News of the Week (July 3rd, 2016)


News of the Week for July 3rd, 2016


Election 2016


Democratic Party Officially Opposed to Free Speech
We have written several times about efforts by Democratic Attorneys General and others to make it a criminal offense to point out deficiencies and errors in the Left’s catastrophic anthropogenic global warming theory. Criminalizing one side of a political debate is, as far as I know, unprecedented in American history.

Donor promised to make Clinton “look good” if appointed to international security board
Newly released emails show Rajiv Fernando promised to make Hillary Clinton “look good” if he was appointed to the International Security Advisory Board. Fernando also seemed to recognize that he was relatively ill-equipped for the position and said he was making efforts to get up to speed.

Polls show tight Clinton-Trump race in 2016 battlegrounds
Battleground state polls show Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton locked in a tight race for the White House with just more than four months to go before Election Day.

Dem who wants to replace Reid took some interesting donations as AG
Catherine Cortez Masto is the Democratic former Attorney General of Nevada and a rising star in the Party of the Donkey.

Hey, who wants to speak at the GOP convention? Bueller? Bueller?
With three weeks to go before Republicans stage their national convention, will they find enough content to fill out the schedule? According to Politico’s Alex Isenstadt, the RNC will have trouble getting officeholders and office-seekers to come to the main stage in Cleveland, thanks to Donald Trump’s nomination

Hillary Clinton is crushing Donald Trump in 7 of the most important swing states
Hillary Clinton is crushing Donald Trump in almost all of the states needed to swing the presidential election in November.

Oof: Ballotpedia drops a brutal battleground poll on Trump
Just to twist the knife, they polled not only the Clinton/Trump race but hypothetical match-ups involving Paul Ryan and John Kasich. Turns out those two outperform Trump against Hillary in all seven swing states tested.

Mexican President Doubles Down on Comparison of Trump to Hitler and Mussolini
Trump Is Hitler, But If You Americans Elect the Guy, I’ll Look Forward to Working With Him!

McAuliffe: Supreme Court Can’t Stop Restoration of Felon’s Voting Rights
McAuliffe pledges to issue 206,000 felons right to vote individually if he has to

White nationalist group says it will be at Republican convention
A group of white nationalists and skinheads who held a rally in Sacramento over the weekend where at least five people were stabbed plans to show up at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next month to “make sure that the Donald Trump supporters are defended.”

Donald Trump’s Reddit Fan Club Faces Crackdown, Infighting
Fed up with “political correctness,” Donald Trump’s fans rode a cycle of controversy and outrage to push him all the way to the top of a crowded field. Since then, however, they’ve waged a civil war over extremist rhetoric, fired a longtime supporter to quiet the backlash and now there’s even talk of changing the rules to prevent them from taking over.

Judge upholds voter citizenship checks
Kansas, Alabama and Georgia can demand their residents submit proof of citizenship before signing up to vote even if they’re using the federal government’s registration forms, a judge said Wednesday, delivering a win to states concerned about voter fraud.

Trump’s Defenders Are Becoming Unmoored
Hillary, Trump… Neither?

Rampant Voter Fraud Alleged In Minnesota
Same day registration and other liberal “reforms” have made it easy for ineligible voters to cast ballots in many states. When law-abiding citizens point out that liberal policies enable voter fraud, the left’s response is always that 1) voter fraud hardly ever happens, so 2) you must be a racist. Typically subtle liberal argumentation.

The Lynch/Clinton tarmac tête-à-tête sends the message
What a joke. The New York Times dutifully reports in a headline today, “Loretta Lynch to accept FBI recommendations in Clinton email inquiry.” Wasn’t that a given? Wouldn’t it only be news if the Justice Department announced they may NOT accept the recommendation of the career FBI agents investigating Hillary Clinton?


Obama Scandals


US Customs wants your social media account details when travelling
Like the idea of adding the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a Facebook friend?

New Documents Suggest IRS’s Lerner Likely Broke the Law
Recently obtained documents raise new questions about Lois Lerner’s role in sending confidential tax returns to the Justice Department.

Lynch’s plan to “remove herself” and “accept the FBI decision” over Clinton’s emails is probably a smokescreen
The timing of this particular announcement which was leaked out of the Justice Department today seems to be a bit much to write off to coincidence.


