Whither The Latino Vote?

     One of the demographic groups that Donald Trump has been polling well with as of late is the Latino/Hispanic vote. There have been many reasons put forth for this including poor outreach by the Biden campaign, the effect of incumbency, a dislike for economic socialism as peddled by the Democrats, and the economy—which is still fairly good considering the impact of Corona-chan.

     But perhaps there is another reason that is the result of an “own goal” for the Left: The combination of unintended “intersectionalism” in “Critical Race Theory” with the #BlackLivesMatter riots/revolutions. “Intersectionality” is usually used with the intersection of different traits (e.g. race and gender), and is used to describe how the “Kyriarchy”, enforces “Whiteness”, heteronormativity, &c. by getting, for example, a White woman to oppress Black males with White privilege while Black males oppress White women with The Patriachy™ and both oppress Black Women who are doubly oppressed by the intersection of race and gender. This, of course, creates a hierarchy of oppression with those with “kyriarchical” traits being seen as having “privilege” and thus “oppressors” and morally inferior to those who are “oppressed” and thus justified in opposing the axiomatic oppressors. This has the effect of making two White “cis-males” who are Gay less morally pure than Black trans biologiccal females who are genderqueer.

     However, within the category of race, differentiations based on race, even absent other “intersectional” elements, due to the question of who is more “oppressed” and thus more morally empowered. With the rise of #BlackLivesMatter that rejects the idea that “All lives matter” to the point that no other lives matter until “Black Lives Matter”, the narrative from “Critical Race Theory” of a rainbow coalition of “persons of color” fighting against “White supremacy” is flipped into non-Blacks vs. a Blacks-first movement.

     Perhaps that alone would not matter much, but when #BlackLivesMatter protests turn into riots and nascent revolutions that target everyone, including people who are under the broad terms of “Hispanic” or “Latino”, said targeted people tend to not find their businesses and workplaces being torched and looted or themselves harassed very “liberating” and perhaps a greater threat than a “White supremacy” that doesn’t torch and loot their businesses and workplaces or harass them like the #BlackLivesMatter related rioters are known to do. That Antifa wannabe revolutionaries tend to be overwhelmingly “persons of pallor” just ads to the idea that perhaps maybe, juuust maybe, White Leftists stirring up revolutionary chaos and nascent repression more typically seen in Latin America for the sake first and foremost of American Blacks is perhaps not the best way to fight against any discrimination or potential oppression against themselves.

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Woke Indoctrinated School Kids Show They Know Their Woke Propaganda Good

     “Social Justice” may have been incubated and birthed in academia, and spread far and wide by HR departments staffed with harridans with degrees that include the word “studies” in the major, but it is the effusing of this insanity through K-12 education that must demand out attention.

     Case in point: An “equity parade” in Florida:

“A group of students who attend Dreyfoos School of the Arts held a peaceful protest Sunday afternoon in West Palm Beach.

“They took to the streets marching through downtown with what they called an ‘equity parade’ geared towards calling out injustices towards Black people in Palm Beach County and equitable treatment in daily life.”

     Notice how it isn’t an equality parade, but a parade for equity. Equity, after all can and does require systemic racial discrimination.

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News of the Week (September 20th, 2020)


News of the Week for Sept. 20th, 2020

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The Eight Commandments Of The Critical Race Theory Faith

     “Critical Race Theory” is not a serious academic approach but an unfalsifiable non-theistic religion with tenets not to be questioned but taken on faith as a truth to be uncovered everywhere. Here are eight such tenets of faith.

     via James Lindsay.

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The Cowardly Propaganda Of Courageous Conversation

     For far too long far too many have rejected the notion that “Critical Race Theory” is a danger—dismissing it as a fringe or wacky idea that most people wouldn’t put up with—but even when the danger is recognized the sheer depth of the institutional and even systemic infiltration can still allow one to think that they can shield their children from it or that at the very least their being good parents is all that is needed to raise their children right when they don’t even grok the nature of the propaganda and the form of the indoctrination.

     One such use of propaganda to infuse woke indoctrination can be seen by a company called “Courageous Conversation”, which is neither courageous nor a conversation.   Your humble author have pointed them out before. In reality, to presents their worldview, beliefs, and definitions as unquestionable truths against which any dissenter is labeled “racist”. This “conversation” is framed so as to trick people into thinking that they’ve reasoned out for themselves that “Whiteness” is wrong and “anti-racism” is the only cure for this pandemic of pallidness.

     A concerned father—who’s child, as well as students throughout the Montgomery County Maryland Schools, was being taught this drivel—has helped shed light on this.   Unsurprisingly, the program is intended to make children—especially White children—“uncomfortable.” It will “examine how conversations about gender and race can challenge the dominance of Whiteness”. That’s not a conversation, it is a struggle session that presumed guilt and only demonstrate what that guilt is; it’s like they are running a Cardassian court!

     But this is not just an attack on people because of their race, but an attack on America itself by associating the broader American culture with “Whiteness” (which has become increasingly more common and mainstream) which they’ve axiomatically declared evil, thus they simply see themselves as pointing out how America is systemically evil and that the system is unreformable, with “solutions” coming from the outside, which from their support for #BlackLivesMatter is a revolutionary “solution”.

