News of the Week (March 26th, 2017)


News of the Week for March 26th, 2017


Gun Rights


That Seattle “gun violence tax” didn’t really pan out as predicted
It’s been more than a year since we looked at Seattle’s so-called “gun violence tax.” That ill conceived idea imposed a tax on all firearms and ammunition sold in the city with the proceeds ostensibly being earmarked for gun violence studies. The optimistic predictions of the authors of the tax legislation indicated that the city would take in anywhere from $300K to a half million dollars per year from this action. So how did that work out? As the NRA Institute for Legislative Action reports this week… not very well at all.

NRA will target Democrats who vote against Gorsuch
In a new threat to Senate Democratic leaders trying to harness members in opposition to the Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch, the influential National Rifle Association has leveled the threat that it will make sure members know who votes for – and against – the conservative judge they’ve endorsed.

North Dakota Gov. Burgum signs “constitutional carry” bill into law
Governor Doug Burgum today signed legislation allowing law-abiding citizens to carry a concealed handgun if they have possessed a valid North Dakota driver’s license or state ID card for at least a year.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Saudis Are the Oil Market’s Biggest Losers
The last few years have been difficult for anyone in the business of selling oil, as prices tumbled from over $110 per barrel to a nadir of just $27, before rebounding to the middle ground they reside in today, at roughly $50 per barrel. Bargain crude has forced state producers like Russia or OPEC’s members to cut budgets in an attempt to stop the bleeding, and it’s forced many private firms—especially those operating in relatively high areas like shale—out of business.

Canada’s Oil Sands Looking Like a Smart Bet
The collapse in crude oil price made life difficult for producer the world over, but for those private companies overseeing relatively high-cost operations, the bearish market became something of a life and death issue. Canada’s oil sands are tremendously energy intensive, meaning that it takes a lot of work to get the admittedly massive quantities of crude trapped in the Albertan formations out of the ground. That production is also quite expensive, and the downturn in prices made it unprofitable. But as the WSJ reports, much of the initial investments necessary to get that oil sands crude flowing have already been made, so there’s still life yet for Canada’s oil ambitions.

Effect of Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations on Early Human Societies
During the past 100,000 years, human societies have witnessed the vast change in climate that has occurred as we have transitioned from a glacial period that ended about 20,000 years ago, into the current interglacial period. During the early stages of this period, human lived as hunter/gatherers, relying on a diet that was very heavily weighted towards meat from a wide variety of wild animals, but also included eggs, nuts, fruits and grasses, to the past 10,000 years or less, when agriculture became a much more dominate feature in society and allowed human populations to remain in the one area and create towns and small hamlets. With agriculture came the domestication of many of the wild meat sources.



Government in Healthcare


The GOP Health Care Bill Falls Into The Obamacare Trap
The Republican health care bill would bring immediate pain for future gain—a recipe that promises to satisfy no one, just like Obamacare.

“ObamaCare is the law of the land”: Sure sounds like the GOP is giving up on health-care reform now
So … that’s it? An ill-conceived two-month effort in the House falls short and Republicans throw in the towel on seven years of trying to replace ObamaCare? The White House doesn’t want to offer its own alternative? McConnell has nothing in the pipeline he might want to suggest?

Here we go: Trump now ready to work with Democrats on health-care fix
Worth watching the whole clip below just to see how many times he circles back to the idea of a bipartisan health-care deal with Democrats.

What House GOP Leadership Should Do Now on Obamacare Repeal
This afternoon, the House canceled a scheduled vote on the American Health Care Act–the House leadership bill to partially repeal Obamacare–once it became clear that there were not the votes for passage.

Failure Of Health Care Bill Is An Indictment Of GOP Leadership
You don’t have the votes, you don’t have the votes.


War & Terror


The Missile-Killer That Has China, South Korea, and the U.S. in Turmoil
The THAAD system will protect South Korea from North Korean nukes, in theory.

The CIA Uses Board Games for Training
And they actually sound fun.

Keep Calm and Propagandize On
The initial reporting after terrorist attacks these days is often full of hesitation and curious silences. The death toll is usually low-balled and the identity of the attacker is left hazy for as long as possible. So it is not surprising that the first reports on this attack identified the terrorist as merely “Asian.”

