News of the Week (September 12th, 2021)


News of the Week for Sept. 12th, 2021


Riots & Revolution


Echoes Of Bolshevik Revolution: Democrat Replacement Of Police With Antifa/BLM Anarchist “Authority”
Once they consolidated power, Bolsheviks weren’t particularly interested in protecting ordinary people from the criminal element.

The Logical Conclusion of “Social Justice”
When mobs rioted in Minneapolis last year, the chaos and destruction became a fundraising opportunity for the Minneapolis Freedom Fund (MFF), an organization dedicated to keeping criminals on the street. Simply put, MFF bail suspects out of jail, no questions asked

Portland 911 system ‘broken’ as some callers wait more than 5 minutes for a response
The expected wait time for a 911 call is supposed to be somewhere around 15-20 seconds. In Portland, the current average is close to a full minute. Because that’s an average it means some unlucky residents are waiting quite a bit longer.

Man Gunned Down by Antifa Assassin During ‘Summer of Love’ Sues Portland for Millions
The estate of the man gunned down by a “100% Antifa!” assassin is suing the city of Portland, Oregon, for its abject failure to keep violent antifa rioters in line.


Corona Virus


New Details Emerge About Coronavirus Research at Chinese Lab
More than 900 pages of materials related to US.-funded coronavirus research in China were released following a FOIA lawsuit by The Intercept.

Australians erupt after PM takes advantage of COVID double standards to see family while millions remain in lockdown: “What a disgrace of a leader”
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is facing intense backlash from many of his own constituents this week after the leader took advantage of his position to skirt COVID-19 lockdown measures.

Vaccine Mandates and the ACLU
Two top officials at the ACLU wrote an op-ed the other day arguing that mandatory COVID vaccination would advance civil liberties. They have gotten some criticism, including here. One oddity of this situation, though, has not drawn any remark, at least from what I’ve seen: These civil libertarians are urging governments to seize more power than the governments themselves seem interested in taking.

NSW Health limits residents of locked-down tower block to six beers per day
Residents in a Sydney tower block under a strict coronavirus lockdown are having their alcohol deliveries policed.

Man sentenced to five years in Vietnam jail for breaking quarantine and spreading COVID
A Vietnamese man was sentenced to jail for five years after he disobeyed a 21-day quarantine mandate and spread COVID-19, according to a local media reports. Le Van Tri was found by a court in Vietnam as guilty for “transmitting dangerous infectious diseases” to eight people – including one person who later died, according to the Vietnamese News Agency (VNA).

Biden to mandate vaccines for all large employers
Allahpundit just wrote about President Biden’s big COVID announcement today mandating vaccination for federal workers. But it appears there was a surprise in his plan that didn’t make it into the early coverage. According to an Associated Press story that was just published a few minutes ago (as I write this), Biden is going to mandate vaccination on all companies with more than 100 employees, though there will be a weekly test out option for those employees.

The Practical Problems with Biden’s Employer Vaccine Mandate
In our editorial, we addressed the legal issues raised by President Biden’s sweeping mandate that all private businesses with 100 or more employees require workers either get vaccinated, or produce a weekly negative test. Andrew McCarthy separately argued that the order is fundamentally unconstitutional. Beyond the serious legal and process issues raised by using a rarely invoked OSHA emergency authority to deputize private businesses to prod 80 million Americans into getting vaccinated, there are serious practical questions. And one of the problems with bypassing the typical regulatory process is that those tasked with implementing these requirements will have no opportunity to weigh in on the potential complications.

NY hospital to pause baby deliveries after staffers quit over vaccine mandate
An upstate New York hospital said it will pause the delivery of babies in two weeks because of a spate of resignations by maternity unit workers who are objecting to COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

BoJo scraps immunity passports for UK
There had been consistent rumors circulating across the pond that if the United Kingdom couldn’t get their surge in COVID cases under control, extended or additional lockdowns might be coming over the winter. Also, there were plans being drawn up to require a vaccine passport system for people wishing to go out to bars, restaurants, or nightclubs. Much as in the United States, these suggestions were the subjects of hot debate. As of this weekend, the UK has achieved some progress in bringing its numbers down, with a seven-day average of 26,400 new cases per day. That’s considerably lower than the 43,000 average they saw on July 1st, but still far above the rate measured at the beginning of June when they were averaging barely 2,600 new cases per day. Without a firm benchmark to fall back on in terms of government policy, a decision had to be made and it appears that Boris Johnson has made the call. There will be no vaccine passport requirement over the winter and the government does not “anticipate” any new lockdown measures.