Gun Rights


Concealed Carrier Prevents Mass Shooting At SC Nightclub
A man with a concealed carry license stopped a shooter after the latter opened fire on a crowd of people at a nightclub in South Carolina early Sunday morning, according to

NRA to run $2 million Benghazi-themed ad campaign for Trump
The National Rifle Association’s political arm is launching its first ad campaign of the 2016 presidential race, with a survivor of the terror attack in Benghazi urging viewers to vote for Donald Trump.

House Plans Vote on Guns Next Week
Ryan tells members package would prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns

Oh, so European-style gun control didn’t stop these extremists from storing rifles near this German mosque, huh?
A German police raid found what is believed to be a “war grade weapons” cache near a mosque in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen (North Rhine Westphalia). The arsenal belonged to a group of Islamic extremists.

FBI Flagged This Congressman as a Terrorist. Here’s Why He Opposes a New Gun Ban.
Waiting on a routine flight from Sacramento back to Santa Barbara, Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., discovered he was a terrorist. Or at least that’s what the FBI thought.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Michael Mann, scientist: Data “increasingly unnecessary” because “we can see climate change”
Leading climate doomsayer Michael Mann recently downplayed the importance of climate change science, telling Democrats that data and models increasingly are unnecessary” because the impact is obvious.

Exxon Mobil wins a round in climate litigation
Exxon Mobil Corp. has won an early round in its fight against regulators over whether the oil giant covered up what it knew about climate change.

Federal Environmental Lab Cooked the Books for Two Decades and No One Is Being Punished
A federal lab has been falsifying environmental data for two decades and officials refuse to name the criminals responsible or say whether they have been punished.

Are Scientists Preparing for a FlipFlop Back to Global Cooling Predictions?
The alleged weakening of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation appears to be triggering a growing amount of speculation about abrupt cooling, like the plot of the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”.

Another peer reviewed science failure
From the Ed Begley Jr. department



Government in Healthcare


No-Gun List? How About a No-Abort List?
The Left’s different approach to rights it opposes


War & Terror


Al Qaeda urges lone wolves to target whites, to avoid “hate crime” label
Lone wolf jihadists should target white Americans so no one mistakes their terror attacks for hate crimes unrelated to the cause of radical Islam, Al Qaeda writes in the latest edition of its online magazine.

Benghazi report details Obama/Clinton failures before, during and after deadly attacks
The long-awaited report from the House Select Committee on Benghazi will be released Tuesday and we’re learning some important and damning conclusions the congressmen, led by Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC,) have reached.

Explosions at Istanbul Ataturk Airport kill at least 28, many more wounded
Two suicide bombings at Ataturk airport in Istanbul

Sandcrawler PSA: Lesbians and Gays are Haram
Ask any Muslima.

Terrorist Attacked Kansas Congressional Office With Molotov Cocktails
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“We Don’t Want to Forget”: In Tehran, Revenge Is a National Ethos
Iranians’ feelings about the West are both simpler and more complicated than visiting media generally conveys.

Disabled woman beaten bloody by TSA agents after becoming confused and afraid at security checkpoint
A disabled woman was beaten bloody by federal agents during an airport security screening while on her way to undergo treatment for a brain tumor.

Russian Microaggressions Are a Test
“Microaggression” has become a fashionable term in the academy, but it applies better in the realm of international relations, where American adversaries are constantly needling and testing the world’s sole superpower.

The Kremlin Admits Snowden is a Russian Agent
In the three years since Edward Snowden landed in Moscow, his relationship with his hosts has been a source of much speculation and controversy. The American IT contractor, who worked for the CIA and NSA until he fled Hawaii with more than a million purloined secret files, has not left Russia since he arrived at Sheremetyevo airport on 23 June 2013, on a flight from Hong Kong.




For Some Gays, San Francisco Pride Parade Too “Straight, White, and Corporate”
Some members of the LGBT community are refusing to attend the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco because it’s too vanilla. They claim the event has become too “straight, white, and corporate.”

Chief Idaho federal prosecutor warns: “The spread of false information or inflammatory or threatening statements … may violate federal law”
On June 2, a 5-year old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted at a Twin Falls, Idaho, apartment building by three boys ages 7, 10 and 14. The exact nature of the sexual assault is unclear; but apparently the 7-year-old sexually touched the girl, and it seems that the 10- and 14-year-olds are being charged because they put the 7-year-old up to this. The boys may be Sudanese and Iraqi refugees resettled in Idaho; according to the Twin Falls Times-News (Nathan Brown), “Officials suspect the boys have been in the [U.S.] fewer than two years,” but “aren’t sure if the families are refugees.”

