American Innovation In The Age Of The Corona Virus

     Even in the state of blackjack and hookers, i.e. Nevada, “non-essential” services have been shut down, with casinos shutting down and only essential services remaining, such as pharmacies, groceries, gas stations, and…


     And drive thru strippers!

     Is there nothing more educational when it comes to public hygiene than… nude hand sanitizer wrestling?

     Say what you will, but this is an infinity better response than Italy’s response to 80+ year olds who were promised a “right” to “free” healthcare who have since been told that their “right” means they have the “right” to f**k off and die because their guarantor of rights only guaranteed what their political masters were willing to toss in their general direction.

     “Wild West” anarchism and hedonism is far better, and far more tolerable, than totalitarian monopolies and the “right” to die a horrible death “for free”.

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