Taking The Piss Out Of Men In Sweden While Sitting Down

     The Swedish Left Party in Sörmland want men to sit down while they urinate.

“Men who work for the Sörmland County Council in central Sweden should sit down rather than stand up when urinating in office toilets, according to a motion put forward by the local Left Party chapter.

“The Left Party in Sörmland is taking a stand to ensure men take a seat when emptying their bladders in the county council’s own toilets.”

     Is anyone surprised that the feminist utopia/rape capital of Europe would want to symbolically emasculate their men? But, of course, this being Sweden they won’t stop there and will push on to making office toilets genderless.

“As a first step in its quest to get men to take a seat, the Left Party proposes labeling toilets which are designated for men who absolutely want to remain standing when they pee.

“The Left Party’s Viggo Hansen, a substitute member of the county council and the man responsible for the proposal, wants the office toilets to be genderless and as a result, is pushing for the ‘sit-down only’ requirement.

“He insisted, however, that the move doesn’t represent political meddling in people’s bathroom habits.”

     The only reasonable response to this is “Piff off!”

     Sweden is doomed.

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Legalizing Thieving Wretches In Seattle

     The following missive was left in my pocket in lieu of my wallet, most likely after passing a boy who was artfully dodging about.

Fagin, a advocate of criminal justice reform and friend to poor children everywhere.

     It can be hard for us poor unfortunates, don’t agree my dear? Why, I quite humbly help poor street urchins oppressed by society earn a living. And what do most jurisdictions do about it? Criminalize the little scamps and even prosecute people like me!

     But there is a shining light from Seattle that points to the shiny coins to be pickpocketed liberated from victims of theft rich oppressors! They, ho have already allowed safe havens free from pernicious coppers, are considering making all misdemeanors for many people in effect totally legalbut only for the poor and oppressed by “amend[ing] the definition of ‘duress’ to include crimes committed due to poverty or during a behavioral health incident. It would also amend the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) to make these crimes ‘de minimis’ to allow a court to dismiss charges brought.” It’s not like assault, theft, harassment, and trespass are too much for the people to put up with, after all.

     There are some who complain and want to punish us poor dregs, but the enlightened City of Seattle has our backs, so you’d better watch yours.

     It’d be too cruel (to Australia) to send ‘em all to Australia, wouldn’t it?

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For Those Who Remain, Still

     Though begun as “Armistice Day,” Veterans Day has expanded in the United States as a day for all those brave men and women who fight to keep us free.

     On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, let us remember they who risked everything for freedom, including their very lives.

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The Gaia Cult vs. Florida

     The continuing fight to give “nature” rights on the level of a human right is an ongoing bit of maddness that has seen some push back in recent years, including in Ohio and Florida, the later of which showed that one can have a clean environment without granting a river or swamp a “legal right” that any eco-lunatic can sue over in part by banning local governments from granting nature legal rights.   ‘Twould seem, though, that the voters in Orange County, Florida, did not get the memo from the state government and went ahead and passed a so-called “Wekiva River and Econlockhatchee River Bill of Rightsanyway.

“On Election Day, a breathtaking 89% of Orange County voters approved the Right to Clean Water Charter Amendment. Orange County is now the largest jurisdiction in the nation to pass this kind of legislation.

“Historic in its scope and meaning, this vote ushers in the systemic change Florida needs, and it makes Florida the epicenter of the Rights of Nature Movement in the United States.

“This is an indisputable, bi-partisan mandate from the citizens of Orange County. Approval of the amendment — also known as the Wekiva River and Econlockhatchee River Bill of Rights — shows that the rights to clean water and healthy ecosystems are not to be subordinated to the interests of polluters.


“Granting legally recognized rights to nature is the new vanguard of environmental efforts.”

     The charter amendment explicitly makes “[t]he Wekiva River and Econlockhatchee River, portions of which are within the boundaries of Orange County, and all other Waters within the boundaries of Orange County, have a right to exist, Flow, to be protected against Pollution and to maintain a healthy ecosystem.” This is a sweeping declaration that allows any one in the county can sue over.

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Woke Doctrine Of Equity Coming To The Department Of Justice

     The systemic racial discrimination of the “racial equity” concept looks like it’ll be the official policy of the Dept. of Justice since the election has been called by a reputable source, which barring unexpected legal developments (it is still the year 2020, after all), will result in California Sen. Kamala Harris becoming Vice-President and the Dept. of Justice becoming the de facto Dept. of Social Justice of the “Harris-Biden” administration. Aside from the old standbys of assuming guilt by “disparate impact” and removing the protections college students have in campus Star Chambers, we will see a push to destroy racial equality under the law and replace it with equity. A tweet by Harris demonstrates this commitment.

