An Obvious Suggestion for Green Groups Wanting to Reduce CO2 Emissions

     Ever get the feeling that some environmental groups are willfully oblivious to solutions to the environmental problems they claim?


     Ask a silly question, and get a facepalm inducing answer demonstrated.

“The sponsors of an environmental conference flew roughly 50 college students to Washington, D.C., Tuesday to discuss ways to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to prevent global warming.

“…Bloomberg Government and the environmental group Defend Our Future hosted ‘The Next Generation of Climate Conversations: A Town Hall Discussion’ conference


“Bringing the students to D.C. was the equivalent of cutting down about 620 trees in terms of CO2 emissions”.

     Pro-tip: If you want to reduce CO2 emissions, you can start by not flying in people to brainstorm when you can just telecommute…

     Who do these students think they are, Al Gore?

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