News of the Week (August 21st, 2016)


News of the Week for August 21st, 2016


Election 2016


Trump running behind GOP Senate candidates in many key states
In this post, I expressed doubt that Donald Trump’s candidacy will have a significantly adverse effect on other Republicans running this year, unless Hillary Clinton wins by a landslide (which may happen).

Does WikiLeaks Have Hillary Clinton’s October Surprise?
Julian Assange, WikiLeaks’s founder and editor-in-chief, may become the nemesis who could scuttle Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House.

Sean Hannity Prepares the Stab in the Back Narrative
Hannity accuses Trump’s conservative opposition of sabotaging his campaign and calls them “disgusting”

Records contradict Bayh’s assertion over staying in Indiana
Evan Bayh pushed back at an interviewer last month when he was asked if he would move back to Indiana now that he is running to win back his old Senate seat.

This Former Sheriff Is Leading the GOP’s Response to Policing “Crisis” in America
Rep. Dave Reichert is quick to let you know why he has the life experiences to be the GOP’s authority on addressing historic tensions between the police and the people they serve.

Title IX helps girls, but leaves boys behind, women’s advocate contends
An official for a national women’s advocacy group claims that Title IX is used “almost exclusively as a tool for advancing women’s interests,” rather than for promoting true gender equality.

Harvard blesses women-only club that promises to go “gender neutral” but not admit men
Let’s see whether the Harvard administration really cares about getting rid of single-sex clubs as a matter of equity, or whether it just wants to demonize men.

Leaked papers show DCCC criticism of Dems: Too “pro-police”
New internal documents from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that were leaked Monday reveal that the organization is highly critical of some Democratic candidates for Congress, including one that’s too “pro-police” for national party officials.

Hillary website deleted position that women alleging sexual assault have “right to be believed”
After Juanita Broadrick’s viral tweet that Bill Clinton raped her.

A Wakeup Call for Donald Trump
In The Tyranny of Clichés, Jonah Goldberg took on established tropes about Marie Antoinette (“Let them eat cake!”), war (“Violence never solved anything.”), and moral equivalency (“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”). He demolished those and many others with charm, wit, a firm set of values, and a factual reading of history.

Can the GOP Maintain Their Majority in Congress?
Trump candidacy showcases the divide within the GOP.

Indiana election officials: Bayh’s been bye-bye for a while now
Give Evan Bayh a break — a Washington lobbyist career takes up a lot of time. When Indiana election officials tried verifying his status as a resident of Indianapolis repeatedly over the last couple of years, CNN reports that they came up empty. In fact, the Democratic nominee for the open Senate seat held by the retiring Dan Coats ended up one step away from getting expunged from voter rolls

Hacked Soros Documents Reveal Some Big Dark Money Surprises
Last Saturday, a group called DC Leaks posted over 2,500 documents hacked from the Open Society Foundations (OSF), a group run by leftist billionaire George Soros. The leak reveals Soros’ funding of a wide range of activities: the Black Lives Matter movement, influencing the European elections in 2014, swaying a Supreme Court decision, smearing political activists, and attacking the nation of Israel.

Voter Fraud Is Real. Here Are 4 More Cases.
With this November’s election looming just over the horizon, the topic of voter fraud is popping up much more frequently in our news feeds.

Donald Trump came to Minneapolis for a fundraiser at the Minneapolis Convention Center last night and a riot broke out. Under one-party DFL rule Minneapolis has changed considerably for the worse. The vaunted Minnesota nice is out. The Star Tribune is out to lunch. DFL thug life is in. You can get a glimpse of the story on television news — e.g., KARE 11’s blunt report (video below on “a night of violence”).


Obama Scandals


Autistic Choctaw Man: Obama Official Assaulted Me For Wearing A Redskins Shirt
“He comes to me and says you’re a ‘weetard’ for wearing a Redskins shirt.”


Gun Rights


Gun Control Researcher: You Can’t See My Data
Last month I advised supporters of federal gun research to give the public concrete reasons to believe the work would be unaffected by politics. Here’s an example of how not to do that. Fox News reported a few weeks ago that University of Alabama researcher Adam Lankford, author of a media-sensation study on the connection between mass shootings and gun ownership across countries, refuses to share his data and the details of his methodology with skeptics.

