British Police Now Confiscating Miniature Toy Baseball Bats

     The British police forces are a joke when it comes to confiscating “dangerous weapons”. Not only are they considering whisks and spoons to be so dangerous that they have to tout the confiscations on social media, but they are totally bemused when people point out that they presume people are will commit violence with any object that could be potentially used as a weapon, and that only by confiscating practically anything will they be doing their job.

     Now, they are confiscating tiny toy baseball bats.

     Note that they compared the size of the bat to a writing pen with the bat being less than three times the length; this isn’t a full size bat but something you’d give to a kid.

     And yes, these are the same people who touted confiscating a rusty spoon.

     Rather than carry on with the proverbial stiff upper lip, the police ended up getting a bit pissy on social media about all the people making fun of them.

     What is even sadder for the U.K. than police beclowning themselves, are the many responders who defended the police, saying that people should just blindly trust these clowns and otherwise agreeing that a simple object, a toy, is inherently the cause of violence.

     A little mood music:

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