News of the Week (September 22nd, 2019)


News of the Week for Sept. 22nd, 2019


Gun Rights


Democrats say the Red Flag database cannot include gang databases
Democrats advanced a new measure this week to encourage states to pass “red flag” laws. These so-called extreme risk protection orders authorize removing guns and ammunition from individuals deemed as dangerous by some anonymous, unaccountable person, but it would not include the ready-made lists of gang members.

Three masked teens open fire on Georgia homeowner – and don’t live to regret it
Kudos to CNN for covering this story out of Georgia, especially in this political atmosphere. As politicians insist that so-called “assault weapons” are not legitimate self-defense firearms, one man may have proven them wrong. Police now believe that a homeowner armed with a “semi-automatic rifle” acted in self-defense in killing three teenage intruders after they opened fire on him

Dear San Francisco
The City of San Francisco recently adopted a resolution labeling the National Rifle Association a “domestic terrorist organization” and threatening to boycott anyone who does business with the NRA. In response to this despicable act, the NRA, the nation’s largest and most effective civil rights organization, has produced this video. Dear San Francisco…

No, Your AR-15 Is Not the Problem
Why do Democrats want to take away your AR-15? The fact that such a weapon was used by the Odessa shooter was the basis for Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s infamous declaration: “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47!” But this is like banning cars because automobile accidents kill more than 40,000 Americans a year, or banning tall buildings because more than 35,000 Americans die each year from accidental falls. O’Rourke is advocating what might be called the Instrumental Theory of Evil: The cause of our problems is not bad people, but bad things. Therefore, ban the evil things!

Twitter Suspends Second Amendment Foundation Account on Eve of Gun Rights Policy Conference
The Second Amendment Foundation along with the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms are holding their annual Gun Rights Policy Conference in Phoenix this weekend (TTAG will be there). So…just in time for the gun rights orgs’ biggest event of the year, the pasty-faced geeks at Twitter have seen fit to suspend SAF’s social media account.

“The Well Armed Woman” offers new chapter
To change all that, one woman is leading a new gun safety group just for women.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


The Environmental Costs of Renewable Energy Are Staggering
“If the world isn’t careful, renewable energy could become as destructive as fossil fuels,” warns a recent article from Foreign Policy.

Polish border guards board Greenpeace ship, end coal protest
Armed, masked Polish border guards boarded a Greenpeace tall ship as it was trying to block coal from being delivered to the port of Gdansk, arresting activists and seizing the vessel, the group said Tuesday.

Democrats Invite Teen Climate Change Activist Greta Thunberg to Testify Before Congress
Select Climate Crisis Committee Chair: “They know the science.”

The “Climate Strike” is a crock that exploits kids
This Friday, in advance of the United Nations Climate Summit, students across the country will walk out of their schools as part of a Climate Strike. In New York City, the Department of Education has given its stamp of approval to the walk-out and won’t mark it as an absence, making it less “a strike” and more a coordinated effort by the school system to force political action on children.

Guardian Suggests UN is Boosting Greta Thunberg to Undermine President Trump’s Climate Policy
I guess we have an answer to why the kid got so much attention so quickly.

NBC News Wants You to Confess Your Climate Sins
Do you ever get the feeling that climate change is a cult? Does it ever seem like its adherents are immune to reason as they vindictively lash out at anyone who questions their beliefs? Wouldn’t it be nice if they just left you alone and let you live your life?

A Climate Change Proposal That Would Terrify Democratic Presidential Candidates
They’re a bunch of hard-left loons, but you have to give the guys at Jacobin a little credit for recognizing the irony that “the world leaders who fly around the world in private jets are the ones who are tasked with coming together to discuss the climate crisis.” A lot of environmentalists and climate change activists prefer to hand-wave away the high carbon costs of the luxurious lifestyles of their allied celebrities and political leaders, and instead choose to debate the morality of having children, push for institutions to ban beef, and encourage people to eat bugs instead. Somehow it’s never Leonardo Decaprio’s jet, David Geffen’s $400 million super yacht, or Prince Harry’s helicopter that’s the problem, it’s your Big Mac and SUV.

Doomsdays that didn’t happen: Think tank compiles decades’ worth of dire climate predictions
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently suggested Miami would disappear in “a few years” due to climate change. The United Nations is convening a “Climate Action Summit” next week. And climate activist Greta Thunberg is on Capitol Hill this week telling lawmakers they must act soon.

