United States To Global Internationalists: Go Pound Sand (Or Worse)

     With all the chaos and downsides of “living in interesting times”, from Impeachment and Corona-chan to the George Floyd riots cum revolutionary temper-tantrums, one rather important element of international conflict, abet a non-shooting one (so far), is the clash between the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the United States of America.

     The Trump administration has authorized sanctions against the International Criminal Court.

“President Donald Trump on Thursday moved to further punish officials of the International Criminal Court, authorizing economic sanctions against them as well as the expansion of visa restrictions on the officials and their families.

“The president also declared a national emergency with respect to the “threat” he says the ICC poses, a move that lays legal groundwork to impose future sanctions.

“The efforts come amid Trump administration anger over the ICC’s efforts to look into alleged war crimes by U.S. troops in Afghanistan.”


“The ICC ‘is little more than a political tool employed by unaccountable international elites,’ [Attorney General Bill] Barr said at the news conference, where officials took no questions. He claimed the Justice Department had ‘received substantial credible information that raises serious concerns about a long history of financial corruption and malfeasance at the highest levels’ of the court, which the department is now investigating, he said.”

     The United States is not subservient to the International Criminal Court and never ratified any treaty to that effect. The ICC has no power over the United States and the United States does not recognize the authority or legitimacy of the ICC. To put it bluntly, the International Criminal Court are akin to gangsters or pirates when it comes to American citizens. This is why the President of the United States is authorized to legally liberate any American from the clutches of the ICC (the law that authorizes that is also known as the “Hague Invasion Act”).

     And don’t think that international organizations aren’t ready to finger Americans for a kangaroo court, because they ironically enough are chomping at the bits to defend the Portland Antifa “revolutionaries” despite the Bill of Rights affirming (not granting) inalienable human rights that no other country on Earth (let alone any international organization or treaty) can enjoy.

     This ought to be a bipartisan position, but now-a-days…

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