Venezuela: Settling For Decline As Tyranny Spreads

     Good news: U.S. sanctions on a Chinese company hurt Maduro. Bad news: The Biden administration considers these sanctions to have “failed”.

     This is why the people fleeing Venezuela, as people still flee from Cuba, even at the risk of their own lives. Even the opposition has fled Venezuela, which is a sensible thing to do with a doubled down witch hunt against enemies of the regime. This certainly makes it easier to engage in electoral fraud.

     This is not to say the opposition hasn’t done nothing, in fact they have gotten into… cryptocurrency. Not that Venezuela’s currency needs any help self-destructing, which is why Venezuela is moving away from the Bolivar to… the U.S. Dollar.

     And what has this lack of legitimacy and corruption lead to in this glorious ongoing revolutionary hellhole? Even more corruption and repression! Oh, and also collapse of healthcare, human rights, and ability to fight Corona-chan.

     You’d think that Venezuela would be a warning to other countries in Latin America, but clearly the siren call of repression has led to Ortega in Nicaragua emulating Maduro in Venezuela, all while Peru votes to destroy itself.

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