Family becomes firing squad as intruder is shot by almost every member of the household
The phrase “wrong house” has never been more appropriate. An entire family participated in the shooting of an intruder who broke into a house less than a mile from his own residence. A mother, father, and adult son were awoken to the sound of the intruder breaking through their back door. By the time he reached the kitchen, the whole family was armed and ready to engage the threat.

Family becomes firing squad as intruder is shot by almost every member of the household
The phrase “wrong house” has never been more appropriate. An entire family participated in the shooting of an intruder who broke into a house less than a mile from his own residence. A mother, father, and adult son were awoken to the sound of the intruder breaking through their back door. By the time he reached the kitchen, the whole family was armed and ready to engage the threat.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


NPR Lectures About Selfish Moms Having Kids in “Age of Climate Change”
“Should We Be Having Kids In The Age of Climate Change?” That was the audacious question NPR’s website and All Things Considered radio show asked on Aug. 18, as it promoted a college professor’s “radical” proposal that people need to have fewer children because of the “prospect of climate catastrophe.”

EXPOSED: “Climate crusader” California governor Jerry Brown took huge sums of money from “big oil”
From the “color of political slimebags is green” department. Note to readers: Show this to some idiot Internet heckler the next time you are accused of “being in the pay of big oil” for having an opinion on climate.

With New Navajo Nation Lawsuit, EPA Faces More Pressure Over Gold King Mine Spill
One year has passed since the Environmental Protection Agency caused a discharge of 3 million gallons of toxic water into the Animas River, and no one has been held accountable, although private parties have been criminally prosecuted under similar circumstances in the past.

Inconvenient: Giant Coral Reef That “Died” In 2003 Teeming With Life Again
From the “global warming and ocean acidification will kill everything, forever” and the “nature always finds a way” department comes this inconvenient truth.



Government in Healthcare


Sharing & Caring: A Veteran’s Perspective
All those caveats about the “healthcare sharing ministry” are eerily reminiscent of what it’s like to be a military veteran with non-service-connected non-emergency medical needs.


War & Terror


B-1, B-2 and B-52 Bombers All Descend on Guam in a Huge Show of Force
This is not something you see every day




Walker activates National Guard in wake of officer-involved shooting, subsequent violence
Governor Scott Walker activated the Wisconsin National Guard in the wake of a fatal officer-involved shooting in Milwaukee on Saturday, August 13th, and violence that followed.

“Progressive Education”: Children Color a Unicorn to Match Their “Gender Identity”
The American College of Pediatricians calls for an end to promoting gender ideology in schools

How A War Hero Launched A War On Bad Math Instruction
John Saxon retired from the military in 1970 and began teaching college students. When they couldn’t do basic math, he wrote them a curriculum that millions of children use today.

Oregon State to force :social justice: training on freshmen
Oregon State University is developing an online course centered on “social justice” that new students will soon be required to take.

Soros Groups Get Hacked, Hundreds Of Documents Leaked
Hundreds of internal documents from groups run by prominent billionaire liberal donor George Soros were leaked online Saturday after hackers infiltrated the groups.

Katie Pavlich: “There Aren’t as Many Conservatives in the Country as We Thought”
The weekend’s last RedState Gathering panel tried to keep a stiff upper lip in the face of the Trump Revolution.

Author: Hate-Speech Laws are “Fostering Hatred”
Author Paul Coleman said anti-discrimination laws in the United States are designed to control an individual’s “conscience” and would ultimately threaten First Amendment rights.

Millennials Outraged Over… Sitcom Mocking Millennial Outrage?
CBS has a new show coming out called The Great Indoors, which satirizes Millennials and Millennial media culture.

Wonkette editor: If Bill Clinton’s a rapist, it doesn’t “make him a bad feminist”
And by “talk about Juanita Broaddrick,” what Wonkette’s Rebecca Schoenkopf meant was “be a shameless rape apologist for Bill Clinton”

Italian restaurant under fire for selling “Black Olives Matter” merchandise
An Italian restaurant in New Mexico is under fire after making merchandise with a slogan that mimics the Black Lives Matters Movement.

GOP Lawmakers Lay Out Perjury Case Against Clinton
The Republican chairmen of the House Oversight and House Judiciary Committees laid out the case for perjury charges against Hillary Clinton in a letter sent to the U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C. on Monday.

