Dallas Justice Now: Imagine Premier Universities Free of White People

     Segregation and racial exclusion used to be racist. Used to be… Now-a-days, it is a moral imperative to achieve “justice”, as seen by the so-called “Dallas Justice Now” which wants White parents to achieve “equity” by sacrificing the “privilege” of their children by committing to stop their children from even applying to an Ivy League or other prestigious school.

To Our White Allies:

“Talk is not enough. Commit yourself towards taking action and making sacrifices to correct centuries of injustice. Open up spaces for Black and LatinX communities by refusing to send your kids to Ivy League and US News & World Report Top 50 schools and encourage friends, neighbors, and family members to do the same. Imagine if those hundreds of thousands of spots at these institutions were occupied only by marginalized communities. Imagine the opportunities. We can achieve true equity within our lifetimes but only if white folks are willing to sacrifice their privileges.

The Dallas Justice NOW College Pledge:

“As a white person with privilege both from my whiteness and my neighborhood I recognize the need to make sacrifices for the purpose of correcting hundreds of years of murder, slavery, discrimination, and lack of educational and economic opportunities perpetrated upon people of color. I understand that access to top schools is a key component in economic and social advancement. Therefore, I commit that my children will not apply to or attend any Ivy League School or US News & World Report Top 50 School so that position at that school is available for people of color to help correct historical wrongs. If I do not have children under 18 then I will commit to encouraging my white privileged friends, neighbors, and family members with children to sign the pledge and holding them accountable until they do so.

“Have you been asked to take the pledge? Don’t be a racist hypocrite. Sign the pledge today!


“Dallas Justice NOW

Please note Dallas Justice Now will be publicly announcing the names of those who have and have not signed the pledge.

     They have even sent letters to parents in the area, including well-off suburban parents who are liberal and/or Democrats.

     If the “woke” warriors of “social justice” had their way, this “pledge” would be mandatory.

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