to the usual calls for free healthcare, free college, free housing, free money, &c.:

  • Abolish the Electoral College while lowing the voting age to 16.
  • “Community governance” (i.e. rule by Communes)
  • Require all public events provide time for Indian tribes to speak
  • Require all land development to invite Indian tribes to give their blessing
  • Abolish corporate personhood and eliminate limited liability
  • Eliminate the profit motive from business
  • Establish “Nature” as having inalienable human rights
  • Allow the “community” to veto all economic, business, or individual activty
  • Allow the “community” to ban non-organic food
  • Regulate how businesses act in other countries
  • Creating of a global Eco-police
  • Rapid elimination of “non-renewable” energy sources
  • Allow people who don’t reside in any of the fifty states to vote for Congress
  • Ban political free speech

     There is a heavy emphasis on twig-worshipping Gaia nonsense, and other hippie delusions.

     This is less a formal proposal than a wish list to immanatize the eschaton of the Progressive utopia.

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Health Care Collapse in South Africa

     Specifically, the “total cruelty to humankind” in the North West region with such chronic problems as lack of water and electric, and the literal smell of death from the decomposing bodies.

“‘The situation has reached a point of no return for nurses who have been abused‚ exploited‚ neglected and deserted. The poor working conditions have seriously rendered the profession sub- standard service due to system failures aggravated by the corrupt government officials in the province‚’ the union said in a statement. It asserts that: – Patients are exposed to non-conducive environment whereby beds are shared because of congestion.

– In terms of nutrition‚ patients are eating bread and mince-meat.

– There is no water in some of the sub districts‚ which affects maternity patients severely.

– No medication supplies for chronic patients.

– Non-functionality of backup generators when electricity goes off‚ which exposes patients’ lives to danger.”

     Additionally, babies are being delivered using cell-phones or torches, broken mortuary fridges that result in decomposition spreading like a miasma throughout the hospitals, and patients’ transports that not roadworthy.

Meanwhile, at a North West hospital in South Africa…

     This is being caused by the maladministration of the North West health department, who have to face increasing protests.

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California To Ration Healthcare (For The Plebeians)

     Covered California, the state health insurance marketplace under Obamacare will require hospitals to meet designated targets in order to be kept “in-network”, which will also effect Medi-Cal (Medicaid) patients as well.. How will they do this? Require rationing, of course:

“Here’s how hospitals will be measured: They must perform fewer unnecessary cesarean sections, prescribe fewer opioids, and cut back on the use of imaging (X-rays, MRIs and CT scans) to diagnose and treat back pain.”

     While doing things just to over-bill is a concern, the greater concern, especially for well-paid administrators, is to avoid triggering penalties, which would require rationing of medical services in line with some bureaucrats’ estimate, based on “research” provided by a think tank (Caliufornia Health Care Foundation), of how much life-saving procedures, drugs, and diagnostic equipment a hospital is allowed to dole out amongst the patients under their care.

     All this, and nationalization of medical services hasn’t even happened yet. Of course, this new arrangement would only hurt the lowly serfs. The new feudal overlords can get treated with their own money and jet off elsewhere, the later of which might not be feasible for their pet bureaucrat/gentry underlings.

Death, Rx

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News of the Week (June 3rd, 2018)


News of the Week for June 3rd, 2018

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Literal Thought Police Arrest Autistic Student for Crime of Imaginary Gun Possession

     The hoplophobia of schools and the people that run them has amply been demonstrated by the plethora of incidents where the police were called because a student had an object that had a vaguely gun-like shape to it.

     As if this were taken as a challenge in a game of one-up-manship, a school in Texas had an autistic student handcuffed and taken away by the police for the dastardly crime of brandishing an imaginary rifle.

     To be fair, it was alleged that there was a “verbal threat” of some sort, and that this had happened before (with no serious wounds due to the invisible bullets, which were probably invisible armor-piercing cop-killer bullets). However, this student is known to be disabled, and students with autism can often lash out verbally, especially if they feel threatened, without understanding the magnitude of how their words could be taken. Perhaps, considering that this type of thing has happened before, the school should have talked with the boy’s mother?

