The Future of Euthanasia: Harvesting Organs from Live Donors

     Dutch and Belgian doctors are suggesting that perhaps the law regarding organ donors should be changed to allow the doctors to harvest the organs from still living patients as an act of euthanasia:

“The dead donor rule states that donation should not cause or hasten death. Since a patient undergoing euthanasia has chosen to die, it is worth arguing that the no-touch time (depending on the protocol) could be skipped, limiting the warm ischemia time and contributing to the quality of the transplanted organs. It is even possible to extend this argument to a ‘heart-beating organ donation euthanasia’ where a patient is sedated, after which his organs are being removed, causing death.  Both options are currently legally not allowed”

     What makes this so dangerous is that in the Netherlands and Belgium, the mentally ill, children, and disabled can be killed, even if they are not capable of consenting.  Need an organ?  Whack a crazy person by ripping their still beating heart from their chest.  At least the Aztecs ripped organs from living humans out of fear of being smited.

     This is nothing more than human sacrifice.

     The article:

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Organ Donation After Euthanasia in Belgium and the Netherlands

     Hat Tip: Wesley J. Smith.

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