A University Wastes $450,000 to Stop Smoking on Campus; People Light-up as Usual

     A couple of years ago, the Department of Nursing at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) received a Federal grant of $450,000 to push a no-smoking policy on campus.  “Tobacco Free UNLV” ceased to exist after it blew through 98% of that money.  The end result?  People are pretty much lighting-up like they used to.

Smoke 'em if ya got 'em

"I just do this to piss off Rob Reiner…"

     For $450,000 they could have paid for a half-dozen professors salaries, or lecturers to teach classes. That could have paid the full tuition of seventy students or enough grad students to fit inside a chemical fumehood (and trust me, that’s a lot)!

     To be fare, the Federal grant money was for this specific purpose regarding Tobacco, but the sheer micromanagement of education at the Federal level is sadly quite demonstrated here.

     This is just another example of how “funding for education” doesn’t really go to real education, but rather to propaganda.

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