     The “course packet” can be found here or read below:

Courageous Conversation Cou… by ThePoliticalHat

     The school’s defense was deflective and dishonest, with the principal saying it was “just a conversation”, that it “focus[ed] kids on bias”, and “create[d] a safe space”. A clear narrative was disguised as a “conversation”. This man’s request to observe this “conversation” was denied. The cockroaches can’t let light be shined on them, after all.

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The Rotting Of Art

     The attack on “Western” art and its beauty and skill, be it because of “racism”, “sexism”, or just a hatred for the heritage of the West, is not some sudden social development, but a gradual decay of society, as can below be clearly seen.

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Abolishing The United States

     Institutional Education in America has long supported “wokeness” and “intersectionality”, with such woke rot reaching all the way to the Dept. of Education, as Christopher F. Rufo has uncovered.

     Is the presentation really that bad?

     Yes, yes it is.

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Woke Political Commissars For Law School

     Political Commissars or Officers, who watched over military units in order to assure ideological conformity, were common in both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, as well as Communist China of today. Now, the Black Law Student Association of the University of San Diego wants to implement in the class room a “classroom diversity officer position tasked with observing classroom practices and reporting questionable conduct within the classroom to the administration” Further:

“[T]he diversity officer will meet with the professor and the deans of the university on an annual basis to discuss ways in which the university can improve its instruction with diversity in mind.”

     Interesting that they both openly acknowledge their “privilege” (have they ever “checked their privilege” one wonders?) yet claim to oppressed as well.

“As Black law students we are privileged with the opportunity to pursue a legal education and seek membership to the legal profession, however, we are not immune to the oppression that is inextricably linked to our Blackness”

     They are, ‘twould seem, the new Nomenklatura.

     Funny how Leftwing groups either claim to not claim to be totalitarian minded, or say that this time they will get it “right”.

     The entire open letter can be found here, or below:

USD Black Law Students Asso… by ThePoliticalHat

     Hat Tip: Sarah Imgrund.

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The State Is Revolting Against The People, And Criminals Are Their Vanguard

     It has become clear that the attack on America, be it literal violence from the #BlackLivesMatter riots and Antifa revolutionary actions to the struggle sessions promoting Critical Race Theory, is coming from the inside and that the revolution against the American people is coming from within the government.

     Portland, of course, provides a clear example. Day after day rioters/revolutionaries are being arrested… and then being almost immediately released. Violent criminals—not “peaceful protesters”—are being continuously set loose on innocents. Such is the case with a man who committed arson, was released the same day as he was booked, who then set six more fire by the next day.

     But then what does one expect when one elects openly hard-Left zealots who support this alleged uprising, especially when the one who is responsible for law and order is actually a child of terrorists, was raised by other unrepentant terrorists, and who has never repudiated their terrorist friendly upbringing, such as with San Fransisco (of course) District Attorney Chesa Boudin:

“The San Francisco Marina Times has a story about a meth-addicted homeless vagrant who was caught on video surveillance in August burgling a commercial building in the Mission District. Members of the San Francisco Police Department recognized the guy and actually knew exactly where he camped.

“It turns out the suspect’s tent was only 700 yards from the commercial building he had just burgled. When police caught up with him, he was not only wearing the same clothes he wore during the burglary, they found 26 grams of methamphetamine in his pockets.

“Rather than immediately search the suspect’s tent, the officers prepared a search warrant whereby a San Francisco judge authorized that there was a high probability this suspect was the burglar,” the Marina Times reported. ‘Mission police officers used the judge’s approval to search the suspect’s tent and found items that the victim later confirmed were his.’

“Normally one would say “good work SFPD,” but not SF DA Chesa Boudin. ‘Boudin’s office found the surveillance video was insufficient to identify the suspect.   Boudin’s attorneys deemed that because no DNA or fingerprints were found at the crime scene, they elected not to prosecute either the burglary or the methamphetamine crimes.’


“As for the meth-head burglar who was released and then traumatized a young girl, On August 27th, per an SFPD News Release, after his release, ‘that same Market Street suspect committed a more serious burglary in the Portola district. This time the victim was a juvenile girl at home by herself when she found the Market Street burglar “exposing himself and engaging in sexual gratification” in her living room. The burglar “approached the young girl in her bedroom, attempted to physically control her and block her escape.”   The girl was able to escape the room and call her father who returned home and controlled the burglar until SFPD arrived.’”

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Not The People’s Revolution Against The State, But The State’s Revolution Against The People

     It had been increasingly clear that the rioting and wannabe revolutionary movements terrorizing innocent citizens and torching small businesses had the tacit support from the local and even state elected leaders running these growing hellholes.   Now the mask is slipping and government employees directly serving under elected officials are taking part of these nascent revolutions, including the legislative director for the Oregon House Speaker.

“Police arrested a top Democratic staffer in Oregon’s state legislature this weekend for interfering with a police officer during the Portland riots.

“The police arrested Kristina Narayan, who is legislative director for the top Democrat in Oregon’s House of Representatives, along with 58 others during a riot that began Saturday night and continued into Sunday morning, according to a Portland Police Bureau report. Narayan has worked for House Speaker Tina Kotek since 2016.”

     Rather than even feign remorse, her mugshot was practically oozing “smug”.

     Now, we even have city managers coming out and saying that assassination attempts on police officers is just an example of “chickens coming home to roost“.

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