Transgendering The Fetus

     According to the Left, the pre-born aren’t persons have no rights… except, apparently, the “right” to be genderqueer.

“A professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine who is involved in a LGBTQ+ ‘special interest group’ claimed that parents must start including gender ideology in their families before a baby is born.

“‘This is my favorite topic,’ =Lauren T. Roth, a professor of pediatrics at Einstein and a physician in the division of academic general pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, said. The doctor has specialized knowledge of transgender medical interventions on children diagnosed with dysphoria.

“‘Like, this is a normal thing. And we have to understand that gender is on a spectrum. There’s not just men and women,’ she said. ‘Sometimes [a child’s gender identity] matches the chromosomes or the genitals that they were born with, but sometimes it doesn’t.’”

     This woman is clearly no Einstein.

“‘So it honestly starts at birth or even before,’ she said. ‘I really think we need to try to stop making everything pink and blue [and also] avoid this huge gender reveal party.’

“‘You know, it’s okay to be excited when you find out that your baby’s a specific sex. You know, people have dreams about what they want their families to be, but it’s really important not to push all those expectations on your child.’

“Dr. Roth went on to claim that babies can develop their gender identity as young as 18 months old.”

     Funny how not-yet-humans have the human capacity to reason out gender theory at a Ph.D. level…

     Hat Tip: Moonbattery.

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