U.S. accepts more Syrian refugees than all of EU: 8,000 vs. 6,000
Despite promises of European Union member states to take in 160,000 refugees, a new report shows that they’ve accepted a fraction, 6,000, while the United States has embraced 8,000 of a planned 10,000 this year.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane (Democrat) Convicted On All Counts
The NY Times has conveniently left off her political affiliation until the second paragraph, but it should be highlighted. After all, Kane’s convictions are related to her leaking grand jury testimony harmful to a political opponent.

Sailor Facing Prison Over Submarine Photos Cites Hillary as Defense
A sailor in the U.S. Navy is facing prison for using his phone to take pictures inside a nuclear submarine. He claims that he just wanted to share the photos with his family and that he deserves leniency. His lawyer is citing Hillary Clinton as a defense.


Economy & Taxes


American States: Economic Competitiveness vs. Political Leanings
Yesterday a Democrat friend posted on Facebook about “how obvious” it was that liberal (ie. Democrat) run states were much more prosperous than conservative ones. I was curious about this statement so decided to check the facts. Using this link and this one, I compiled a table of the 10 most and 10 least economically competitive states.




Italy moves to imprison parents who put kids on vegan diets
It’s tough to read this headline without immediately issuing a response of, “About time!” Of course, as with all things, there’s probably a bit more to consider than gut reactions. (Pardon the pun.) Following a series of incidents where children were hospitalized for various effects of malnutrition, a group of Italian lawmakers wants to make it a crime for parents to put their children on strict vegan diets.

“Squat toilets” installed for employees at the Australian Tax Office because immigrant workers “made a mess” by STANDING on the western ones
Australian Taxation Office has installed squat toilets in its new office

German President Booed, Attacked; Claims “The People Are The Problem, Not The Elites”
Following Angela Merkel’s earlier calls for German CEOs to hire refugees, and as Martin Armstrong notes, Germany has raided its healthcare funds to support the refugee crisis…

Tyranny update: Turkish police raid 44 companies searching for “coup supporters”
Our “ally” in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is keeping himself busy these days. When he’s not off hobnobbing with Vladimir Putin he’s back home taking care of business, and “business” this week comes in the form of raiding private companies in search of even more enemies of the state who may have been involved in the recent coup attempt against him. Let’s just say that it’s been a bad month for anyone who could be imagined as being a friend of a certain Cleric currently living in Pennsylvania.

Report: Brexit May Not Happen Until 2019
“Chaos” in the new government and elections in France, Germany may cause delays.

Hungry gang butchers thoroughbred horse after breaking into zoo in search of food ‘due to economic crisis’
Venezuela’s problems are causing food shortages for the people – some of whom have taken desperate action




Trump’s Self-Reckoning
The GOP nominee and his supporters face a moment of truth.

Message to All Kids: Don’t Be a Weirdo Like Those Loser Freaks on Tumblr
Would it be cruel to call attention to “Jakob” the teenage girl who thinks she wants to be a boy? Probably, but “Jakob” is the author of a Tumblr post with more than 100,000 notes entitled, “Message to all parents,” which keeps getting expanded to include all kinds of “messages” that cumulatively amount to the message, “PARENTS ARE TOTALLY STUPID AND DON’T KNOW ANYTHING! WE ARE SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES!”

Why Capitalism Works And Socialism Doesn’t: Arbitrage
If you can buy something cheaply and immediately turn around and sell it for more, chances are you will do it. Why shouldn’t you? Is there something wrong with that? This is completely normal and pervasive human behavior. This behavior is also a source of a very large percentage of the wealth in wealthy countries where such behavior is permitted. It is also the reason why, in market economies, comparable things almost always trade for very comparable prices.

After Trump, can the Republican Party be rebuilt?
Four months after Mitt Romney’s loss to President Obama, the Republican National Committee released an autopsy report to prevent a similar blow out in 2016. Their recommendations?

The Alt-Right Gets Its Marching Orders To Go After A Different Religious Minority
I am not much for the term “Alt-Right” because it implies that neo-Nazis somehow become new, different, interesting and edgy when they get a Twitter account and express their support for Donald Trump. In reality, it’s the same tired old neo-Nazi crap, complete with the cowardly, anonymous intimidation that White Supremacists have been practicing for decades.

Conservativism Versus Populism
The rise of Donald Trump has made it crucial that people understand the difference between conservativism and Americanism on one side, and populism and nationalism on the other.

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