Quick Takes – Sex & Gender: Admitting Biological Reality; Sex-Based Inequality of Transpersons; F**k “Science”

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Losing Xyr’s Transgender Faith

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     Carrying on…

     In order for “transgenders” to be a protected class in the vein of race or ethnicity, it must be assumed that one’s declared “gender identity” is unalterable. No wonder then that the greatest threat to the transgender movement are… those who admit their transgender identities were WRONG.

“I believe that gender identity is a fraud perpetrated by psychiatry, the likes of something the United States and other nations hasn’t experienced since the lobotomy era. As a result, I have returned to my male birth sex.

“On January 25, 2019, in the State of Florida, the Marion County Department of Motor Vehicles in Ocala, Florida issued me a male driver’s license. Ocala, Florida has been my home since July 2018.

“In the days ahead, I will be taking further steps to restore my birth sex to male more formally.

“In my thirty plus year marriage, I am the husband. To my daughter, I am her Father. I no longer identify as a transgender or non-binary person and renounce all ties to transgenderism.

“I will not be a party to advancing harmful gender ideologies that are ruining lives, causing deaths and contributing to the sterilization and mutilation of gender-confused children.”

     It turns out that in denying that there is any difference between the biological sexes, the obvious that there are differences between the biological sexes, including between “transmen” and “transwomen”, will become obvious.

“‘The transgender guys have a relatively straightforward process — we just simply add testosterone and watch their bodies shift,’ said Joshua Safer, executive director at the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Mount Sinai Health System and Icahn School of Medicine in New York. ‘Within six months to a year they start to virilize — getting facial hair, a ruddier complexion, a change in body odor and a deepening of the voice.’

“Transgender women have more difficulty ‘passing’; they tend to be bigger-boned and more masculine-looking, and these things are hard to reverse with hormone treatments, Safer said. ‘But the transgender men will go get jobs and the new boss doesn’t even know they’re trans.'”

     What to do then, in order to stay woke? Ignore biological reality!!1!

“The College of Natural Science at Michigan State University urged students to use the singular pronoun ‘they’ in an early April ‘transgender visibility’ email.

“MSU’s NatSci Council on Diversity and Community authored the email obtained by Campus Reform entitled ‘Increasing transgender visibility on campus,’ which asked students to ‘reflect on how visibility of minoritized groups is essential to changing our campus culture,’ and provided several online resources to help improve students’ understanding.

“These included links to LGBT resource centers, how to ‘learn about and start using the singular they,’ a resource on hosting queer inclusive workshops, one dedicated to inviting ‘transgender and gender-diverse scientists,’ guides on transphobia, and more.

“‘No science is needed to support transgender and non-binary identities,’ the email stated. ‘It is simply a matter of affirming their experiences.'”


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