The College of Power and Liberation

     Some Social Justice Warriors at Western Washington University have demands, and they’re important!!1!  These demands are nothing less than a demand for a modern-day Grand Soviet, Stasi, Red Guard, and Orwellian insanity all rolled up into one.

     The so-called “Student Assembly for Power and Liberation” are demanding their own “College of Power and Liberation” to be controlled by the Social Justice Warriors themselves.

“In order to meet the growing needs and demands for educational opportunities that emerge from and contribute to movements for social justice, especially those that reflect the histories and experiences of marginalized peoples, we call for the creation and full implementation of the College of Power and Liberation. In addition to creating a community that can more effectively resist the type of events of last quarter, a College of Power and Liberation (CPL) will make Western Washington University a national leader in the development of academic programs that are committed to social justice.”

     As part of this, they are demanding ten tenure track faculty to properly propagandize and indoctrinate, all of whom will be subject to the whims of the Social Justice Warrior students.  Of course they demand a brand new building for all of this, as well as a library of propaganda and pseudo-academic idiocy.

     A slush fund for “underrepresented” students will be set up, as well as paying students to protest and otherwise be Social Justice Warriors.

     While sequestering this madness is appealing, their demands include the power over the rest of the university to punish #WrongThink, and to receive money to “de-colonize” the campus…

“The College of Power and Liberation demands an annually dedicated revenue of $45,000 for compensation of students and faculty doing de-colonial work on campus. When this work is used for WWU promotion the student’s/faculty members must be contacted in order to give consent. If consent is not given, then the institution must respect such wishes. Any de- colonial work done by faculty must also go toward their annual review.”

     Who will run this little camp of Stasi wannabes? Why a “15 persxn paid student committee”.  Clearly these idjits think that the words “person” and “son” are related and that women (sorry, “womyn”) aren’t “persons“.  And what will this committee do?

The Office for Social Transformation, to monitor, document, and archive all racist, anti- black, transphobic, cissexist, misogynistic, ablest, homophobic, islamophobic, and otherwise oppressive behavior on campus.”

     The committee will be drawn from the plethora of already existent Social Justice units of the univeristy:

“Departments and colleges represented will be CPL, Education and Social Justice (ESJ), American Cultural Studies (ACS), Law, Diversity, and Justice (LDJ), Human Services (HS), and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS). All ROP offices are welcome to apply, but AS offices that will specifically be represented are the Queer Resource Center (QRC), Social Issues Resource Center (SIRC), Ethnic Student Center (ESC), or future organizations that represent the interests of underrepresented students at Western.”

     The committee will also have the power to punish all #ToughtCriminals at the university, including tenured Professors who could be discharged:

“The committee will employ a three-strike disciplinary system that corresponds to citations that are processed. A collaboration between the student(s) involved, the faculty, and the committee must take place in order to appropriately address the offense. All faculty is subject, with justification, to disciplinary action, including non- tenure track faculty, tenure track faculty, tenured faculty, and everyone in a teaching position within the University.”

     They will learn about all this “injustice” through a mandatory online survey and will be used to review anyone in a teaching position.  “Mentors” (i.e. Political Officers) will run a special housing unit based on multiculturalism (save for the culture of Western Civilization, of course).

     To top it off, they demand that anyone who feels oppressed get “compensation” because the university itself is a “system” that totes LITERALLY creates violence and oppression.

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