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Chinese Marines
Analysis: The explosive growth of the PLA marine corps tells us something important about China’s ambitions

This Navy Gun Is One of the Most Amazing Weapons Ever
The Phalanx is an amazingly badass piece of military technology. It’s an automated Gatling gun that fires 20mm rounds at a rate of 4,500 per minute. The Navy primarily uses it to defend ships from incoming missiles.

Ohio: Accused Killer Nasser Hamad Invokes “Islamophobia” Defense in Double Homicide
An ongoing domestic dispute fueled by Facebook threats from an accused killer led to an ambush by Nasser Hamad. This resulted in the shooting deaths of two victims and the wounding of three others




The Hate Group That Incited the Middlebury Melee
Under different circumstances, Alabama civil rights lawyer Morris S. Dees and American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray might have been colleagues, even pals. Instead, Murray found himself in a near-riot at Middlebury College after accepting a speaking invitation from Republican students at the Vermont school. Students and faculty galvanized by Dees’ political organization barred Murray from speaking. They shouted him down, chanted their own manifesto, and pulled fire alarms to prevent him from being heard.

Anti-Capitalist Leader: “I Unapologetically Demand Men & White Womxn Pay Me”
Nazly Sobhi Damasio, founder of La Feminista Descolonial, an feminist, anti-colonial, and anti-capitalist platform, demanded this week that men and “white womxn” pay her “because they consume intellectual, emotional & creative labor 24/7 w/o my consent.”

How Neil Gorsuch’s Senate Confirmation Process Compares to Recent Ones
On Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee will begin its hearing on the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is confident that the Senate will confirm Gorsuch before the Easter recess, which is set to begin April 10.

Profs advised to avoid “microinequities” in class
Two universities are offering faculty guides advising professors to “challenge the gender binary” and avoid :microinequities” in the interest of making classrooms gender inclusive.

Univ. lecture: Actor James Franco’s “queerism” and the theory that sexuality is “constructed”
The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh held a lecture Thursday on how actor James Franco’s work is creating “a new dialogue for the queer community.”

Wyoming Judge Censured For Beliefs About Marriage That Have Nothing To Do With Her Job
The 3-2 decision of the Wyoming Supreme Court says holding mainstream Christian beliefs undermines Judge Ruth Neely’s impartiality even though marriages aren’t part of her duties.

The U.S. Will Boycott The UN Human Rights Council Over Israel Resolutions
Good. In a long-overdue response to the United Nations’ reprehensible anti-Semitism, the U.S. delegation to the UN Human Rights Council will be boycotting the group.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell: Irish-Americans Working for Trump “Disgrace Their Heritage”
MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell informed Irish-Americans on St. Patrick’s Day that they were betraying their heritage if they worked for President Donald Trump.

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano has been suspended indefinitely over wiretapping claims
According to the LA Times, Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano has been suspended from the network due to his comments centered around President Donald Trump’s wiretapping claims.

Scholar: White people who acknowledge their white privilege actually show their white privilege
Admitting to white privilege actually builds up white privilege, a graduate student suggests in a scholarly article published in “Feminist Philosophy Quarterly.”

Trans Conference Celebrates Getting People Fired For Not Calling Men Women
If this is the workplace of the future, I would rather be prepared ahead of time than surprised later. But it’s going to be quite the journey.

High-risk sex, girl-on-girl experimenting linked among NYC teens
Nearly half the Big Apple’s sexually active high-school girls have had female partners – and many engage in behavior that endangers their health, an alarming new study finds.

Oklahoma State Senator Faces Child Prostitution Charges
Found in a hotel room with a 17-year-old boy.

Former teacher’s aide on bond for alleged sex with minors arrested again – with topless 14-year-old
A high school teacher’s aide who swore a “homeboy” hijacked his Facebook page to court underage girls was arrested for a second time in three months, most recently with a naked 14-year-old in his vehicle, police allege.

CA district to remove eugenics advocates’ names from schools after student book report
A California school board voted unanimously to change the name of two schools after a student’s politically charged book report questioned the namesake of Jordan Middle School – Stanford University’s first president, David Starr Jordan.