Gun Rights


Gun Rights Work – “Rooftop Arabs” Defend Their Businesses From Looters In Louisiana
With Hurricane Ida having made its way through Louisiana and Mississippi, leaving behind a region flooded and in many places without power, some local residents and activists are directing their unhappiness at more than just the forces of nature.

Senate Democrats Force Joe Biden to Withdraw His Pick for ATF Director
Joe Biden’s bad summer gets worse. Per Politico, the president is planning to withdraw his nominee to head up the ATF, David Chipman


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Number and strength of hurricanes stubbornly fail to increase
Close on the heels of Hurricane Ida, Hurricane Larry is coming and is likely to target the east coast. (Is it just me, or is it hard to get too worried about a hurricane named “Larry?”) Prior to that, we saw Hurricane Henri delivering a bit less of a punch, but it still generated a lot of flooding and damage. By this point, we’re already seeing the usual, seasonal headlines about how we’re getting so many more major storms and higher levels of damage from them, so it must be time to ban fracking again, right? Climate change must be at the bottom of this horror show, just like the wildfires out west and the arrival of the murder hornets. But as the Wall Street Journal points out this week, Hoover Institution visiting fellow Bjorn Lomborg has been digging through the numbers and the reality of recorded storm patterns is quite different than what the prevailing narrative would have you believe. We’ve actually been seeing slightly fewer hurricanes in recent years and their average intensity is also lower than in previous decades.

Out: COVID lockdowns. In: Climate change lockdowns
An article this week at the Daily Caller poses an alarming possibility that you should probably consider carefully before writing it off as some sort of crazy conspiracy theory. The subject at hand is the large number of lockdowns imposed around the country (and the world, really) last year in response to the COVID pandemic. They first note all of the negative effects those policies had on society. These include the closures of schools and the tens of millions of children whose educations were negatively impacted, along with their social development skills. Suicide and drug abuse also spiked dramatically, including among children, along with adverse mental health impacts stemming from loneliness. And that doesn’t even begin to address the damage to the economy.

Return of the Hockey Stick?
Michael Mann’s hockey stick graph, which purported to show that global temperatures hummed along at virtually a flat rate until a recent, unprecedented uptick, has long been discredited as an artifact of either ineptitude or fraud. In fact, global temperatures have varied significantly throughout the Earth’s history, including the last 12,000 years.

“Green”: A Slow-Motion Train Wreck
Around the world, “green” energy is failing with consequences that soon will be catastrophic. From the U.K.: “Ireland freezes power exports to UK as energy costs rocket tenfold.”

Global Warming as the New COVID
When COVID finally fades, how will the new authoritarianism that the public-health emergency enabled, be retained? By turning global warming/climate change into the next major public-health emergency. And the good news from our would-be overlords’ perspective, is that the climate change “public health crisis” would last decades, rather than mere years. Indeed, it might never end.



Government in Healthcare


Surprise! Cuba spends much more on apartheid tourist industry than on public health, education, or agriculture
The state National Office of Statistics and Information (ONEI) published a report on the semi-annual investment in Cuba that ratifies the greater weight that the Cuban Government grants to business services, real estate and rental activities – which include tourism -, to the detriment of sectors such as public health and education, as the economist Emilio Morales already analyzed in DIARIO DE CUBA.


War & Terror


Making a Killing | Ep. 19: Jonathan Hillman on China’s Belt and Road Initiative
Beijing has poured trillions of dollars into infrastructure development throughout the world since launching the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013. But as CSIS scholar Jonathan Hillman tells Nate Sibley, these investments too often involve opaque deals, corrupt practices, and exploitative political influence.

