News of the Week (July 26th, 2015)


News of the Week for July 26th, 2015


Obama Scandals


New era in ties begins as Cuba raises flag at embassy in US
Cuba’s blue, red and white-starred flag was hoisted Monday at the country’s embassy in Washington, signaling the start of a new post-Cold War era in U.S.-Cuba relations.

Kenyan president rebukes Obama’s gay rights message
President Obama on Saturday made an personal plea for gay rights during his visit to Kenya, warning that “bad things happen” when countries discriminate against certain groups of people.

Iranian leader tweets graphic of Obama with gun to head
Iran’s supreme leader tweeted a graphic Saturday that appears to depict President Obama holding a gun to his head as Britain relaxed its travel advice to the nation, citing decreased hostility under the Iranian government.


Gun Rights


Sanders says he could support banning some weapons, universal background checks
Last week’s mass shooting in a Louisiana movie theater has prompted renewed attention on presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’s record on gun control, an area where his rivals for the Democratic nomination think he is vulnerable with liberal activists.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Arctic ice “grew by a third” after cool summer in 2013
The volume of Arctic sea ice increased by around a third after an unusually cool summer in 2013.

Famed Climatologist Bill de Blasio to Address So-Called “Climate Change” at Vatican
If you needed any evidence this climate change scam is nothing more than a sad political joke, this may be be the low point in the “discussion” of the topic.

First They Came for Your Light Bulbs. . .
I’m always struck by the irony that the same kind of people who say government should stay out of your bedroom have no hesitation about getting into your bathroom, and have mandated such splendors as low-flow shower heads and toilets (or commodes that are no longer commodious). And then they moved on to light bulbs and clothes washers and dryers.

Vermont Struggles With Renewables
When the Green Mountain power company, Vermont’s largest utility, announced earlier this year it will be buying nuclear power from New Hampshire’s Seabrook reactor, many environmentalists felt betrayed.

Climate Death Squads funded by Big Oil strike people with lightning! How’s that for an ideated conspiracy?
Big Oil knows no bounds. Not only can it derail governments, and thwart the UN, World Bank, and IMF but now it may be sending out climate death squads to assassinate Arctic Ice Experts. These expert hit squads apparently push people down stairs, run them off the road, and strike them down with lightning. Lightning! (That is one mother of aTesla Coil.) James Bond could learn something. Q, where are you?



Government in Healthcare


ObamaCare blamed for insurer mega-mergers amid premium hike fears
A new wave of insurance mega-mergers is fueling fears that ObamaCare is crushing competition. Despite initial claims that the law would bring down costs, Republican critics and others say it’s driving the industry to consolidate — which could end up costing consumers more.


War & Terror


Saudi Prince Threatens “Military Action Without American Support” Against Iran
In the first public criticism of the P5+Iran deal by a member of the Saudi Arabian royal family, Prince Bandar bin Sultan told Lebanon’s Daily Star the deal would allow Iran to acquire a nuclear bomb and would “wreak havoc in the region.” Covered in The Times of London, the prince also told Daily Star, “Saudi Arabia and the Gulf powers are prepared to take military action without American support after the Iran nuclear deal”

Senior defense source: IDF preparing for possible covert Iranian nuclear production
Source says coming years represent opportunity to adapt IDF to future challenges; says military needs between 61 to 64 billion shekels a year to do this.

UN endorses Iran nuclear deal with 6 world powers
The U.N. Security Council on Monday unanimously endorsed the landmark nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers and authorized a series of measures leading to the end of U.N. sanctions that have hurt Iran’s economy.

Finland To Deploy Quick Response Units Along Russian Border
Finland’s Armed Forces Command has added a quick response dynamic with plans to locate rapid reaction units (RRUs) to military districts that fall under the command of the country’s four military provinces.

Iran Parliament Wants to Revise Nuclear Deal
While the UN Security Council passed the Iran deal in a unanimous 15-0 vote on Monday, Iran’s parliament, the Islamic Constituent Assembly, or Majlis, holds the power to revise or delay key parts of the nuclear deal with Iran–even as President Barack Obama and world powers seek a UN Security Council resolution before the U.S. Congress can review the deal.

McCain, GOP Still Waiting on WH Plan to Close Gitmo
As Senate and House Republicans spar over aspects of the National Defense Authorization Act – specifically, they are at odds over provisions to close Guantánamo Bay – the White House continues to drag its feet in providing the long-promised plan to shutter the terrorist detention camp, according to Politico.

Obama’s Age of Nuclear Chaos
In the old nuclear age, the US-led West had a system for preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons. It had three components: sanctions, deterrence and military force. In recent years we have witnessed the successful deployment of all three.

Obama Made Side-Deal on Iran’s Military Site, Hid Details From Congress
Congressmen Mike Pompeo of Kansas and Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas issued a press release today in which they outlined aspects of the Iran deal which are being kept secret from the public and even the U.S. congress which will soon vote on whether or not to approve the deal.

IAEA Tells Congressmen of Two Secret Side Deals to Iran Agreement That Won’t Be Shared with Congress
Senator Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) and Congressmen Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.) issued a press release yesterday on a startling discovery they made during a July 17 meeting with International Atomic Energy Agency officials in Vienna: There are two secret side deals to the nuclear agreement with Iran that will not be shared with other nations, with Congress, or with the U.S. public.