Ivanka Trump Gets West Wing Office, Other Perks Of An Administration Employee
So Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was given a role as senior adviser to Trump’s campaign. Now his daughter, Ivanka, is getting an office in the West Wing, security clearance, and government issued communication devices.

Profs taunt conservative student in faculty-wide email chain
The president of Turning Point USA at Santa Clara University believes several professors tried to “intimidate” him with faculty-wide emails demanding that he add them to the “professor watchlist.”

Student gov prez pressured to resign over anti-Semitic tweets
The student body president at the University of St. Thomas could potentially lose his leadership role after a series of glaringly anti-Semitic statements were discovered on his Twitter feed.

Students demand right to “fire” administrators who call rape claims “alleged”
Targeted official says “Student Accountability Board” is a “fine” idea

Black Lives Matter Toronto’s “Freedom School” Indoctrinates the Kiddies in Intersectional Victimhood, Marxist Bollocks
That’s something Ontario’s Ministry of Education might want to probe, but, due to the reverence paid to political correctness and fears of being branded “racist” and “homophobic,” will likely be given the widest of berths.

The uncomfortable racial preferences revealed by online dating
Unsurprisingly, most “yes’s” go unanswered, but there are patterns: For example, Asian women responded to white men who “yessed” them 7.8% of the time, more often than they responded to any other race. On the other hand, white men responded to black women 8.5% of the time-less often than for white, Latino, or Asian women. In general, men responded to women about three times as often as women responded to men.

CA Teachers Union Official Admits to Hitting Students, Covering Up For Other Abusive Teachers
A teachers union video released this week by Project Veritas shows a California teachers union covering up for abusive teachers.

Dogs are getting facelifts, nose jobs and ball implants
These days, it’s not enough to just bring Spot to the groomer. If you really want your dog to dazzle – and you have a chunk of cash to spend – you can take him in for a nip-tuck.

This Gigantic Ring of Galaxies Could Bring Einstein’s Gravity Into Question
Moving way too fast for current physics to explain.

ICE: 3,083 Immigration Detainer Requests Ignored by Local Law Enforcement From Jan. 28 to Feb. 3
The White House announced Tuesday that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released its first weekly list of immigration detainer requests that local law enforcement has not complied with as requested in an executive order that the president signed on Jan. 25.

College requests “grammatically incorrect” gender-neutral language
Sarah Lawrence College wants all official school publications to adhere to a set of “Gender Neutral Language Guidelines” that prohibit the use of terms such as “brotherhood” and “mankind.”

TX school worker accused of impregnating 14-year-old during assaults at school
Police believe former Hartman Middle School IT specialist Mauricio Mendoza impregnated a 13-year-old student after sexually abusing the girl at school on multiple occasions.

College ‘diversity council’ posts FAKE racist flyers
“Diversity Leadership Council” at Gustavus Adolphus College has admitted to posting racially offensive posters around campus after the school’s Bias Response Team received multiple reports on the matter.

VCU Students Say They Suffer From Racial Battle Fatigue and Mental Illness Due to White People
VCU Students are complaining of Mental Illnesses and “Racial Battle Fatigue” which they claim is caused by white people.

Grassley: If you’d filibuster Gorsuch, you’d filibuster anybody
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said Judge Neil Gorsuch’s testimony during his Supreme Court nomination hearing should create a dilemma for anyone considering opposing him.

Synthetic Brains Made of Superconductors and Light
You have 100 billion neurons in your brain, each one connected to a multitude of others. Every time you think, feel, or move, neurons in this massive network react, rapidly sending, processing, and receiving signals. Through this behind-the-scenes activity we learn about and navigate the world. Well, through our brains and Google.

Virginia judge upholds Trump’s temporary travel ban
A federal judge in Virginia has sided with President Trump, ruling that his revised temporary travel ban appears lawful. Judge Anthony Trenga concluded Trump’s past statements about the ban were no longer sufficient evidence that the revised ban’s intent was religious discrimination.

Io9 Says Ted Cruz Ruined Hitchhiker’s Guide by Mentioning It
What kind of childish halfwit considers something they enjoy “tainted” because the wrong person liked it?

Repeatedly deported MS-13 gang member abused child
A member of the MS-13 street gang who had been deported from the U.S. four times stabbed two women and sexually assaulted a 2-year-old girl in a New York City suburb, police said Thursday.

