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Posting will be light through the middle of the week. The quickest and most accurate results of the New Hampshire can be found at the Desicion Desk HQ. Here’s a little mood music:  Tweet

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News of the Week (February 7th, 2016)

  News of the Week for February 7th, 2016 Tweet

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Time is a Social Construct

     Apparently not only are gender and race “social constructs” by The Patriarchy™, but apparently time itself is a tool of oppression! Tweet

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Accepting Homosexuality is Homophobic

     “Homophobia” has been, yet again, redefined such that one is declared to be a “homophobe” unless they enthusiastically celebrate and nurture sexual relations between those of the same-sex!      The broader definition that is commonly used is that homophobia is “defined … Continue reading

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White Privilege Conference and Friends

     For yet another year, the annual “White Privilege Conference” will occur, where people come together and figure out how to better blame Whitey for everything wrong in the world.  Also, intersectionality: “The 2016 conference will feature a variety of speakers … Continue reading

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Queering Outer Space

     This is not a pithy title, but what anthropology professor graduate student Michael P. Oman-Reagan state’s he is trying to do. “However, from at least the 1970s, some space scientists have challenged this trajectory of resource extraction, neo-colonialism, and reproduction … Continue reading

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Obama Administration Declares War on the Gender Binary

     The idea that there are not just two “genders” isn’t just limited to colleges or Tumblr, but has reached all the way to the White House: “The Department of Labor is seeking to remove the terms ‘he’ and ‘she’ from … Continue reading

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Intersectional Feminism is Objectively Pro-Rape

     Feminism is purportedly about overthrowing The Patriarchy™, yet Feminists are silent, if not complicit, in the rapes and assaults on European women by “migrant” men, even to the point of outright saying they will protect these rapists over “racists” because … Continue reading

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