Supreme Court overturns Bob McDonnell’s corruption convictions
A unanimous Supreme Court has overturned the corruption convictions of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, ruling that federal prosecutors relied on a “boundless” definition of the kinds of acts that could lead politicians to face criminal charges.

Supreme Court strikes down Texas restrictions on abortions
The Supreme Court struck down Texas’ widely replicated regulation of abortion clinics Monday in the court’s biggest abortion case in nearly a quarter century.

Federal Judge Rules No-Fly List Process Is Unconstitutional
A federal judge in Oregon says the process surrounding the federal government’s “no-fly list” is unconstitutional.

Senate Democrats block Zika agreement ahead of recess
Senate Democrats on Tuesday blocked a deal providing funding for the fight against the Zika virus, virtually guaranteeing that Congress won’t get legislation to President Obama’s desk this month.

Supreme Court declines to hear religious liberty case
The Supreme Court on Tuesday narrowly rejected an appeal over whether a private pharmacy can be forced by the state to dispense the so-called “morning after” pill, in effect refusing to expand its look into a religious liberty fight and certain reproductive health services.

Influential judge and UChicago lecturer trashes Constitution, calls Scalia tributes “absurd”
Say what you will about Richard Posner – you know exactly where he stands.

“Absolutely no value” in studying Constitution, federal judge says
Seventh Circuit Judge and University of Chicago Law School lecturer Richard Posner stated Friday that he sees “no value” in studying the U.S. Constitution.

Diversity trainings are a sham, Harvard study claims
Administrators across the country are folding to student demands for more diversity, but a recent study out of Harvard suggests that mandatory diversity trainings are actually making schools less diverse, not more.

Gay Man Threatens to Shoot GOP Senators, Claims It Was “Inartful Political Discourse”
This is now where we are two weeks after a Democrat terrorist murdered 49 people at a gay nightclub. We have gay men so brainwashed by the angry left that they’re taking their ire out on Republicans. Who, by the way, had nothing to do with the terrorist attack.

Scientists just found a compound that kills 98% of a drug-resistant bacteria
Researchers have discovered a compound in an Antarctic sea sponge that’s capable of killing 98 percent of the drug-resistant superbug, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus – better known as MRSA – which is rapidly spreading throughout the US.

Ben Shapiro Clashes With Sally Kohn Over Race, “Sexism” During Live Politicon Debate
Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro battled with liberal CNN contributor Sally Kohn during a recent debate at Politicon in Washington D.C.

Sen. Mike Lee: “Congress Has Stopped Legislating”
“Instead of passing a law explaining how we’re going to clean up the air, they pass a law saying ‘we will have clean air,'” Lee said.

New AP European History framework ignores religion, snubs Churchill, whitewashes communism
The new Advanced Placement European History framework has received a makeover that eliminates religion’s influence on the development of Western Civilization, ignores Winston Churchill, whitewashes the evils of communism, and lauds the welfare state, according to David Randall with the right-of-center National Association of Scholars.

California university seeks to “deconstruct” masculinity
To increase male student retention and combat sexual violence, one California university is offering a “safe space” for male-identifying students to discover their authentic masculinity.

NJ Elementary School Calls Cops On Third-Grader For Saying “Brownie”
In the English language, a certain type of baked chocolate dessert is known as a “brownie.” This is very problematic, of course, because a lot of people have brown skin. If you say the word “brownie” out loud, you might hurt the feelings of a person with brown skin. And that’s bad. That’s why we have the police.

Bacon Infused Vodka Leads to Arrest of Oklahoma Bartender
Leave the bloody marys alone!

College students: Being pro-life advocate may be form of “assault”
According to an “educational presentation” on the Longwood University website, being an outspoken pro-life advocate may be a form of “assault.”

Charlie Rangel Found Guilty Of 11 Of 13 Ethics Violations
Followed by a slap on the wrist, he’ll go right back to doing the same things

Report finds wishy washy political views among millennials
A new report reveals that millennials ages 18 to 29 have only a vague understanding of which policies they support, or even whether they support them at all.

Study: top colleges don’t require US history courses for history majors
ACTA examined 75 colleges listed by U.S. News & World Report as among America’s best and found only 23 listed a requirement for US history.

In DC you can now be fined for not using transgender pronouns such as “ze” and “zir”
If you happen to work in the District of Columbia we’ve got a heads up for you. Be particularly careful if you have any coworkers who “identify” as a gender other than their own and you need to speak with them, to them or about them.