Double filters allow for tetrachromatic vision in humans
A team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin has developed a pair of glasses that allows the wearer to have tetrachromatic vision. In their paper uploaded to the arXiv preprint sever, the group describes the inspiration for their glasses and explain how they work.

Nebraska Democrats include voter registration forms in “refugee welcome baskets”
The Nebraska Democratic Party is welcoming refugees with open arms, welcome baskets … and voter registration forms.

Trump Appoints Social Conservative to HHS Civil Rights Office and Heads Explode
If a person could overdose on schadenfreude, I’d be stretched out on my office floor in rigor mortis right now.

Trump supporters shut down Ontario town hall with state’s attorney general
President Trump supporters shut down a town hall meeting featuring the new state attorney general Thursday night.

Kamala Harris Won’t Vote For Gorsuch Because He Rules With The Law Not Feelings
During the Senate confirmation hearings for Neil Gorsuch, several democrats suggested that Trump’s nominee was unfit to serve because he believes in the Constitution. Seeing as how the job of Supreme Court Justice is to determine the Constitutionality of things, this seems like a pretty bizarre argument, but democrats aren’t known for being rational. Speaking of which, California democrat Kamala Harris says she won’t be voting to confirm Gorsuch because he bases his decisions on the law instead of feelings.

Teen Vogue Writer: “All White People Are Evil”
Everyone is looking for racism in everything these days and yet ignoring it where it plainly asserts itself. Racism is defined by Webster’s dictionary as “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.” With that in mind, let’s look at Teen Vogue freelancer Lara Witt’s Twitter feed (which she has recently made private, failing to realize that screengrabs are forever).

New protest bills: Stamping out “economic terrorism” or chilling free expression?
spate of bills, including ones to make blocking streets a felony in North Carolina, to allow businesses to sue people protesting them in Michigan, and to force Minnesota protesters pay the costs of policing.

MSNBC Personality Refers To Unborn Life As “Those Things That Might Turn Into Humans”
It’s been a tough contest, and it’s still early, but an early contender for the Most Vile Idiot of the Year has to be MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry.

Welcome to random certainty (or don’t mention Islam)
Today, no one is startled by a random “incident” that has nothing to do with Islam.


Economy & Taxes


China Sees a Manufacturing Future—in America
Beset by high taxes, slow shipping, one Dongguan shoe maker looks to the U.S.

The retail apocalypse has officially descended on America
Thousands of mall-based stores are shutting down in what’s fast becoming one of the biggest waves of retail closures in decades.




UK: Brexit will launch on March 29th
The world’s biggest divorce since the end of the colonial period will begin next week, and don’t expect it to be amicable. UK prime minister Theresa May will file the required Article 50 statement to initiate “Brexit” on March 29th. The dissolution of ties to the European Union will take two years to adjudicate

Morgan Johansson visited the prison Mariefred
Probation has so far developed a seventy internships for newcomers. On Wednesday visited Justice Minister Morgan Johansson Mariefred prison to meet some of the trainees.

Philippine president swears at European MPs over death penalty criticism
Rodrigo Duterte uses colourful language, telling European parliament to mind its own business

What happens after Theresa May triggers Article 50
Your essential route map for the months ahead.

FGM in Sweden: School where every single girl in one class underwent procedure exposed
The majority of the girls had been exposed the most extreme kind of FGM

Macron, Le Pen clash in first French election TV debate
The two front-runners for the French presidency clashed spectacularly in the campaign’s first televised debate between leading candidates Monday night.

Hacked North Korean Television Feed Reveals Creepy Anti-Christian Propaganda
The Scottish Catholic Observer newspaper has posted video obtained from North Korean state television depicting what appears to be anti-Christian propaganda. In a very strange stage performance, a very sinister looking priest with an oversized crucifix terrorizes a mother and child.

What next for Sinai’s displaced Copts?
Hundreds of Christian families escaped the city of el-Arish Feb. 24 after the Islamic State (IS) and its branch in Egypt, Wilayat Sinai, increased attacks on Copts there. It is believed to be the largest wave of collective displacement in Egypt since the June 1967 war. Coptic families have discretely been experiencing displacement since the Egyptian government declared a war on terrorism in July 2013, but Cairo and the media have taken an interest in this latest wave because it involves collective migration. No official census figures are available on the Coptic population in the Sinai.