Goose eggs: No climate doomsday warning has come true
On the eve of a “global climate strike,” a new report revealed that none of the global warming doomsday predictions of the past 50 years have come true.

Is There a Future for Nuclear Power in the United States?
Whither nuclear power? That question has become more important as energy policies evolve to emphasize emissions-free “green” energy and an increased electrification of the U.S. economy. Some environmentalists consider nuclear power to be crucial to reducing carbon emissions; others continue to vehemently oppose nuclear power and believe that our energy must come solely from renewable sources. Asked whether they favor or oppose nuclear power, the public is split.

Rowdy student protest shuts down campus forum debunking climate alarmism
Campus police force entire room to evacuate after protesters refuse to comply with officers’ requests

Sanders Shrugs Off Projected ‘Green New Deal’ Job Losses
As sales pitches go, the one that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is making for being the president of the United States isn’t overwhelmingly positive. The perpetually angry socialist has a lot of plans for America should he be elected president, and all of them seem to involve regular people enduring hardships in order to achieve his vision.

Climate Activist Slams Greta Thunberg’s Totalitarian ‘Climate Strike’
On Friday, thousands mobbed New York City and other cities across the world (including Jakarta, Indonesia, and Dunedin, New Zealand) as part of a “Climate Strike” organized by Swedish teen Greta Thunberg. Yet Robert Colvile, himself a believer in the necessity of fighting climate change, warned that the Climate Strike statements and ideas are “fundamentally illiberal,” “fundamentally misguided,” and unworkable.

Exposing Junk Climate Science
This twelve-minute video by Tony Heller of Real Climate Science, released just yesterday, does a great job of exposing the deceptive use of data on which climate alarmism depends. Heller begins with the National Climate Assessment that recently went out to journalists and policymakers. It included a set of charts and graphs that superficially seemed to support the claim that we are experiencing alarming changes in the Earth’s climate, as summed up in this graphic.

The best pushback to the misinformation of @GretaThunberg you’ll find
This is one of those “share the hell out of this on Facebook and Twitter” type posts, because it carries a clear and simple message: Greta has no idea what she is talking about.

EPA Repeals Obama-Era Land Use Restrictions
The Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency has finalized the repeal of yet another Obama-era regulatory overreach, specifically rules that defined every stream, ditch, seasonal puddle and muddy hoof print as being covered by the restrictions of the Clean Water Act of 1972 that was intended to prohibit pollutants being dumped into navigable waters – known as the waters of the United States or WOTUS.



Government in Healthcare


California Law to Require State Universities to Provide Abortions on Campus
If you thought California couldn’t get worse, think again. Governor Gavin Newsom is promising to sign a bill requiring public universities in California to offer abortions on campus. The bill, 2B-24, states that “abortion care is a constitutional right,” and that “the state has an interest in ensuring that every pregnant person in California who wants to have an abortion can obtain access to that care as easily and as early in pregnancy as possible.”

CanuckCare, EHR, and Wait Time #Fail
So, what do you get when you mix together government-run health “care,” electronic health records and “quality measures?”


War & Terror


The US Air Force’s radical plan for a future fighter could field a jet in 5 years
The U.S. Air Force is preparing to radically alter the acquisition strategy for its next generation of fighter jets, with a new plan that could require industry to design, develop and produce a new fighter in five years or less.

China to deploy Sharp Sword stealth drone for new Type 001A aircraft carrier
Military sources say warship will be equipped with reconnaissance version of the UAV, and the vessel is expected to enter service later this year

Cartel of the Suns: Chavez Ordered Flooding The U.S. With FARC Cocaine
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency reveals that Hugo Chavez, Diosdado Cabello, Tareck El Aissami, and Henry Rangel Silva allied with the FARC for drug trafficking.

Navy SEAL who oversaw the bin Laden raid says China’s massive military buildup is a ‘holy s—‘ moment
China’s technological strategy and innovation are serious threats to US national security — now, according to retired Adm. William McRaven, the US has reached a ‘holy s—” moment and needs to invest more significantly in technology research and development to keep its edge.




Poll: GOP Could Rebound in Orange County and New Mexico
The Democratic tidal wave that washed over California last fall turned Orange County blue, but there are hopeful signs for Republicans that the floodwaters are receding.