UC Berkeley “income inequality” experts earn more than $300,000 a year
If UC Berkeley economists are really opposed to income inequality and are concerned about low-paid workers, they might consider sharing some of their compensation with the teaching assistants, graders, readers and administrative staff at the bottom of Cal’s income distribution

“I trusted you to create art and what you f***ing did was vandalize!” Mark Zuckerberg’s hostile emails…Sheryl Sandberg’s “only good news” room… Dress codes (no booty shorts) for women. Life at Facebook exposed!
FIRED Facebook advertising manager Antonio Garcia Martinez has written a tell-all book about his time at the social network

China is dictating terms to Hollywood
Disney sued three Chinese film production companies last month for “copyright infringement” and “unfair competition.” The lawsuit alleges that the Chinese firms incorporated elements of Disney’s hit movie Cars into China’s own animation Autobots.

Feds give UW over $700K to train faculty in “unconscious bias”
The National Institutes of Health has awarded UW two federal grants totaling $723,637 to fund a five-year study that seeks to promote opportunities for women and minorities by identifying implicit biases among their instructors.

High school girls miffed at male prom queen may be terrorists, parent says
Godwins Law – the inevitability of long Internet debates devolving into Hitler name-calling – may have a new corollary.

Senate to Vote on Bill Punishing “Sanctuary” Cities
The Senate will vote next week on legislation that would block congressional funding to cities and municipalities that don’t comply with immigration-related requests from the federal government.

Three American students among 20 people hacked to death in Bangladesh by ISIS terrorists
Who only spared those who could recite the Koran

Man arrested after allegedly filming girls in Target dressing room
A 22-year-old man was arrested and charged with violation of privacy last week after he allegedly recorded underage girls in a Target changing room.

UC Berkeley Student Columnist Maggie Lam Attacks the “White Devil,” “Skinny White Girls”
Maggie Lam calls her roommate “Becky” a “white devil” and who “smelled like a skinny white girl.”

Freddie Gray Prosecutor Faces Possible Disbarment
Prosecutors have a power that is among the most subject to abuse in the whole country. The power to bring a criminal prosecution is the power to destroy a life. Most people who are genuinely innocent don’t have the financial means and the will to risk jury trial against unscrupulous prosecutors. Very seldom does a politically motivated prosecution get punished at all.

Gut bacteria spotted eating brain chemicals for the first time
Bacteria have been discovered in our guts that depend on one of our brain chemicals for survival. These bacteria consume GABA, a molecule crucial for calming the brain, and the fact that they gobble it up could help explain why the gut microbiome seems to affect mood.


Economy & Taxes


Oakland City Council approves coal ban ordinance
The Oakland City Council voted Monday 7-0 to approve a coal ban ordinance, which would keep coal from being exported from the city.

Economic turmoil threatens Clinton
A nine-hundred point drop in the stock market and signs of more economic turbulence to come is a troubling sign for Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee effectively running for President Obama’s third term.




Britain’s forgotten voters — and ours
America, too, is experiencing a populist upheaval, of which Donald Trump’s candidacy is more of a symptom than a cause.

Shop starts selling meat in pounds and ounces after Britain voted to leave the EU
Butcher Darren Gratton turns his back on metric law enforced by the EU in 1995

Spanish vote delivers more uncertainty for Europe after Brexit
Spanish elections delivered a hung parliament for the second time in six months on Sunday, adding to political uncertainty in Europe after last week’s shock Brexit vote and piling intense pressure on Spain’s warring politicians to form a government.

Civil Uprising Escalates As 8th EU Nation Threatens Referendum
It appears, just as we warned, that Brexit was indeed the first of many dominoes. Even before the Brexit result, a poll by Ipsos Mori showed that the majority of people in France and Italy want to at least have a referendum on leaving

EU must stop others following Britain out of the door, Merkel warns amid market fears bloc is “no longer governable” after Brexit
German Chancellor says it is necessary to prevent others copying Britain

Meme rebuking UK for “colonizing half the world” spread by millennials in wake of Brexit vote
The problem is that the meme is demonstrably false

Has Britain avoided a “European superstate”? France and Germany “draw up plans to morph EU countries into one with control over members’ armies and economies”
France and Germany reported to have drawn up “superstate plan”

President Of The European Parliament: “It Is Not The EU Philosophy That The Crowd Can Decide Its Fate”
If anyone needs another confirmation that the European Union is fundamentally the most anti-democratic entity currently in existence, then the following statement by European Parliament Martin Schultz should put all confusion to rest.