Exposed: Soviet cover-up of nuclear fallout worse than Chernobyl
It was a nuclear disaster four times worse than Chernobyl in terms of the number of cases of acute radiation sickness, but Moscow’s complicity in covering up its effects on people’s health has remained secret until now.

Turkey’s Referendum Could Backfire on Erdogan
The stakes are high–and outcome uncertain–for vote on enhanced powers for the presidency

Europe Is Eroding from the South
Italians used to look to Europe as a kind of savior: the Italian state was corrupt and inept, but Brussels would set a higher standard, and by loyal support for the EU, Italy could rise above its own problems. These days, the EU looks more like an anchor than a lifejacket, as a recent Italian poll bears out. Not only is the anti-establishment Five-Star Movement Italy’s most popular party, but the combined support for Five-Star, Lega Nord, and Forza Italia—all hostile to varying degrees to the current euro project and to the German vision behind it—totals nearly 60%. That is significant by any measure, indicating a dramatic shift in perceptions that portends serious danger for the European project today.

Europeans have stopped having children
Europeans do not have children, but Muslims do.

The Country Where Sacrificing Children Is a Thriving Business
Each year hundreds of Ugandan children are kidnapped and murdered as part of a thriving human sacrifice business.

Welcome to London: We can say we’re not afraid, light candles and make hearts of our hands but the truth is that we can’t go on like this, says KATIE HOPKINS
They stood in the centre of Brussels. Row on row. Hands held high, making hearts to the heavens. Showing the slaughtered they were not forgotten. Reminding themselves they were here with love. Looking to show humanity wins. That love conquers all. They lay in the centre of London, face down where they fell. Stabbed by a knife, rammed with a car, flung, broken, into the Thames, life bleeding out on the curb.

Naked youths slaughter a sheep at Auschwitz death camp
A group of around 10 people took off their clothes, killed a sheep and chained themselves together next to the infamous “Arbeit Macht Frei” gate at Auschwitz. Their motives were not immediately clear.




When Johnny Cash Was Weakest, He Was Also His Strongest
Although 20 years have come and gone, Johnny Cash’s final albums still offer the listener a vision into what it means to live a life of faith.

You Want Rep. Steve King Gone? Easier Said Than Done
Rep. Steve King (R- IA) has faced deserved backlash recently from Democrats and fellow Republicans due to insensitive anti-immigrant statements he’s made on Twitter and television.

The suicide of expertise
Americans might look back on the last 50 years and say, “What have experts done for us lately?”

The Left remains confused about why there is opposition to NEA funding
Unlike the debate over federal funding of the Meals on Wheels program (which barely happens at all) there is a legitimate question being raised over the possible termination of funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).

John Hinderaker: My conservative vision for all Americans
Liberals in Minnesota are alarmed about their loss of support in the rural and small-town parts of the state.

The suicide of expertise
Americans might look back on the last 50 years and say, “What have experts done for us lately?”

Good causes sometimes have bad consequences. Blacks, women, and other historical out-groups were right to demand equality before the law and the full respect and liberties due to any member of our civilization; but the tactics they used to “raise consciousness” have sometimes veered into the creepy and pathological, borrowing the least sane features of religious evangelism.

The Anglo-Americans
Daniel Hannan, member of the European Parliament and longtime friend of National Review, pronounces the word “democracy” unlike any American politician – and it is not his English accent. American politicians of the Left use “democracy” in the vaguest possible way, as a catch-all for all things good in politics, even the un-democratic and anti-democratic ones. Politicians of the Right use “democracy” with some skepticism, having been taught to emphasize the fact that the United States is a republic, not a democracy, the latter being something that the Founders feared and dreaded and pronounced themselves opposed to even as they crafted the greatest set of democratic institutions known to man.

Research Problems Unravel Liberal Narrative Alleging “Everyone Is Racist”
Years of sensational coverage has made the “implicit bias” test out to be a foolproof predictor of racist belief. The evidence strongly suggests otherwise.

Progressive Primary Challengers to Incumbent Dems May Sink Party in 2018 Midterms
Republicans are the least of their worries.

