In This Crisis, We Need The Free Market Now More Than Ever

     The stock market crashing, people being laid off, and small businesses shuttering for good. The measures needed to combat the COVID-19 Xinnie the Flu’s Wuhan Bat Soup Death Plague Bio-Weapon of Doom (with Sprinkles*) have caused massive economic damage—and a shortage of toilet paper—around the globe. While the People’s Republic of China is solving their problem with slave labor from pesky ethnic groups, there are signs that the free market, even in this over-regulated age of ours, can adapt, provide, and serve far better than the centralized machinations of some bureaucratic apparatchik, to combat Corona-chan.

     While one could, as your humble author would, that the continued production and sale of liquor is a vital sector of the economy, a Maryland distillery has switched from whiskey and rum to mass-produced hand sanitizer.

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News of the Week (March 22nd, 2020)


News of the Week for Mar. 22nd, 2020

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Firing Line Friday: The Economic Crisis

     In the hopes of encouraging a more civil, and illuminating, discourse, here is another episode of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s “Firing Line”.

     With the increasingly more personal and less abstract question of the impact of the Corona Virus on the economy and how it affects us all, let us look back at a now ironically-archaic yet presciently-modern question of how we deal with “The Economic Crisis”.

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American Innovation In The Age Of The Corona Virus

     Even in the state of blackjack and hookers, i.e. Nevada, “non-essential” services have been shut down, with casinos shutting down and only essential services remaining, such as pharmacies, groceries, gas stations, and…


     And drive thru strippers!

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Against The Sex Deniers

     In this day and age where we have near infinite “genders”, which are somehow separate and distinct from biological sex, not even biological sex is supposed to be “binary” but rather a “spectrum” of “infinite diversity”. After all, isn’t that the new “scientific consensus”?


     This, of course, is bulls**t.

     Two actual scientists, explain why it is bulls**t”

“The argument is that because some people are intersex—they have developmental conditions resulting in ambiguous sex characteristics—the categories male and female exist on a ‘spectrum,’ and are therefore no more than ‘social constructs.’ If male and female are merely arbitrary groupings, it follows that everyone, regardless of genetics or anatomy should be free to choose to identify as male or female, or to reject sex entirely in favor of a new bespoke ‘gender identity.’

“To characterize this line of reasoning as having no basis in reality would be an egregious understatement. It is false at every conceivable scale of resolution.

“In humans, as in most animals or plants, an organism’s biological sex corresponds to one of two distinct types of reproductive anatomy that develop for the production of small or large sex cells—sperm and eggs, respectively—and associated biological functions in sexual reproduction. In humans, reproductive anatomy is unambiguously male or female at birth more than 99.98% of the time. The evolutionary function of these two anatomies is to aid in reproduction via the fusion of sperm and ova. No third type of sex cell exists in humans, and therefore there is no sex ‘spectrum’ or additional sexes beyond male and female. Sex is binary.”

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Who Teaches The Teachers?

     Children at younger and younger ages are taught the bigoted and hateful ways of wokeness. But whence does it come? One does not need a Stonecutter-level conspirasy. There are plenty of non-profit think tanks and “charitable” organizations that not only contribute directly to this miseducation, but strengthen such ideology in the law, businesses, and entertainment. However, before all that, the root lies with those who teach such things at increasingly more vulnerable ages, which begs the question: Who teaches the teachers?

     The Pedagogy that aspiring teaching much blindly follow (or somehow pretend to successfully), is a result of higher education, but specifically the pseudo-scienes and proctors of pedagogy. As an example, aspiring teachers, in some cases, must explicitly argue that “whiteness is a construct of privilege”.

“Students studying to become teachers at Texas State University who take the course ‘Public Education in a Multicultural Society’ are required to complete a series of assignments on ‘whiteness.’

“The class, Culture and Instruction 3310: Public Education in a Multicultural Society, is ‘designed to give students an overview of public schooling in America in terms of multicultural, historical, legal and political contexts,’ according to the course description.

“‘Prospective teachers will examine the concepts of professionalism, effective teaching, educational philosophy, curriculum, school organization and legal issues of teaching in a culturally diverse world.’

“According to the course syllabus, the online class is taught by senior lecturer Julia Meritt and features three graded assignments centered on whiteness and privilege.

“The College Fix obtained screenshots of two of the assignments, which instructs students to ‘analyze the construct of whiteness and its relationship to privilege and equity for students.’”

     But this is hardly a surprise, as any reader of your humble author could attest.

     University after university have required diversity statements from faculty who must pledge themselves to this dishonestly named ideology.

     All this is reinforced with struggle sessions conferences wherein the correctness of Far Left ideology is drilled into the teachers of teachers.

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News of the Week (March 16th, 2020)


News of the Week for Mar. 16th, 2020

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The Ides of March

Who is it in the press that calls on me?
I hear a tongue shriller than all the music
Cry “Caesar!” Speak, Caesar is turn’d to hear.

Beware the ides of March.

What man is that?

A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.

     A little mood music:

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Happy Pi Day!

     Happy π Day everyone!

     Demonstrating that reality and proposed laws quite often are orthogonal to each other:

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Firing Line Friday: Democratic Culture

     In the hopes of encouraging a more civil, and illuminating, discourse, here is another episode of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s “Firing Line”.

     The question of Democracy being a political method or beyond that to cultural and social phenomena has been a core question raised for some time now. Let us look upon this over-a-quarter-of-a-century ago discussion over whether we are, or ought to be, a “democratic culture”.

     Until next Friday.

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