Virginia Education Dept. Blasted for 9/11 Sensitivity Training Video for Teachers
“The Virginia Department of Education is woke-washing the 9/11 attacks.”

No Surprise: Communist China Is Taking Advantage of Biden’s Weakness on the World Stage
One of the worst aspects of Biden’s handlers’ thoroughly preventable disaster in Afghanistan is the message that it has sent to the world. Among those who have received that message loud and clear is Communist China. Focus Taiwan reported Sunday that “a total of 19 Chinese military aircraft, including fighter jets, flew into Taiwan’s southwestern air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Sunday, the fourth time this has taken place in September, according to the Ministry of National Defense. The aircraft involved were 10 J-16 multi-role fighters, four H-6 bombers, four SU-30 fighters, and one Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft, according to a report released by the ministry.”

Graham: Let’s face it, we’ll have to invade Afghanistan again
I’ll take “least popular political takes” for $1000, Alex … er, Mayim. Is there any constituency for a new invasion of Afghanistan, short of another 9/11-scale attack on the United States? Lindsey Graham thinks the threat will be so large as to generate enough popular support for restarting a war that most Americans stopped caring about a decade ago.

See no evil: We’re not aware of any hostage crisis in Mazar-i-Sharif, Blinken claims
No wonder even Democrats are getting pissed off about the standoff at the airport in that city. Not only are Americans being held against their will, our own Secretary of State is making excuses for the people holding them.

Nuclear Monitors Say Surveillance Gear Missing in Iran
A mysterious blast that shook a centrifuge workshop in Iran is still reverberating among international nuclear monitors who are now reporting that some of their surveillance equipment went missing following the June incident.

China Weighing Occupation of Former U.S. Air Base at Bagram: Sources
Building on friendly relations Beijing has secured with the new Taliban government in Afghanistan, China is now considering new ways to expand influence and embarrass the U.S.

Kerry Reduced To Zoom As CCP Rolls Out Red Carpet for Taliban
Climate czar claims “constructive” Zoom meetings

Chinese muscle in on Afghanistan’s rare earth mineral deposits, create headaches for Biden
President Biden’s hasty exit from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s rapid takeover has left the U.S. in a tough spot for reaching the country’s rare earth minerals, but China has positioned itself to cash in.

Inside the Taliban’s hellish new government packed with terrorists linked to 9/11, Brit squaddie killers and torturers
THE Taliban has announced its new government – packed with terrorists linked to 9/11, Brit killers and torturers. It includes acting interior minister Sirajuddin Haqqani, a “global terrorist” on the FBI’s hit list of Al Qaeda’s evil pals.

Taliban’s Afghan Govt. Made Up Exclusively of Jihadis, Appoints FBI Most-Wanted Terrorist as Top Minister
Biden admin: We “are concerned by the affiliations and track records of some of the individuals.”

Could China Take Over Bagram Air Base Since Biden Abandoned It?
If the question is, “Could China take over Bagram now that we’ve left?” then the answer is “Yes.”

State Department: We’re deeply concerned about Taliban leadership’s … lack of gender diversity
Gee, ain’t it grand to have the adults back in charge? This news flash late last night didn’t come from the Babylon Bee, which might find that satire is increasingly difficult in the Joe Biden era. Not only is the State Department shocked, shocked to find no women in the new Taliban-controlled government in Afghanistan, they’re also shocked, shocked to find it populated with “the Taliban or their close associates.”

Secretary Blinken’s Gibberish about Afghanistan
Secretary Blinken, quoted below from Doha on September 6, is dissembling. He is talking in gibberish and the press is not holding him to account.

Afghanistan’s Final Pocket of Resistance Snuffed out by the Taliban, Paving the Way for New Government
It’s looking increasingly clear that the Taliban have seized Panjshir, Afghanistan’s final holdout province and the last pocket of resistance to Taliban rule.