     Equity, of course, assumes that life is a zero sum game. In this case, they sort it by race and assume that one racial group doing statistically better than another requires a redistribution to counter this inequity by taking away from some and giving to others, and do so on a racial basis as if all “privilege” or “disadvantage” is shared equally amongst all members of a racial group as if they were some single organism.

     What this does is dismiss the possibility of personal agency and assume that if you just change circumstances such that all are equal, than of course you will get an equal result. Any inequality due to “White Privilege” being blamed like some poltergeist that will always haunt us. And of course that will happen because this idea ignores the fact that children of parents who live their lives and teach their children good habits, morals, &c. are always going to be more likely to succeed in life than someone whose parents are junkies, have broken familial relationships, or poor habits, morals, &c. No program of “equity” can or will change this.

     Of course, “equity” isn’t about “equality of outcome”. “Equity” is far, far worse than “equality of outcome”.

     “Equity” means having an equivalent share in governing society, which requires inequality of outcome because White people are considered to still have “White privilege” and the only way a non-White individual can have an equivalent share in governing society is if White people are discriminated against and end up less than equal in outcome. It is justification for perpetual discrimination on the basis of race regardless of outcome.

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News of the Week (November 8th, 2020)


News of the Week for Nov. 8th, 2020

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Crying Wolf Over Fraud

     Election fraud happens. Electoral shenanigans are pretty much expected, and it has been said for decades now that a candidate not only has to win but win above the “margin of fraud”. The problem in tackling this is that there isn’t much objective evidence because quite often the system is set up to make it impossible to either prove or disprove that not only was there fraud, but enough fraud to flip an election. That fraud can’t be completely disproven has not stopped most people from accepting election results because not fraud could be proven.

     This is not to say that it is impossible to provide evidence of election fraud or other electoral shenanigans. Project Veritas has shown rather damning video evidence of such shenanigans—but then they tend to be the “gold standard” on the right because they will release the full unedited videos and evidence they collect for the world to examine.

     If you have actual proof of or evidence for election fraud, it should be reviewed and action taken if veritable. If something is suspicious and the suspicious withstands scrutiny, then it ought to be investigated properly. Ultimately, beyond providing evidence in your possession to people whose job it is to deal with these shenanigans, there is only so much one can do:

“Recounts will change things or they won’t.   Lawsuits will succeed or they won’t.   Fraud will be proven or it won’t.   The people whose job it is to deal with all that will deal with it. Unless you are one of these people, stop obsessing over what you can’t control and start working towards the future.”

     Some people, however, just feel the need to do something—do anything—if they merely feel that fraud has happened or so suspect shenanigans if an election doesn’t go as they “know” it would go. Crying “fraud” without proof is the political equivalent of crying wolf: Keep on doing it without providing real proof and people will not only start ignoring you even if you provide evidence, but they will dismiss anyone who makes such   claims even if verifiable.

Pictured: Accusations of Election Fraud.

     Do to the emotional investment some people have in the outcome of the election and the election not appearing to go their way, combined with the instant gratification nature of the social media echo chamber, many people have built themselves into a frothing rage with any claim of fraud—no matter how readily disproven—being taken as absolute non-falsifiable proof of fraud on a hitherto unknown level.

     Quite often, claims of fraud based on lack of knowledge or “gut-feeling” turn out to be nothing of the sort. The certainty of some people that something that seems off to them based on their limited experience with how things work, however, means that the social media echo chamber gets filled with false accusations and assertions. The belief that votes were “manufactured” or ballots “altered” for Biden based on “suspiciously high” turnout turns out to be ignorance of election day registration that happens most major elections. The idea that Republican votes were being rejected due to a felt-tip pen based conspiracy is also complete hokum.

     One of the false accusations that got attention from such people as even Donald Trump was that over 100,000 votes were added out of nowhere for Biden based on screenshots from the veritable Decision Desk HQ. This was a clerical error of unofficial results which was caught by the Decision Desk HQ and quickly corrected their reporting; the election official who made the error was contacted about this error and corrected it within 20 minutes. Yet some people still believe this debunked conspiracy.

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An Election Musical Interlude

     While the counting of ballot continues and continues, let us enjoy an apropos musical interlude.