Now Here’s Some Serious Red Meat
Now here is someone who takes no chances when it comes to ensuring sufficient meat consumption:

New York City Is Ending a Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy. Here’s Why.
The City Council fears that if a federal lawsuit challenging the ban were to reach the Supreme Court, the panel could issue a ruling that protected the practice.

Student leaders fight “heteronormativity” at Notre Dame
Efforts underway to change policies that reinforce heterosexuality

Whites need not apply: Campus sci-tech symposium to only feature scholars of color
Event at Williams College to explore sci-tech’s “relationship to society”

Former Planned Parenthood President Accuses the Abortion Outfit of Trying to “Buy” Her Silence
Couldn’t happen to a nicer organization

The Arizona Supreme Court Strikes a Powerful Blow for Free Speech and Religious Freedom
Free speech and religious liberty are on a winning streak. Last month the Eighth Circuit Court of appeals ruled that Christian wedding photographers could not be compelled to use their artistic talents to help celebrate same-sex weddings. Today, the Arizona Supreme Court reached a similar holding, this time on behalf of Christian calligraphers and painters Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski. The case, brought by my friends and former colleagues at the Alliance Defending Freedom, is similar to multiple other wedding vendor cases. The plaintiffs do not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation (they happily serve gay customers). They merely refuse to produce art that advances ideas they find objectionable.

Johns Hopkins professor on child transgender trend: “Many will regret this”
Argues that doctors are doing treatment without evidence

What the 1619 Project Gets Wrong about Slavery and Economics
This year marks the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first enslaved people from West Africa in what is now the United States.

Good lord: Joe Biden’s “Corn Pop” story is true?
Yes, I know he’s been telling this story for years. That in itself doesn’t make it true.

Student says professor nearly flunked her after she made pro-life brochure for pregnant men
From an A-minus to a D-minus

Google-Owned Crashlytics Is Using Custom Fonts to Track Users
One of the things iOS has been sorely lacking for a decade is the ability for users to install custom fonts. Apple has put it off on the grounds that custom fonts open security and privacy holes. Proving Apple’s point, Google-owned Crashlytics is already abusing the feature to track users by installing a font with a custom identifier embedded. iOS 13 isn’t even out yet and they’re abusing this for tracking. Because these fonts are installed system-wide?-?which is the whole point of the feature, so users can use their custom fonts in any app that supports choosing a font?-?I believe any app can use Crashlytics’s font to uniquely identify users.

KFC is serving fried chicken sandwiched between 2 glazed doughnuts at dozens of locations, and people are freaking out
KFC is adding doughnuts to the menu alongside fried chicken at more than 40 locations in Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia, and Pittsburgh.

Feminist author taught NYU students to start a revolution, they rebelled against her class
The name Lauren Duca may not ring any bells at first. She’s a feminist writer and social media warrior best known for calling Tucker Carlson a “sexist pig” and also for a piece arguing that President Trump was “gaslighting” America. Duca’s star has risen high enough in resistance politics circles that this month she has a book out titled, “How to Start a Revolution: Young People and the Future of American Politics.”

School fires teacher who reported illegal alien students to Trump
Regrets… she might have a few. Georgia Clark is – or rather, was – an English teacher in the Fort Worth School District in Texas. Unfortunately for her, the school board has voted unanimously to fire her from her job. Strangely enough, this was the second time they had voted to fire her, but the original decision in June had been tabled.

How Oregon Built A Transgender Medical-Industrial Complex On Junk Science
Oregon now allows adverse gender surgery outcomes to go largely untracked, restricts health workers’ right to advise patients about the risks, and strips custody from parents who object to transgender experimentation on their children.

An Obituary for the Boy Scouts of America
“A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, reverent” … and a relic of history.

Indiana and Illinois Will Investigate Fetal Remains Found in Abortionist’s Home
The attorneys general from Indiana and Illinois have announced their intention to investigate the more than 2,000 fetal remains discovered last week inside the home of former abortionist Ulrich George Klopfer. The medically preserved remains, evidently from unborn children Klopfer aborted during his decades of work, were found by his family in his home in northeastern Illinois after his death in early September.

Trump and the Non-Interventionists
There’s a school of foreign-policy thinkers – advocates of U.S. retrenchment and restraint – who think of President Trump as one of them and are repeatedly disappointed when he hires people with the same views as previous Republican presidents.