Biden administration tells ex-Trump officials to resign from military academy advisory boards or be dismissed
The Biden administration has told 11 officials appointed to military service academy advisory boards by former President Donald Trump to resign or be dismissed, a source familiar with the situation tells CNN’s KFile.

Russia, Belarus launch massive war games – worrying NATO
Russia and Belarus formally opened vast joint military drills on Thursday, a week-long exercise across the territory of both countries and in the Baltic Sea that has alarmed some NATO countries.

Xi’s crackdown is remaking Chinese society
The orders have been sudden, dramatic and often baffling. Last week, “American Idol”-style competitions and shows featuring men deemed too effeminate were banned by Chinese authorities. Days earlier, one of China’s wealthiest actresses, Zhao Wei, had her movies, television series and news mentions scrubbed from the Internet as if she had never existed.

Xi Jinping’s Great Leap Backward should worry us
The Washington Post has published an interesting story about the new cultural revolution that Xi Jinping has been launching in China lately. Technically all of the changes are considered new regulatory action but the big picture here is one of China seeking to clamp down on all foreign influence, from video games and movies to capitalism itself.

Protein and Transpacific Power
China’s Emergent Struggle for Food Security

The Biden Administration Doesn’t Want Us to Know How Many Americans Are Still Stranded in Afghanistan
I can still remember the early days of the Biden presidency when we were subjected to lofty promises of transparency and honesty.

Afghans Selling Their Kids to Buy Food
As Biden was limping his way through his Afghanistan withdrawal, the country’s economy understandably began to tank. Afghans resorted to selling their belongings to make ends meet. Two weeks later, many are out of trinkets to sell. What’s next?

Afghan interpreter beaten, tortured by Taliban in front of family as his SIV application lags
Interpreter said Taliban threatened to kill him in campaign to purge those with US ties

China shares supposed video of Taliban using US military planes as toys
China has mocked the United States’ chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan by sharing footage that supposedly shows Taliban fighters turning abandoned US military planes into toys.

New Chinese Ambassador Snaps at U.S.: “Please Shut Up”
Qin Gang, China’s new ambassador to the United States, has a decidedly undiplomatic message for the Biden administration.

Taiwan’s new corvette warships come heavily armed
Designed for combat with Chinese ships, the Tuo Chiang-class corvette carries subsonic and supersonic missiles

The war on terror, not bad for government work
Based on what I’ve read and seen, the prevailing narrative on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 is that the war on terror went pear-shaped. 9/11 presented a test, and we failed it.

I’m Glad George W. Bush Was President on 9/11. Just Imagine the Alternatives.
In watching various 9/11 retrospectives in the weeks leading up to the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I keep coming back to one thought: Thank God George W. Bush was president, and not the enfeebled Joe Biden or the mendacious Barack Obama. It’s hard to even imagine how much worse those awful days following the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon would have been without the steady hand of Bush, who was at the time just seven months into his presidency.



Netflix Live-Action One Piece Head Writer Compares Luffy to Kamala Harris; Saint Charlos to Trump
One of the Netflix live-action One Piece head writers has caused controversy by comparing Luffy to Kamala Harris. Twitter user @tacticalfiend highlighted Instagram and Twitter posts made by Steven Maeda in January of this year. Therein, Maeda had compared Monkey D. Luffy to US Vice President Kamala Harris. Maeda also compares Harris to the “Will of D;” a trait within One Piece where characters with the initial D as their middle name are fearless and a strong desire for freedom at to fulfill their desires. Maeda had also compared Saint Charlos with 45th President of the United States Donald Trump. The comparison was used to retort “those who think One Piece posts shouldn’t be political or anti-fascist.”

How Quickly Teacher Unions Went From Critical Race Theory Is “Not Being Taught” To “Yes, It Is. We Support It.”
My appearance on the Todd Herman radio show: “So how is it that you have to hire lawyers to defend the teachers who were doing [CRT teaching], but at the same time you say it’s not happening?”

Minnesota Man Charged With Murder Weeks After Harris-Backed Bail Fund Group Bailed Him Out
The Minnesota Freedom Fund was supposed to bail out protesters and rioters after George Floyd’s death. Now they bail out anyone, including alleged domestic abusers.

