Socialized Healthcare: Free To Die

     As has become painfully obvious, “free” healthcare from the government just means that you are “free” to get whatever the state deems you worthy to receive. If they deem you ought to die, they’ll provide that free of charge.

     Case in point from, naturally, Canada:

“A landmark lawsuit has been filed by an Ontario man suffering from an incurable neurological disease. He alleges that health officials will not provide him with an assisted home care team of his choosing, instead offering, among other things, medically assisted death.”

     The man is pleading with the government to provide assisting living rather than assisted homicide:

     It gets worse. ‘Twould seem that perhaps the hospital is bullying him because he is standing up to him.

“‘I have been given the wrong medications, I have been provided food where I got food poisoning, I’ve had workers fall asleep in my living room, burners and appliances constantly left on, a fire, and I have been injured during exercises and transfers,’ Foley claimed. ‘When I report(ed) these things to the agency, I would not get a response.’


“Foley’s lawsuit has been filed against the Victoria Hospital London Health Sciences Centre, the SW LHIN, the CILT and Ontario’s Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, demanding the right to choose his home care team. He’s also suing both Ontario and Canada’s attorneys general for offering medically-assisted death without guaranteeing Canadians the option to receive proper care if they choose life instead.

“‘Before anyone… can even be considered for assisted death, they need to have all necessary services provided to help them relieve their substantial suffering,’ [lawyer Ken] Berger said. ‘There are serious constitutional violations that we’re alleging, and we believe that the current provisions for assisted dying are unconstitutional because it doesn’t require that necessary services are put in place to relieve someone’s suffering first.'”

Death, Rx

     Another case, however, goes to just how enthralled with death some Canadian doctors are:

“An ethics opinion by College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia decided that a patient — not otherwise eligible under current law for euthanasia — can become so by starving themselves into an irremediable medical condition. (Assisted-suicide ideologues push self-starvation — particularly targeting the elderly who want to die — under the acronym VSED, “voluntary stop eating and drinking.”)

“Moreover, to assure that a patient will stick with VSED long enough to qualify for a lethal jab, a doctor may palliate the symptoms of starvation and dehydration to assist the patient in destroying their own vitality. Once accomplished, death becomes ‘foreseeable,’ opening the door to what is euphemistically known as MAID in Canada, ‘medical assistance in dying.’ (Death-advocates sure do love their acronyms!)”

     When even Canada’s already pro-death policy isn’t pro-death enough for you!

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