Welfare Reform’s Payoff
New data from the Census Bureau shows that female-headed households are lifting themselves out of poverty through work.

Housing crisis: Reno Mayor Schieve unveils plan to incentivize 1,000 new homes in 120 days
A thousand new homes in 120 days.

A Lunar Space Elevator Is Actually Feasible & Inexpensive, Scientists Find
From NASA and ESA (the European Space Agency) to Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, it’s every space institute’s and tech billionaire’s dream to return to the moon during this century. But while government agencies and space entrepreneurs all focus on building a spaceship to transport humans between Earth and the moon, a pair of young scientists from Columbia University have a distinctly sci-fi-esque idea that may actually work and cost far less than a rocket-spaceship system.

He questioned the accuracy of the “1619 Project.” A history professor responded with “your mom.”
Who’s responsible when academics start acting like trolls?

Martha McSally’s GOP primary challenger: What if we let parts of Mexico become U.S. states?
Via RCP, let me stress up front that this guy, Daniel McCarthy, isn’t some sort of Bill-Weld-style centrist running to the incumbent’s left in the primary. He’s full MAGA. He and the host, Garret Lewis, sneer at Paul Ryan and “Martha” for their repugnant RINO-ism. I’ll support Trump on the border in whatever he wants to do, McCarthy stresses, even standing for days on end on the Senate floor in a filibuster if it’ll help somehow. He’s all for the border wall too. America First.

NY students play social justice BOARD GAME at mandatory training
Canisius College forces leaders of student groups to attend a training that features a social justice-themed board game.

Catholic Hospital Can Be Sued for Refusing Transgender Hysterectomy
I wrote the other day about the intention within bioethics to destroy Catholic healthcare. Today, a court ruling from California proves my point.

White supremacy is allegedly “tearing apart” an academic medieval studies group
“A bunch of white people arguing over whether they’re racist”

Yang and the end of private car ownership
MSNBC held their latest “climate crisis” event for 2020 Democratic hopefuls yesterday and when Andrew Yang took the stage he brought up one possibility that all the candidates should weigh in on. When asked by the host what the world would look like in 2050 after the everyone began dealing with climate change and carbon emissions, he suggested that the end of private car ownership was probably on the horizon.

Beto: Let’s pay reparations for non-violent marijuana offenders
Calls for legalizing marijuana aren’t new. Calls for taxing marijuana to produce revenue at the state level isn’t new. How about we legalize marijuana at the federal level, tax the marijuana industry and use that revenue to pay reparations to non-violent offenders? That’s new.

Trashing Unwoke Books
This woman is the head of “English Language Arts” for the public schools in Washington Township, NJ. That’s right: the head of the English department for public schools in this town celebrates throwing books into the Dumpster. She’s a self-described “servant leader,” and apparently a Christian. Who throws unwoke books into the Dumpster so all the geniuses in her school (and they’re all geniuses) won’t be tainted by what’s in the pages

Ben Carson under fire for transgender observations
Now we have some Democrats calling for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson to resign. I know what you’re probably thinking. Anyone who’s been following American politics at all for the last three years knows that Democrats calling for someone in the Trump administration to resign basically means it’s another day ending in a Y. But this dust-up has at least a bit of a twist to it.

Dems Grill Up 10,500 Steaks While Lecturing Us to Eat Less Meat
There was the annual Polk County Democratic Party Steak Fry yesterday, featuring every presidential candidate and many national Democratic figures donning ridiculous aprons to cook steaks for potential voters.

A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
Waterfowl production, Officer Outlaw, and all-white juries.


Economy & Taxes


California bullet train’s mishandling of land deals adds to mounting costs and delays
California’s bullet train project confronts an array of political and financial challenges, but its biggest problem involves mismanagement of land acquisitions, which has contributed to construction delays, cost increases, litigation and the launch of a federal audit.

Warren Says the Rich Must Pay Her ‘Wealth Tax’ Because They’ve Benefitted from Public Schools and Infrastructure
While making the case for her proposed wealth tax, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, said on Friday that “bazillionaires” made their fortune by relying on workers who were educated in public schools as well as public roads and infrastructure.

Save the Robots
Bill de Blasio reveals his scrambled vision of innovation and labor.