National Archives Places “Harmful Language Alert” On Page Hosting U.S. Constitution.
The webpage of the U.S. National Archives that hosts the nation’s own Constitution has a “harmful language alert” for readers at the top of the page.

College Men and the Turtle Theory
The Wall Street Journal has a long feature up today on the fact that in larger and larger numbers men have decided not to go to college. But despite its length and depth, the story is too chicken to investigate what may be the leading cause of this trend.

SF School Board member drops $87 million lawsuit, board probably won’t pursue legal costs
San Francisco school board member Alison Collins had decided not to continue pursuing her $87 million lawsuit against her fellow board members.

Biden Approval Tanking in Key House Districts
Everyone knows that President Biden’s national approval numbers have skidded downward in the wake of the Afghan debacle. But if those numbers continue to be weak, what does that portend for the 2022 elections and which party controls the House?

How “Educational Research” Distorts Math Teaching
A great many terrible ideas for K-12 education have originated in our colleges and universities. That is where the “research” and “deep thinking” into how best to teach young students is done. To paraphrase a bumper sticker, “If Kids Can’t Read, Thank a Professor.”

Critical race theory turning school boards into GOP proving grounds
Republicans sees a rich opportunity to build a pipeline of new political candidates by pushing the culture war issue.

Revealed: LAPD officers told to collect social media data on every civilian they stop
An internal police chief memo shows employees were directed to use “field interview cards” which would then be reviewed

“There’s no good news”: Biden’s rough summer puts Dems on high alert
The party is all too aware of what happened to the last two Democratic presidents after a turbulent first two years.

Poll Finds Plurality Support for the Texas Heartbeat Act
A new survey out yesterday from Rasmussen Reports has found that a plurality of Americans supports the Texas Heartbeat Act.

Students think 9/11 lessons should omit ‘gruesome’ details, ‘avoid placing blame’
Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson talked with University of Florida students about this video to see how students think 9/11 should be taught in the classroom.

Woman in Gorilla Mask Throws An Egg at Larry Elder in Los Angeles
Deplorable behavior.

Dem strategist: Our party better brace for a wipeout in 2022 midterms
Failure has its consequences, and disgraces eventually generate accountability. Those are the unspoken lessons in this analysis from a Democratic strategist quoted by Newsweek yesterday, who predicts a Republican sweep in the midterms if Joe Biden can’t correct his collapse in public support. The 2022 midterms were always going to be fraught for Democrats, but this unnamed analyst sees a collapse ahead

Don’t Overlook Barbara Boxer’s Short Stint Lobbying for a Chinese Surveillance Firm
Los Angeles Times columnist Mark Barabak has written a buzzy column featuring an interview with former senator Barbara Boxer. The longtime lawmaker, who retired in 2017, offered her thoughts on abortion, the filibuster, and the Supreme Court, as well as details about her life in retirement. “Thank God for Siri,” she told Barabak, who penned the very sympathetic profile about her post-Senate life.

One state Supreme Court case could destroy the court for years to come
The latest scheme to overturn voters’ will could set absurd precedents and irreparably harm our judicial system.

Seaman accuses Fiore of bullying and assaulting her at City Hall
Las Vegas City Councilwoman Victoria Seaman has accused council colleague Michele Fiore of “harassing, bullying and physically abusing” her at City Hall.

Mystery of baby at center of Roe v. Wade revealed
The child at the center of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court case that established a woman’s right to abortion, has come forward after decades of secrecy.

Woke Communism Threat: “We are in a cold civil war …. over the American way of life”
Tom Klingenstein: “We find ourselves in a Cold Civil War. But we have no real generals. A war without generals is no war at all. There is no liberty or death, only death, the death of our once cherished republic.”

