Quick Takes – Triggered by Dissenting Non-Whites; Triggered by Trump Chalkings; Triggered by America

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Everything is triggering! *Goes to Safe Space*

     First, some triggered special little snowflake:  Social Justice Warriors Triggered Compilation

     Carrying on…

     Social Justice Warriors at Claremont College have put together a list of “persons of color” who dare to disagree with “Social Justice”…

” Among this list is a Shady Person of Color (SPOC) board, which includes a royal court of five members of the CMC community who opposed the group.


“‘The entire notion of fake or ‘shady’ people of color is just blatantly racist. Since when does being a person of color not allow you free thought? The whole point of this is so the protestors can still feel good about themselves by saying that they represent all ‘real’ people of color campus, but in order for them to consider you ‘real,’ you have to be one of them. Martin Luther King, Jr. said he wanted people to be judged off of the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Oddly enough, the protestors have consistently done the opposite. The protestors are the most racist group on campus I’ve seen to date.”

“The use of the term ‘SPOC’ to dissociate students of color who dissented from the protest movement was widespread last semester. ‘Pomona’s new Latinx club was actually planning on creating a “SPOC calling-out” committee’ to target Latino students who did not agree with them”

     Just imagine if special little snowflake social justice warriors faced not just “shady persons of color” but the horror of… chalk!

“At a time when some colleges are implementing their first diversity requirement for graduation, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is doubling its existing requirement.

“At a public meeting last week, the Academic Senate voted to require students entering the university in 2018 to take one class each in ‘non-Western culture’ and ‘U.S. minority culture.’ Currently students must take one course that satisfies either of those categories.”

     What was triggered these demands.

“Members of CORE [Committee on Race and Ethnicity] justified the doubled requirement by citing… recent events on campus that include pro-Donald Trump chalked messages”

     But what is worse than pro-Donald Trump chalked messages?  America.

“During a ‘Managing Microaggressions’ event last Monday at the University of Virginia, students spoke out against microaggressions like identifying as ‘American’ and criticizing someone’s taste in food.


“A Hispanic student from the School of Education began by declaring that ‘I refuse to take up [the] identity’ of  ‘American’ because ‘this country has decided to take it upon itself to identify as an entire hemisphere,’ which he called “the most blatant microaggression in the context of this country.’

“Instead of American, the student said he identifies as Latinx, queer, socioeconomically disadvantaged, and from Southern California. Later, recounting the time he told his mother he was queer, he noted her response of ‘I love you. Do you need to speak to a counselor?’ ‘as if though my sexuality’s…some mental health problem that I had to deal with.'”


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