Ending Woke Governance In Universities

     Colleges and universities have become the fountainhead of wokeness that is increasingly poisoning society. Not just in the classrooms, but it is also the administrations of these colleges and universities which have turned their entire institutions towards the singular goal of wokeness. The Manhattan Institute, via Christopher Rufo, Ilya Shapiro, and Matt Beienburg, have introduced model legislation to stop public colleges and universities from existing to spread wokeness through “Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity” offices and training.

There is a lot that state legislatures can do to reverse the illiberal takeover of higher education through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) offices that, ironically, stifle intellectual diversity, prevent equal opportunity, and exclude anyone who dissents from a rigid orthodoxy. Here are four proposals for reforming public universities:

  1. Abolish DEI bureaucracies.

  2. End mandatory diversity training.

  3. Curtail political coercion.

  4. End identity-based preferences.

     The full model law can be read here, or below:

Abolish DEI Bureaucracies a… by ThePoliticalHat

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