News of the Week (February 5th, 2017)


News of the Week for February 5th, 2017

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Fighting Racism With The Power Of… Racial Segregation

     Segregation was once decried as an evil that required, in the name of civil rights, unparalleled Federal intervention to banish. But that was so last century. Racial segregation, rather than being antithetical to civil rights, is now declared to be a civil right!

     What is quickly becoming the new normal for the “Social Justice” cesspits that colleges are becoming, not excluding people because of their race or ethnicity is considered the real violation of “justice” in this brave new world of ours!

“Claremont McKenna College (CMC) is funding a minorities-only meditation program for individuals who have experienced race-related stress.

“On January 25, Vince Greer, the Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion at CMC, distributed the following message to the students, faculty and staff of the college:

“‘Dear CMC community, The Cultural Influences on Mental Health Center at CMC is offering a FREE 8-week compassionate meditation program for ethnic minority students to learn how to heal from racism- and race-related incidents. Students must identify as an ethnic minority, must have experienced race-related stress, and must have attended one of the Claremont Colleges for at least one semester. If you meet these requirements and are in need of such services, you are eligible to sign up!'”

Pictured: Racial Justice according to Social Justice Warriors

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The Dutch Double-Down on Death

     Not being content with slaughtering everyone from newborns to the elderly in the Netherlands, a Dutch government minister wants to spread death worldwide, especially against the unborn:

“The Netherlands is seeking to set up an overseas abortion fund to counteract Donald Trump’s recent ban against funding international groups which give women information about terminations.

“Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen for the Dutch government has announced she intends to establish an international fund which would finance projects relating to access for birth control, abortion and women’s education, throughout developing countries.

“Ms Ploumen announced the plan in reaction to an extensive memorandum signed by Mr Trump to restrict access to information on abortion for women who are in receipt of aid from international development groups.”

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You’re Not A Mermaid, You’re Just Crazy

     A little girl wanting to be a mermaid princess when she grows up is adorable. An adult woman who quits her job because she believe she is half fish and half human is just plain crazy in the head.

“When Caitlin Nielsen told her kindergarten teacher she wanted to be a mermaid when she grew up, the kids laughed at her.

“But now aged 32, Caitlin is living her dream: She is part of a ‘secret’ community of people who identify as part-human, part-fish and call themselves merfolk.

“Caitlin had long dreamed of being a mermaid and watching the Disney movie The Little Mermaid did nothing to ease her aspirations.

“So in 2015 the biology graduate quit her job so she could focus full-time on her real ambition: being a full-time mermaid.”

     Funny, how the growth of body disphoria related madness has grown with the rise of people who don’t want to grow up and accept reality? How is believing you are the opposite sex, or some made up gender, more crazy than thinking you are a different species or some made-up mythical creature?

“‘I do feel like my tail is a part of me, and I do actually feel like it is a prosthetic limb.

“‘I sometimes joke that I wear a prosthetic because I was born with a terrible birth defect – which is legs.

“‘When my tail is off I feel a little bit awkward. Suddenly I have legs and I don’t know what to do with them. I feel extremely clumsy.'”

     Yet again, South Park has been eerily prescient.

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News of the Week (January 29th, 2017)


News of the Week for January 29th, 2017

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Scientists Set Foundation for Genetically Engineered Prehistoric Catgirls

     Despite attacks from science-adverse politicians, scientists have already laid the ground work for seminal genetic engineering, as well as support from the government. Now, scientists are ready to turn back the clock on evolution itself with a little bit of intellegent design:

“Scientists at the University of Chicago have created the first genetically modified animals containing reconstructed ancient genes, which they used to test the evolutionary effects of genetic changes that happened in the deep past on the animals’ biology and fitness.


“[B]y combining ancestral gene reconstruction with techniques for engineering transgenic animals, they could study how genetic changes that occurred in the deep past affected whole organisms-their development, physiology, and even their fitness.

“‘This strategy of engineering “ancestralized animals” could be applied to many evolutionary questions'”

     It is clear what this means: The creation of prehistoric catgirls is nigh.