Amid Disasters at Home and Abroad, Biden White House Staffers Busy Choosing “Magic Spirit Animals”
They call them “public servants,” although that usage is a bit quaint in this age of staggeringly corrupt, self-serving politicians, and it’s good to know that Biden White House staffers are hard at work, doing everything they can to improve the lot of Americans and protect our nation and its allies. Politico reported Tuesday that “some people in the Biden administration are huge Harry Potter fans” and are spending a lot of time choosing “magic spirit animals” for themselves. Will the magic spirit animals, or patronus, in Harry Potter terminology, of Biden’s handlers, help get the remaining Americans out of Afghanistan, end the crisis at the Southern border, or turn around the tanking economy? Politico didn’t say.

California Law Would Define “Harass” to Include Approaching Within 30 Feet to Give Leaflets to Strangers, or to Try to Speak to Them
The bill—focused on speech outside vaccination centers (except labor protests)—just passed both houses of the Legislature, and is waiting for Governor Newsom’s signature.

Chris Christie: Our party needs to face the realities of the 2020 election and stop indulging conspiracy theorists
Ed wrote about the prospects of a Christie 2024 campaign yesterday. I’ve written about that myself at least twice. And … I can’t get it to make sense. It just doesn’t compute that he’d be taking this line if he wants to run for office, at any level, as a Republican.

California passes landmark bill targeting Amazon’s algorithm-driven rules
The legislation would require warehouses to disclose to government agencies the quotas used to track workers

Biden’s Politicization of the Justice Department, Abortion Episode
I fully expected Merrick Garland, as attorney general, to back President Biden’s progressive policies. It is to be expected that the Justice Department will implement the president’s lawful policy objectives — e.g., shifting resources to prioritize civil-rights enforcement over border enforcement. That is not politicization. We may strenuously disagree with Democratic policy, but that is what elections are for. The winning side gets to implement its policies — as long as it does so within the bounds of the law.

Another “Red” State with the Education Blues
The Martin Center recently published an article on the severe “wokeness” problem at Oklahoma University. Today, we feature a depressingly similar piece focused on Idaho. Despite the state’s strong conservative inclination, the forces of “progressivism” have invaded its universities, seeking to turn them into purveyors of social justice instead of knowledge.

National Archives and Records Association puts “harmful content” label on Constitution, founding documents
The National Archives and Records Association (NARA) is placing a warning label on the Constitution and other founding documents. The warning is of “harmful content”. I wish it was a silly post in the Babylon Bee but, no, it’s Biden’s America now and we must be protected from the historical documents written by a bunch of white men at the creation of our constitutional republic. Hide the children.

Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
Adult diapers, scalding hot showers, and a deadly joyride.

Texas Governor Signs Bill Barring Social Media Companies From Censoring Views
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, signed a law Thursday preventing social media companies from banning users for their political views.


Economy & Taxes


A Ridiculous Revision of Inflation History
What if the 1970s inflation “panic” was really a response to greater sexual freedom? Makes you think, doesn’t it? Oh no, it doesn’t.

Apple can no longer force developers to use in-app purchasing, judge rules in Epic Games case
Federal Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers on Friday handed down a decision in a closely watched trial between Apple and Epic Games.

Boris Johnson Hikes British Taxes to Highest Since World War II
Margaret Thatcher must be rolling over in her grave. British prime minister Boris Johnson has just abandoned two of his flagship pledges from his 2019 election campaign and dramatically raised taxes.

Sort-of Epic win as judge kills Apple ban on apps linking to outside payment systems
Games maker weakens iGiant’s control over iOS, loses its antitrust claims

More Strategists Say a Storm Is Brewing in the U.S. Stock Market
Strategists from almost all the top Wall Street banks have come out this week with a nervous message about the U.S. stock market.

White House, Democrats tangle over Biden bid to raise taxes
President Joe Biden has a simple message for fellow Democrats about his plan to raise taxes to remake large swaths of the American economy: look beyond the bottom line. Biden is trying to persuade Democrats to embrace a more emotional argument, namely that the plan is fair, that it increases taxes on those who can afford to pay more and spends money on programs targeting children and the middle class.