Explicating “Amy”
Minnesota Senator Al Franken is not a lawyer, but he plays one on the Senate Judiciary Committee. A former comedian, he hasn’t been intentionally funny in a long, long time. He was laughable when he sought to educate Neil Gorsuch on an undisputed issue of statutory construction in one of the cases heard by Gorsuch on the Tenth Circuit. Franken cited a nutshell on statutory construction to support his performance. Franken poured great emotion into the line: “I question your judgment.”

The Unforeseen Consequences of Transgenderism
Determining one’s own sex or that of another used to be a simple matter.

It’s Not Worth Sacrificing Anyone’s Integrity to Defend Trump’s Tweets
Over on the homepage, Rich lays out chapter and verse the multiple political problems Trump’s tweets create — problems that are different and worse for a president than a candidate. It’s all so ridiculous because it’s all so unnecessary. An effective presidency doesn’t require shoot-from-the-hip tweeting. In fact, Trump’s tweeting habits are so far mainly undermining his effectiveness.

“Anti-Racism” Movement Reveals It Has Misleading Name
The political left does one thing pretty well: they are good at falsely characterizing an argument in order to make their opponents seem like pure evil.

Trigger-Warning Tyrants
People like thinking the best of themselves, which is partially why we have “trigger warnings,” “microaggressions” and claims of “taking offense” — so these complainers don’t have to come to terms with the fact they’re spoiled, self-absorbed, tyrannical brats.

Shrugging Off the Liberal “Resistance”
American tourists in foreign countries once had the reputation of believing that if they shouted loud enough the dumb foreigner standing there with a puzzled look on his face would somehow understand what they were saying. A stereotype that Liberals are now mindlessly acting out with the American people with their 24/7 rabid denunciations of President Trump.

Monasteries of the Mind
When everything is politicized, people retreat into mental mountaintops – dreams of the past and fantasies of the future.

Sheldon Whitehouse – “dark money” hypocrite
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse devoted his first day of questions to Neil Gorsuch to the subject of “dark money.” He meant money that goes to politicians and political causes from contributors who aren’t identified.

No, Mainstream Media, Rick Perry Does Not Hate Gay People
For the record, former Texas governor and current Energy Secretary Rick Perry did not disparage Texas A&M – his alma mater – for electing their first gay student body president.

Civil War on the Left, Part 38: The Beclowning of Science
With the sensational success of the Wymyn’s march a few days after Trump’s inauguration on everyone’s mind (/sarc), the science community decided that it needs a march of its own, because as everyone knows Trump hates science, and as we also know there was no science at all before federal funding.

Loopy Lou Dobbs Wants Gorsuch Gone for Not Loving Trump Enough
Lou Dobbs is a nut. He has a rubber butt. Every time he turns around it goes “putt, putt.”

Why College Graduates Still Can’t Think
More than six years have passed since Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa rocked the academic world with their landmark book, Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses. Their study of more than 2,300 undergraduates at colleges and universities across the country found that many of those students improved little, if at all, in key areas—especially critical thinking.

Student Discovers Previously Unknown Form of Oppression
Does the American liberal college student get a bad shake? Yes, they might be wrong about the vast majority of their positions, but they typically mean well, right?

Dear White People: Lara Witt (@Femmefeministe) Hates You
There is nothing surprising about feminist writer Lara Witt’s declaration: “Also white people are evil. Whiteness is evil.”

Coyote Gravity
You know the moment. Wile E. Coyote (Super-Genius) has ordered his high-tech equipment from Acme and is busy creating his elaborate trap which will catch the Roadrunner. But while he’s doing this, the Roadrunner sneaks up behind him and beep-beeps loudly, startling Coyote right off the cliff he’s standing on. For a moment the Coyote hangs suspended in the air. Then he looks down. Gravity reasserts itself with a vengeance and he plummets helplessly earthwards, hitting the ground with a puff of dust.

What does Islam have to do with abortion?
Earlier this year a flurry of news reports proclaimed that Germany’s population had reached 83 million – the highest in the country’s history.

Intellectual Honesty And Pot
So, three weeks? Sorry to my readers. Today’s topic was put in my mind by the infamous ONT at Ace’s place.

White Privilege?
For a few years now, its become popular for some to claim “white privilege” is a problem for white people and that they need to “check” it.

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