Elizabeth Warren’s plan to slash your retirement funds
Now that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is somehow legitimately in contention for the nomination, I suppose we should get more familiar with the policies she’s planning on implementing should this train wreck of a candidate end up in the Oval Office. One area of immediate concern is her antipathy toward capitalism in general and how she plans on making sure employers are “responsible stewards of their communities.”




No end to Hong Kong violence
Pro-China groups are now involved in the violence consuming Hong Kong. Hong Kong Free Press reported Saturday a large demonstration brawled with democracy protesters at a Kowloon Bay mall while also damaging pro-democracy placards set up across the island. RTHK confirmed the clashes between the two groups before police officers became involved.

Our democracy is being overthrown by the EU’s Hideous Strength
It’s not about Brexit any more, at least not primarily. It’s about whether we remain a democracy in the fullest sense. Our system depends on unwritten conventions and precedents. We expect winners to show restraint and losers to show consent. We expect our officials – including judges, civil servants and, not least, the Commons Speaker – to be impartial. We expect the electorate to be the final umpire.

Gertz: Xi Jinping Has Created a “Communist Nightmare”
‘Xi Jinping has become the new Mao’

New Montreal City Pool to Have Just One “Gender Neutral” Changing Room
What could possibly go wrong?

Venezuela Quietly Loosens Grip on Market, Tempering Economic Crisis
Maduro regime’s easing off on price controls brings hyperinflation rate down from seven to six figures

Even Swedish Socialism was Violent
Feew subjects are more taboo among self-described socialists than the historical track record of socialism in action.

Gas explosion rips apart Russian research lab containing Smallpox, Ebola
Incident follows submarine fire that killed Russian naval officers and radiation spike following explosion at military base.

Hong Kong cancels National Day fireworks on Oct 1 as protests continue
Hong Kong’s government has cancelled an annual October 1 fireworks display to mark National Day citing public safety concerns.

France, Italy Agree on “Automatic” Settlement of Migrants Across Europe
With Italy’s Salvini out of office, the EU is wasting no time in steamrolling its open borders agenda.

Pregnant mom hacked to death in front of son at luxury South African resort
A pregnant young woman was hacked to death in her bed Tuesday during a family break at a luxury South African vacation resort.

Maduro Insults Alberto Fernandez And Gives Him a Helping Hand in The Campaign
The Venezuelan dictator dismissed Fernandez and former Uruguayan President Mujica as “stupid.”

Venezuelan Exodus Increases Cases of Exploitation in Latin America
100% of the Venezuelan women living in Peru have been victims of some type of violence.

Children as young as SIX are to be given compulsory self-touching lessons that critics say are sexualising youngsters
The lessons are part of the controversial All About Me teaching programme

Labour votes to abolish private schools at party conference
Party says it would “integrate” independent schools into state sector, while universities would be told to ensure that no more than seven per cent of their students were privately educated




Vacuous liberal “wokeness” is now beyond parody
“I was listening to them sing the other day, and their voice is no better than when they was a he.” No, ladies and gentlemen, the Telegraph’s sub editors have not gone on strike. I am simply referring to Sam Smith in the way he now says he prefers. For just before the weekend, the pop singer came out as “non-binary”.

Is Dianne Feinstein out to kill off Kamala Harris’s presidential bid?
Kamala Harris has always been known for her lean and hungry, pushy, grabby, ambition, which includes a willingness to sleep her way to the top to get what she wants. Her political start began as a social mountaineer with San Francisco’s old-money Pacific Heights set dating from her 20s and then just moved onward and upward.

Is Trump Alienating His Base with Overtures Toward Venezuelan Migrants?
One of the longstanding truisms in presidential election politics is that the state of Florida is prioritized as a must-win for both the Republican and Democratic parties. It was the setting for one of the most surreal moments in the history of America, when the highly controversial 2000 presidential election between Texas Governor George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore led to respective legal challenges by both campaigns to attempt to prove victory in the “Sunshine State.”

Dictator Robert Mugabe Is What Happens When A Country Falls For A Charismatic Socialist
Mugabe wasn’t the only charismatic socialist who ruined a country and the lives of millions. Socialism has failed everywhere and every time.

The Divine Right of the Democratic Party
Some progressives do not think we have two legitimate competing political camps. They think the U.S. is suffering from an infection: the Republican party.

