Swedish Feminists are Objectively Pro-Rape

     Previously we have seen how “Intersectional Feminism” leads to the “Feminist” position that protecting rapists is more “Feminist” (in a intersectional way) and thus more important than protecting women from Rape.  In that article, the image that was originally used was photoshopped to change “refugees” to “rapists” and has since been updated with the original photo.  The argument still stood, but perhaps the photoshopped picture was more honest than previously thought.

     While the source of that Tweet is questionable in its neutrality, it does link to a Swedish article where Feminists tell Swedish men not to protect them.  The comments were in response to hooligans beating up refugees in response to the coordinated rapes by refugee men against indigenous women.  While mob “justice” is abhorrent, it is less abhorrent than importing a replacement population, irrespective of any individual’s propensity to rape, and then trying to silence the truth when people complain when one’s own country’s women are disproportionally raped by those same mass-imported refugees?

     These women either believe that non-Swedish men can not rape Swedish women, or that Intersectional Feminism mandates that they lay back during the rape and think of the glorious multi-culturalism!

     Some of the Tweets from Swedish Feminists:

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