The Multiracial Fight Against Critical Race Theory

     It clear that Critical Race Theory and its claim of supporting “diversity, equity, and inclusion” is actually monolithic, systemically discriminatory, and exclusive of dissenting thought.

     By viewing everything through a racial lens, the proponents of Critical Race Theory get away with racial discrimination and racial demonization, in part, by trying to unite non-Whites in a coalition against Whites and promising to benefit non-Whites with the “diversity, equity, and inclusion”. This little scheme kinda breaks down when you start running out of White people to kick around and there isn’t enough “equity” to be redistributed. When that happens, the hierarchy of racial oppression will find some other race to target, and there are no juicier targets than those racial/ethnic groups that by most metrics do better than even the axiomatically evil Whites. When that happens, people who are part of those newly targeted groups, who hadn’t already been appalled by this wicked wokeness, start realizing that maybe, juuust maybe, non-discrimination is the way to go.

     Take, for example, the failure this past November of Prop. 16, which would have repealed the California Civil Rights Initiative (i.e. Prop. 209) that prohibited discrimination and preferential treatment. Prop. 16 was defeated by an even greater margin than Prop. 209 was passed by, despite California having gone from majority White to plurality Hispanic. If you can get away with discriminating on the basis of one race, you have the justification for discriminating against any race.

     But, perhaps, the far more clear sign that the opposition to the wickedly animus that is Critical Race Theory than non-White civic organizations saying what White people don’t have the real privilege or real power to say. Case in point: The Chinese American Citizens Alliance Greater New York, who eviscerate Critical Race Theory and lay its poisonous corpse bare.

CACAGNY Denounces Critical… by ThePoliticalHat

     It’s Critical Race Theory or a racially-unified America, and the later has multi-racial support.

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