Thinking like revolutionaries
The “aggravating solution” technique, which I mentioned in a previous article, is one of the most salient historical constants of the revolutionary movement. The cases are so many and so evident that the naivety with which liberals and conservatives continue to discuss (and often accept) leftist social proposals for the literal meaning of their proclaimed goals is astounding, without ignoring the astute crisis-generating mechanism that they bring about. always bring embedded.

How you can tell that Proggies know transgenderism is a con
Even as Proggies push transgenderism, telling us a trans woman or man is a real woman or man, their own behavior shows they know this is a scam.

“Non-Binary” Nonsense
This week Merriam-Webster added a “non-binary” definition of “they” to the dictionary to cater to individuals who identify as neither male nor female. Also this week, National Review’s Douglas Murray went on BBC Radio 4 to promote his new book The Madness of Crowds. During the interview, Douglas said “I don’t think there is any such thing as non-binary. And I think a lot of people know that too.”

The Southern Slave Economy Was Anti-Capitalistic
Traditionally, the Southern economy was considered non-capitalistic and pre-bourgeoise.

Views of America
Often, when you read something, or hear something, it reminds you of something else. So it was when I read Kevin’s essay today, “American Universities Are the Envy of the World.” The subtitle is “There is much that is in need of reform on campus. But there also is much that is wonderful, inspiring, and enriching.”

Don’t Blame the Youngsters. Blame the Institutions!
Quite a few readers reacted to Wednesday’s Morning Jolt, looking at some high-profile Millennials in media and “social media influencers” who crashed and burned and became the subjects of some deeply unflattering profiles.

An unshackled Trump finally gets the presidency he always wanted
No longer hemmed in by aides, Trump has bent the presidency into the mold of the Trump Organization.

Uncommon Space
At the Galloway Symposium on December 13, 2017, Dr. Scott Pace, the Executive Secretary of the National Space Council gave a keynote address at the luncheon. The Galloway Symposium is an annual conference of space law practitioners, law professors, and other interested persons. Amongst the many other heartening things Dr. Pace said, he explained that space is not a global commons

The Long Civil War
If anyone thought the status quo would fold up after the hammer blows of the 2016 populist revolt, they were wrong. Ben Rhodes noted the effects of unremitting resistance with approval. “Bibi backsliding. Boris flailing… Fight back. It will work.” Victor Davis Hanson conceded the crushing weight of the establishment riposte: “After nearly four years of ceaseless attacks by Democrats and the press, the strange thing is not that Trump can be occasionally wearisome, but that he is even still breathing.”

Democratic Candidates Are Out of Touch on Gender
A run-down of the Democrats’ LGBT-rights strategy.

Do Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders Preview A Democratic Populist Crack-Up?
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren’s strength may tell us less about the ideological struggle in the Democratic Party than about the rise of left-wing populism and the potential damage it may do.

What Happens to Saudi Arabia When the World Doesn’t Need Its Oil?
Over on the homepage, our Kevin Williamson writes a really great, thought-provoking essay laying out how to synthesize the competing instincts of idealism and realism in the world, and particularly in the Muslim world. Read the whole thing; it’s difficult to summarize, but the gist is that if the United States really wants to prevent bad outcomes and increase the odds of good incomes, we need to be doing a lot of non-military intervention and relationship building with all kinds of forces for civil society in every country that matters to us. He concludes, “We can do better. But we can’t do it easily, we can’t do it on the cheap, and we can’t do it in a week.”

Intersectionality comes for the children
Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of Andrew Sullivan’s politics, but on this one issue, he gets it right. Today he has a new piece titled: “When the ideologues come for the kids” which makes a point I’ve raised before about what the current focus on identity politics is likely to generate from those who are assigned the role of “the heavy” from a young age. Sullivan starts by referencing a recent piece written by a parent about seeing his kids encounter a wave of identity politics in NY schools. He then moves to a piece about “white boys” published earlier this year by a teacher

The Woke Cult Has Targeted Your Children
Woke: The term of hipsterness we’ve all either snickered at or rolled our eyes over. However, the dreadful cuteness of the “woke” label distracts from the insidious ideology of intersectionality and that its True Believers are after your children.

What Comes After Transgender?
Make room for the “transabled” and hospitals and doctors forced to perform operations that conflict with their ethical and religious principles.

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