“Why are you still here?” asks EU’s Juncker amid barrage of Nigel Farage
MEPs boo Ukip leader in Brussels chamber after he accused them of never having done a “proper job” in their lives

European SUPERSTATE to be unveiled: EU nations “to be morphed into one” post-Brexit
EUROPEAN political chiefs are to take advantage of Brexit by unveiling their long-held plan to morph the continent’s countries into one GIANT SUPERSTATE, it has emerged yesterday.

Cuba open to all Americans except for…
We’ve been hearing a great deal about how opening Cuba will bring in Americans with their dollars and democratic ways.

Porexit? When Brexit spreads to the Iberian Peninsula
While our betters in the media continue to scold us about how awful the Brexit voters in Great Britain are and the doom they are surely bringing upon themselves for wanting to protect their borders and preserve their way of life, the spirit of the upstarts continues to spread. The next place where citizens have gotten crazy ideas of internal rule into their heads is well to the south on the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal – a nation which has experienced plenty of unrest of its own in recent years – is now home to some stiff backed rebels who are getting pretty fed up with the European Union themselves and are talking about a similar referendum.

Another EU tantrum: No more English!
The petulant children who run the European Union have been throwing epic tantrums since the Brexit vote, looking to punish and humiliate Great Britain for disobeying them.

“Game Changer”: Giant Helium Field Found
A “globally significant” find that could boost world supply of precious gas

Report: Adult Refugees Enrolled In Canadian High School, Harassing Young Girls
Emails between school officials at one Canadian high school reveal the school has been struggling to integrate into the school adult Syrian refugees, who reportedly are bullying and threatening students and teachers, as well as making advances on young teenage girls.

The Forth Reich to be unveiled
What Hitler failed to do with marching troops and bombs 75 years ago, Merkel now wants to do with a pen: Morph the EU’s countries into one GIANT SUPERSTATE.

Michael Gove elbows Boris Johnson out of Tory leadership race
“That person cannot be me,” says Johnson in surprise announcement.

British MEP Daniel Hannan Spent Nine Minutes Smacking Down CNN Journalist
Daniel Hannan, a conservative Member of the European Parliament representing South East England and one of the most vocal advocates in favor of #Brexit, had a “fiery exchange” with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, in which Hannan repeatedly rejected Amanpour’s attempts to smear Leave supporters as racist and pushed back against her accusations that he had made misrepresentations.

UK “Rapper” Threatens To Run A Migrant Sex “Train” On Nigel Farage’s Young Daughter
A “grime” rapper from Bradford has ostensibly threatened the gang rape of one of UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage’s young daughters, Breitbart London can reveal.

Brexit Triggers “Patriotic Spring” in Europe, Now Netherlands Wants Nexit
54 percent of Dutch voters want a Brexit-style referendum, with 48 wanting to leave the EU and 45 favouring remain, a recent poll reveals

Scotland Rebuffed, Particularly by Spain, on EU Membership
EU Nations Said to Be Split on Question of Scotland

Hong Kong democracy campaigners demand return to British rule as first step to independence from China
Billy Chiu first gained public attention in Hong Kong when he waved the British colonial flag at protests three years ago.

Traditional Danish pastries threatened by EU cinnamon ban
Proposals for an EU ban on cinnamon rolls have put a dampener on Denmark’s Christmas festivities

Austrian court overturns presidential election result
Austria’s highest court on Friday overturned the result of the May presidential election and called for a rerun, a legal victory for the far-right candidate who lost by a razor-thin margin.

Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and renowned Holocaust survivor, dies at 87
Author and human rights activist made perpetuating the memory of the Shoah his life’s work.

In Venezuela, political prisoners a growth industry
The NY Times published an opinion piece today which highlights the growing practice of using the nation’s justice system to control enemies of the socialist government. This is not new behavior and was also seen under the rule of socialist strongman Hugo Chavez, but the practice has taken off under his successor Nicolás Maduro.

How Obama Brought About Brexit
I want to jot down a quick few thoughts on Brexit.

Telegraph Pulled Article Critical of Theresa May After Campaign Pressure
Guido understands that an article by Jonathan Foreman headlined “Theresa May is a great self-promoter, but a terrible Home Secretary” was pulled after pressure from her campaign. It has gone down the memory hole…




” ‘Citizens of the World’? Nice Thought, But … “
The inability of those elites to grapple with the rich world’s populist moment was in full display on social media last night. Journalists and academics seemed to feel that they had not made it sufficiently clear that people who oppose open borders are a bunch of racist rubes who couldn’t count to 20 with their shoes on, and hence will believe any daft thing they’re told. Given how badly this strategy had just failed, this seemed a strange time to be doubling down. But perhaps, like the fellow I once saw lose a packet by betting on 17 for 20 straight turns of the roulette wheel, they reasoned that the recent loss actually makes a subsequent victory more likely, since the number has to come up sometime.