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An Old But Salient Message For Everyone Post-Election

     For most Americans, nothing really changed between Tuesday and Wednesday. They voted and then went on with their lives. For some people who give all their heart and emotional energy in the outcome of a single election, they either became ecstatic or became despondent and perhaps also livid.

     And all that with the ballots still being counted.

     Recounts will change things or they won’t.   Lawsuits will succeed or they won’t.   Fraud will be proven or it won’t.   The people whose job it is to deal with all that will deal with it. Unless you are one of these people, stop obsessing over what you can’t control and start working towards the future.

     In other words:

     Let your emotions settle, clear your mind, and allow yourself to consider the future in a calm and rational matter. I myself will collect my thoughts on the election and write about it at the end of the week instead of the day right after the election.

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Election 2020 — Predictions From The Chaos & Nevada Early Vote

     The 2016 election was an orgy of black swans, with not only the wild card of Donald Trump but also the worst Democratic nominee ever and an open Supreme Court seat that was poised to deliver the hard Left perpetual victories against the Constitution. At the time I readily admit that I thought that despite the Supreme Court vacancy, that the Clinton machine and compliant media would drag her over the finish line. Combined with your humble authors pretty accurate predictions in Nevada, I was too bearish on the Republicans chances, though not by much. Trump eked out an Electoral College victory by the skin of his teeth with a combined ca 78,000 votes across three states.

     The consequence of so many people getting the election wrong was that those who said Trump would win became convinced that all they needed to do to win was a Trumpian personality and that they could alienate anyone not sufficiently pro-Trump. Your humble author, the day after the election, addressed this:

“I would suggest that the disagreement over the predicted outcome of the election in the political equivalent to the debate over continental drift. Continental drift was, in part, rejected because the proposed mechanism was laughingly false, namely that ‘“icebergs” of low density granite floating on a sea of denser basalt’. Thus I maintain that I was wrong for the right reasons, and that the Trump cheerleaders were right for the wrong reasons.

“How so? I openly posited that the Presidential election was a race to the bottom, with the winner being the one that enough swing voters disliked the least. In fact, a significant portion of Trump’s supporters openly loathed him to the tune of nearly one out of five. Indeed he needed every single one, as even a slight shift would have given the election to Clinton. My assessment was that though Clinton was clearly a corrupt, evil, senile, sick, and criminal paragon of pure concentrated evil, but that baring an unlikely self-destruction, the combination of media and news mandarins combined with her evil not being openly presented, would not be enough to counter the visceral reaction that Donald Trump, and his obnoxious true-believers, would effect.

“Therein lies my error, not in the dynamics of my assessment, but of the magnitudes.”

     The myriad special elections, mid-term general election, and off-year elections have clearly indicated that the White collar suburbs do not like the Trump version of the GOP, and voted accordingly. But faced with the prospect of a Biden cum Harris Presidency, a Democratic Senate, and potential Supreme Court packing, will the outcome be different?

     I’ve said at the beginning of the year that Trump can’t win… but the Democratic nominee could still lose.   Based on that, my prediction for 2020 ought to have been more grounded, and at the beginning of the year I was giving a slight edge to Trump because Impeachment was such a failure and the economy was doing so fine.

     But then the U.S. was hit with the one-two punch of Corona-chan and the George Floyd incident.

     The death George Floyd has unleashed not only continuous rioting in many cities by “Antifa” revolutionaries but an almost unopposed elevating of #BlackLivesMatter as a shibolith that can get someone fired for not parroting as well as “Critical Race Theory” and “equity” replacing equal rights as the open talking point of the Left. Even with many elected officials given tacit, if not open, support to these rioters, the pushback might not have as much of an impact as some may presume. Many college-age Whites used to the “social justice” rhetoric as supportive of the ideology even if they don’t care for the rioting, especially when it isn’t their own personal suburban areas that have been torched and looted.

     The COVID-19 pandemic radically impacted the economy and also how people voted. Mail balloting was hastily introduced with plenty of problems that pointed to potential chaos for the general election, including many states such as Nevada shotgunning out full ballots to all active registered voters.   Though in some states this has made little impact and the signs and portents of this years election can divined by comparing to previous years, in others it has introduced far too much uncertainty.

     For these reasons, there is too much uncertainty for a hard n’ fast Electoral College map. To encapsulate the uncertainty, predictions will use probability fitted to a Gaussian curve.


     For the Presidential Election, A narrow Biden win seems the most likely scenario, though clearly a wider Biden victory or a narrow Trump lead are strongly possible.

     Nevada will be discussed below.

     Of note, one of the quite plausible outcomes is a 269-269 Electoral College split.

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