Silicon Valley vs Diversity

     Silicon Valley and many of the larger tech companies, as well as many of their workers, tend to support Left-of-Center causes and support Hard Left candidates.  Many of these self-declared elites like to see themselves as the vanguard of a Progressive movement.

     Unsurprisingly, many of these “Berkeley Bolsheviks” are not exactly racially representative of the broader Progressive coalition.  Jesse Jackson has yet again thrown a temper-tantrum over the demographics of the tech sector not mirroring exactly the broader population.

     Many of these “diversity” loving companies will likely not have to worry much.  Groups that are benefiscial tot he greater cause are given massive leeway to escape the rules that they would impose on others.  A Progressive civil war also takes away from the shared narrative of destroying their common anti-Progressive enemies.

     This rift is hardly new, as the denizens of San Francisco are going (even more) crazy over Google’s private busing program, and their headquarters that is far from the more ethnically diverse hoi polloi.

     In the end, they will likely prove to be “more equal than others” in this regard.

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