Pictured: A Genetically Engineered Pre-Historic Feral Catgirl

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Quick Takes – School Indoctrination; School Stupefaction; School Neurosis

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: I went to your institutional learning facilities…

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     Because propaganda is now the prime purpose of higher education…

“The University of Cincinnati welcomed its faculty back to campus with a set of ‘recommendations’ on how to write tolerant syllabi and behave ‘inclusively’ in the classroom.

“The 30-page document, drafted by UC’s ‘Creation of Inclusive Classrooms’ working group and obtained exclusively by Campus Reform, details the preferred definitions of terms like ‘people of color,’ ‘oppression,’ and ‘racism.’

“Racism, for instance, ought to be thought of as ‘a complex system of beliefs and behaviors, grounded in a presumed superiority of the white race,’ strongly suggesting that racist behavior can only be attributed to white persons.”

     So, either you are nothing because you are non-White and oppressed, or you are nothing because you are White and a morally irredeemable oppressor…

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In Canada, Free Healthcare May Soon Mean Morally Acceptable Organ Harvesting… From Living Patients

     One of the many claims for justifying euthanasia is the absolute dismissal of the so-called “slippery-slope fallacy”, despite this very slippery slope being demonstrated as anything but. Following the implorations of Belgian and Dutch doctors to let them harvest organs from still living patients as a method of euthanasia, the Canadians, who are no stranger to a bloodlust for killing medical patients, want to follow suit.

“Euthanasia became legal in Canada in June and by December Quebec bioethicists had already published an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics calling for organ donation after euthanasia. In fact, they were reflecting the positive opinions of the both the Quebec government and of Transplant Quebec, the professional association of transplant surgeons”

     This, of course, is a bad idea to anyone who is not an idiot or a ghoul:

“Of all the bad ideas associated with euthanasia, this must be one of the worst. The potential for exploiting vulnerable people is immense. Imagine that you have recently become a quadriplegic after a motorcycle accident. You are lonely, frustrated, discouraged; you think that life has no meaning, that you are a useless encumbrance on your family and society. You don’t believe the doctors who insist that paraplegics can and do live fulfilling and happy lives.

“One day, from your hospital bed you see a TV program in which a transplant surgeon praises the unforgettable generosity of So-and-so whose life was not worth living but found a way to give life to others, etc, etc. Wouldn’t you think of ringing up the doctor and asking him how to go about it?

“It could get even worse. What if organ donation organisations promoted an standard advance directive which instructs your next-of-kin to arrange for organ donation euthanasia if you become seriously demented? There is no reason why this could not happen. In Belgium, demented people can be euthanized and organs are being accepted, even from elderly people. That would clean out the nursing homes and shorten the kidney waiting list.”

Of course, killing people is also good for the Canadian government’s fiscal bottom line

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Tweens and Sharia Law

     Public schools have increasingly become vectors for teaching Islamic doctrine—not just about Islam, but proactively proselytizing the faith… despite the entire “separation of church and state” thing (but apparently not the separation of Mosque and State)…

     Now, middle school students are being taught Sharia law in a not-so-balanced way:

“The worksheet, assigned to seventh-graders at Highland Hills Middle School, presents a passage written by a fictional 20-year-old Saudi woman named Ahlima, who feels ‘very fortunate’ to live under Sharia law in Saudi Arabia. She writes about how she will soon become a man’s second wife and explains her modest dress: ‘I understand that some foreigners see our dress as a way of keeping women from being equal, but … I find Western women’s clothing to be horribly immodest.’

“‘That document by itself, it’s almost propaganda,’ […] ‘If you read that, you would think everything’s wonderful in that world.'”

     Just how “very fortunate” was this woman who was beheaded in the middle of a Saudi Arabian street?

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Germany Goes Clockwork Orange


” A TERRORIST sympathiser was among known criminals hired as security guards in Cologne on New Year’s Eve to prevent a repeat of the previous year’s outbreak of sexual assaults by migrant mobs.


“The astonishing lapse is highlighted in an internal police report presented to the North Rhine-Westphalia state parliament Internal State Minister Ralf Jaeger.

“The heavily redacted report revealed: ‘Three security guards were flagged in the list of security personnel for New Year’s Eve, two of whom are criminal biker gang members wanted by arrest warrants and one man who is said to be part of an Islamic terrorist environment.'”


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