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San Diego County’s War on… Popcorn

     The County of San Diego seems to have solved all other possible problems within the county, because it is apparently so free to use its resources in a war against… popcorn provided by hardware and similar stores.

“‘They explained we didn’t have the proper permits,’ said Bob Meanley, whose shop had handed out 30 to 40 bags every day for about 25 years.

“To comply with the 1984 California Uniform Retail Food Facility Law, Meanley & Son would need to install a three-basin sink to clean and sterilize the popcorn popper. Also required: regular inspections, just like a restaurant.

“Meanley declined and instead rolled the offending machine into storage. Thus ended a tradition he had started 25 years ago.”

     When you have to micromanage how a popcorn popper is cleaned to the point of requiring a three-basin sink, perhaps you have a bit too much regulation.

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School’s Anti-Bullying Scheme: Smile, Or Else

     With a rash of bullying incidents, a high school principal has decided on a clever plan: Require students to smile or be forced to go to a guidance councilor to talk about their feelz.

“‘If you don’t (smile) you get called to the office or down to see your guidance counselor,’ she said. ‘You have to talk about your problems then. You have to or you get detention.’

“Even though smiling in the hallways is not a written rule at the school district, it is something that Assistant High School Principal Benjamin Wenger has taken upon himself to enforce, according to several teachers. The teachers […] asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation from the school district.”

     Rather than actually deal with the complaints about rampant harassment and bullying, the principal seems to want to take the easy route of mandatory smiling. That would give him more time to play “toss the sex toy” during school hours, which is has been accused of doing.

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News of the Week (May 26th, 2018)


News of the Week for May 26th, 2018

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Oregon County to Punish Insufficiently Correct Recycling

     For some time now, San Fransisco has been monitoring trash to insure recycling and to effect “behavioral changes” on the populous. Marion County, Oregon must have looked at this and said “hold my wheat grass smoothie“:

“Residents who fail to follow Marion County’s strict new recycling rules could be slapped with a fine of as much as $15.45 per pickup.

“‘We’re going to monitor everybody a lot more closely,’ said Art Kuenzi, manager of Suburban Garbage Service, speaking on behalf of the Mid-Valley Garbage & Recycling Association.

“The seven garbage haulers who make up the association told their customers about the new recycling rules and the potential fine in a postcard mailed last week. They also apply to West Salem residents who live in Polk County.

“The changes are in response to China’s decision, effective Jan. 1, to stop taking most recyclables from the Western world. China previously took most of Oregon’s recycling.”

     Of course, the simplest way around this is to just throw everything in the regular trash using opaque bags. But then, if people start doing that, Salem County may just end up blowing their budget on hiring forensic trash experts.

“Drivers monitor the contents of recycling carts through cameras mounted on trucks’ hoppers, Kuenzi said. For repeat offenders, they’ll probably get out and check out what’s in the bin before dumping it. They also may photograph the contents.”

     The Trash Police is a real thing.

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Quick Takes – The Queer Standard: Tumbrizing Gender Dysphoria; Transphobic Genital Preferences; Raping Traditional Marriage

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Cis-Hetero as Doubleplusungood

     First, a little bit of mood music:

     Carrying on…

     The veritable R. Stacy McCain astutely identified a key source in “rapid onset gender dysphoria”: Tumblr.

“Critics of the transgender movement have described a phenomenon they call ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria,’ in which young people develop a sudden belief that they were ‘born in the wrong body’ and insist on seeking gender ‘transition’ following a few weeks or months of intense immersion in the online transgender community. A remarkable increase in the number of adolescents calling themselves ‘non-binary’ or ‘genderqueer’ — labels unheard of a few years ago, but popularized via websites like Tumblr — further demonstrates how online communities are influencing the sexual attitudes and behaviors of young people.

“Feminists and other critics accuse transgender activists of using online communities to promote a ‘cult’ mentality among teenagers.”

     Read the whole thing.

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