Irish School Pronoun Pledge-How Did Trans Lobby Take Over Irish Education?
A time traveler from 2011 would scarcely recognise the manner in which LGBT ideologues have remodeled Irish education. Whereas at the beginning of the last decade, tentative steps to advance the LGBT agenda in classrooms under the guise of anti-bullying measures, we now face a situation where the trans lobby has completely permeated all aspects of primary.secondary and tertiary education.

Trudeau, facing “anti-vaxxer mobs” on election trail, is met with flying gravel at campaign stop
Hours after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed that he wouldn’t back down in the face of the “anti-vaxxer mobs,” protesters — many of them opposed to coronavirus vaccinations and public health measures — threw gravel at him at a campaign stop on Monday evening.

LGBT exempt from Australia’s covid lockdown tyranny while cis-gendered must obey
As Australians suffer under the heavy boot of another government-imposed total lockdown, the Mount Druitt Police Area Command in Sydney held a “Wear It Purple Day” pride event in celebration of the Cult of LGBT.

Facebook or Twitter posts can now be quietly modified by the government under new surveillance laws
A new law gives Australian police unprecedented powers for online surveillance, data interception and altering data. These powers, outlined in the Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt) Bill, raise concerns over potential misuse, privacy and security.

Pope Francis Pleads for World to ‘Listen to the Cry of the Earth’ in Climate Change Fight
Pope Francis, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the spiritual leader of Orthodox Christians issued a joint statement on Tuesday, pleading for delegates at the upcoming climate summit to “listen to the cry of the Earth” and take strides against climate change.

Australia delivers dumbest ruling yet on social media content responsibilities
One of my Twitter friends asked a question just the other day that I’ve found myself pondering regularly this year. What the heck has gone wrong in Australia? He was talking about their insane COVID lockdown rules and internment camps (yes, that’s a real thing), but the madness isn’t limited to that subject alone. The Aussies are also the folks whose government has been trying to shut down social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter unless they pony up some cash to news outlets whose content shows up on their sites. Now they’ve taken the game to the next level. The highest court in Australia ruled this week that the responsibility for “bad content” can be spread around at various levels. According to the court, newspapers and television networks that maintain Facebook pages are responsible for the comments that other users leave on their page. We’re not talking about the original network content they posted. The comment section.

Book burning at Ontario francophone schools as ‘gesture of reconciliation’ denounced
More than 4,700 books were removed from library shelves at 30 schools, and they have since been destroyed or are in the process of being recycled

China erases billionaire actress Zhao Wei from history
One of China’s most famous and richest actresses has been completely erased and the Chinese government is thought to be behind it.

City Bans Men From Applying for $63,000-A-Year Street Sweeper Operator Job
An Australian city council has banned men from applying for a $63,000-a-year street sweeper operator job in order to create an “inclusive” organization.




Colorblind Is the Moral Ideal
There is little that reveals the immorality and dishonesty of the left more than its labeling the term “colorblind” racist.

Standing Up for Dissent
A plea for liberal norms in higher education

Toxic Victimhood
Are you a racist? All white people are, says “White Fragility” author Robin DiAngelo. Race explains everything, says bestselling “How to Be an Antiracist” author Ibram X. Kendi. “Every policy is either racist or anti-racist.”

Maiming a generation
The medicalisation of gender non-conforming young people is the biggest medical scandal of our time

Why Isn’t the Attack on Larry Elder the Biggest Story in America?
A white woman in a gorilla mask threw an egg at a black man seeking to become the first non-white governor of our largest state, and the media shrug.

Once Again: The President Is Not Our National Dad
Disturbing as it was to hear Milo Yiannopoulos describe then-president Trump as “Daddy” a few years ago, it’s even more alarming to hear much more mainstream media figures referring to Joe Biden as our new national dad. Thinking of the president as America’s sole controlling authority, in whom all power and decision-making rest, is a confident first step on the road to serfdom. We may speak of “founding fathers” of the past to acknowledge our debt to our predecessors, but it’s a very different thing to frame breathtakingly unconstitutional orders from a sitting president as valid because the president is the head of our family. No, he is merely the temporary head, subject to removal, of one of three branches of government.

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