Elton John, Gay Basher

     Two Gay fashion designers are hitting back against the “hypocritical” and “Taliban” attack by a washed-up pop star.  The designers are accused of “archaic” thinking.  A number of other washed up musicians also chimed in against the two gay fashion designers.  Certain forces in film and television also are attacking these two Gay men.

     Who was this outspoken basher of these two Gay men?  Elton John.

Pictured: Elton John without glasses

     Why are these two Gay men being attacked as sub-human?  Because they believe that a child deserves a Mommy and a Daddy.

     Marriage was never about some hetero-normative plot to oppress people.  It was about serving to “provide stability for children, giving them both a mother and a father.  Instead of relying on the government like perpetual children, men and women can rely on each other, with both husband and wife providing something that the other can not.  It becomes normal for a man to provide for his wife and children, as it becomes normal for a woman to provide for her husband and children.  There is a socially normative place where a men’s drive and energy can be channeled and utilized for their own benefit, the benefit of their children, and thus strengthening society, even for those who do not partake traditional marriage.  Similarly, a woman becomes far more independent than those who have to rely on the paternalistic hand of government.”

     The two fashion designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, have fought back, and even gained some support.  They are not alone amonst Gay men who believe that marriage serves to give a child a stable home with both a Mother and a Father.

     We have now come to the point where simply supporting what has been the norm for countless civilizations across countless ages, is now considered a H8 crime worthy of ejection from “polite” society”.

     Dolce and Gabbana are the queer equivalent of an “Uncle Tom”.

     Only time will tell if they hold their ground, or they surrenders to the mob like others have.

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