Liberals Shouldn’t Complain About “Paranoia And Fear.” They Perfected It.
No one is innocent when it comes to manipulating voters with emotion.

How Jon Stewart Killed Late-Night Comedy
“You’re hurting America.” Those are the words that killed late-night comedy and gave birth to advocacy-with-jokes

“By Any Means Necessary”
The radical left hates the First Amendment and loves violence

Do state legislatures matter anymore?
In a year, Justice Anthony Kennedy has been the key vote in overturning state bans on marriage and now safety restrictions on abortion clinics. In other words, Justice Kennedy made same-sex marriage “legal” and found restrictions on abortion clinics “unconstitutional”.

Women In Media, Fat Shaming, And The Downfall Of Breitbart News
Lisa De Pasquale, columnist and founder of, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to talk about women in media, fat-shaming, and what 2016 would look like if Andrew Breitbart were still alive.

SJW Feminist @SamanthaPajor Has Finally Solved the Terrorism Problem
Samantha Pajor “is a freelance journalist living in Chicago. She runs one of Tumblr’s most popular feminist blogs, I Write About Feminism.” She supported Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, which she celebrated as “a movement that centers the intersectionalities of economic equality, environmental stability, and social justice.” Not to put too fine a point on it, Samantha Pajor is an idiot, as she proved Tuesday.

Vote Properly, You Virulent Racist!
It’s been interesting watching the commentary about the British electorate’s choice to Leave the European Union. In many ways it reflects the pre-Brexit arguments of the Remain camp, which was essentially that all right-thinking people should vote remain and that those who didn’t were just racists and nationalists. That sort of analysis has even leaked into supposedly non-political outlets like Jalopnik, one of whose stories about Boris Johnson’s checkered career as an automotive journalist began with this

The Road to Rationalia
Small brains, big problems – again

Anti-Marriage and Anti-Motherhood: Feminism’s War Against the Family
Feminism is the ideology of the Darwinian Dead End. It is a rationalization of human extinction, a philosophy that justifies self-imposed sterility as more personally fulfilling than motherhood.

Ashamed to be an American? Towns crack down on American pride
The Star-Spangled Banner survived the rocket’s red glare and bombs bursting in air – only to face a modern-day threat – silly town ordinances and petty bureaucrats.

Commie Dopehead Sex Maniacs
Socialism, drug abuse and sexual perversion — during the 1960s, the connections between these phenomena were the subject of much discussion in America as university campuses erupted in protests, drug-addled hippies crowded into San Francisco and the so-called Sexual Revolution emerged in all its polymorphous variations.

Feminism’s Anti-Male Double Standard
A consistent theme of feminist discourse for more than 40 years is a completely negative portrayal of male sexuality. Feminists are united in the opinion that whatever men do in regard to sex is always 100% wrong.

How a Generation Lost Its Common Culture
My students are know-nothings. They are exceedingly nice, pleasant, trustworthy, mostly honest, well-intentioned, and utterly decent. But their brains are largely empty, devoid of any substantial knowledge that might be the fruits of an education in an inheritance and a gift of a previous generation. They are the culmination of western civilization, a civilization that has forgotten nearly everything about itself, and as a result, has achieved near-perfect indifference to its own culture.

How the Left Is Using Intimidation to Silence Free Speech
Most Americans are familiar with the scandal at the IRS targeting conservative groups, but how widespread is the attempt to silence free speech and political activity? Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel says it’s one of the biggest threats to our democracy.

“You’re fired”: The results of pampering a generation
Sadly, I laughed out loud (or, “LOL’d” if you prefer) at Robby Soave’s June 30 article in Reason titled “Intern Fired for Dress Code Petition Is the Case Against Social Justice Education.”

I’m guessing it’s because, as in San Jose, the authorities wanted the Left to beat up its opponents unmolested
Why weren’t neo-Nazis, anti-fascists kept apart at Capitol?

What the Feminization of the West Has Wrought
As I noted in my last post, today’s young men no longer identify with the John Waynes of yesteryear. Manly men have gone the way of the dinosaur; I feel as though I snagged the last one of the modern generation.

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