Jewish Holocaust Survivor Saving Christians from ISIS to “Repay Debt”
Lord Weidenfeld, an influential British publisher whom Christians helped escape Nazi-occupied Austria during his youth, has set up a fund to help save Syrian and Iraqi Christian refugees from the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group.




Republicans fret “midnight regulations” from Obama
Republicans are sounding the alarm about a deluge of “midnight regulations” that could be pushed through agency pipelines in the waning days of the Obama administration.

Ben Shapiro Files Police Report Against Transgender Reporter Zoey Tur
Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro has filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department alleging battery against transgender Inside Edition reporter Zoey Tur, née Robert Albert Tur.

Iowa poll: Scott Walker cracks 20 percent, leads nearest contender by almost 10 points
This isn’t the first time he’s topped 20 percent in Iowa, but it’s the first time he’s done it in three months, a meaningful data point given that the field’s almost set now. (Kasich will formally join the race tomorrow.) Also meaningful: Walker’s the only candidate to top 20 percent in Iowa this year. Since February, the only other candidate who’s reached as high as 16 percent is Jeb Bush — and he did that only once.

Scott Walker tells undocumented worker that immigrants must follow the law
As presidential hopeful Scott Walker toured a farm in this tiny town where he lived as a child, he was confronted by an undocumented worker from Mexico who is living in Wisconsin and demanded to know why Walker does not support President Obama’s plan to give temporary status to some undocumented workers, including parents of children who were born in the United States.

Black Man Who Supported Confederate Flag Killed By #BlackLivesMatter
What the paper avoids telling the readers is that the pursuers were a group of black males, presumably counter-protesters from the flag rally.

Anthony Hervey, killed in wreck, was piece of Oxford history
A man who has been considered an Oxford fixture for at least the last two decades died in a car accident following a flag rally on Sunday, officials said.

No Joke: WaPo Defends Neville Chamberlain And His Deal With Hitler After Obama Is Compared To Him…
Well done, Washington Post.

Ted Cruz wants to change Fox News debate standards
And C-SPAN is throwing their own pre-official debate party. Cluster much?

Requiring condom use in porn films gets enough signatures for California vote
A campaign to require condom use in pornographic film productions in California has collected enough signatures to put a ballot measure before state voters in 2016, organizers said.

Protesters Strip Naked to Protect Eucalyptus Trees at Berkeley
On Saturday, some tree-huggers protesting the removal of eucalyptus trees in the East Bay Hills decided that their hugs needed more intimacy, and stripped naked to hug eucalyptus trees on the University of California Berkeley campus for a photography shoot.

“SHOOT REPUBLICANS” Says Former Carter Staffer
“Republicans and conservatives are the enemy. They are expendable. They will be targets in the Revolution when it comes” writes Roland Windsor Vincent, in a recent post on his blog, Army Of The Revolution.

Second Planned Parenthood Senior Executive Haggles Over Baby Parts Prices, Changes Abortion Methods
A second undercover video shows Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Medical Directors’ Council President, Dr. Mary Gatter, haggling over payments for intact fetal specimens and offering to use a “less crunchy technique” to get more intact body parts.

Judge Scheindlin: Appellate Judges Know Nothing About Tech
“All of us over 60 are getting nervous. But the rules have changed and require attorneys to be competent in technology,” said Judge Shira A. Scheindlin at last week’s Big Law Business Summit. Scheindlin, who serves on the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, was interviewed by Jason R. Baron of Drinker Biddle & Reath. The interview focused largely on the rise of technology and eDiscovery in the courts, with Scheindlin pointing out that innovations have led to a “tremendous decline” in trials. Adding there are fewer trials today because everything is recorded and if it’s all recorded, the proof is incontestable.

Twitter Says “Lamborghini” Is Trending, But Won’t Tell You The Real Reason Why
What’s the only thing faster than a Lamborghini? Twitter. Putting pedal to the medal, the site has been gaslighting the outrage of millions over the barbarity of Planned Parenthood.

Don’t Think Voter Fraud Happens? Here Are 5 Cases From 2015 That Will Make You Think Again
Despite being only six months into 2015, there have already been a slew of sometimes bizarre stories about voter fraud across the country. They show just how far some people will go to cheat the system.

AP Poll: Americans prioritize religious liberties over gay marriage by wide margin
In the wake of last month’s Supreme Court ruling establishing same-sex marriage as a nationwide constitutional right, critics and supporters of the decision alike wondered what the future might hold for Americans of faith whose objections to such unions were unswayed by the judicial outcome.

Man wrongly accused of rape finally released from prison
Mark Weiner wanted to do a good deed by giving a young woman who was walking alone at night a ride home. Unfortunately for Weiner, that young woman was looking to get sympathy from a man she was dating. So as Weiner drove her home, the woman, Chelsea Steiniger, texted her boyfriend, Michael Mills, claiming she had been abducted for sexual purposes.

Consent at Coastal Carolina Must Be Enthusiastic, Sober
According to Coastal Carolina University, sex is only consensual if both parties are completely sober and if consent is not only present, but also enthusiastic. This is a troubling standard that converts many ordinary, lawful sexual encounters into sexual assault, and it should frighten any student at CCU.

Oklahoma Watch: Law enforcement seizures misspent, missing
State audit finds some seized property, funds diverted for personal use.

Cybersecurity researchers use the internet to hack into car, turn off engine as it drives
A pair of veteran cybersecurity researchers have used the internet to turn off a car’s engine as it drives, sharply escalating the stakes in the debate about the safety of increasingly connected cars and trucks.

Elizabeth Warren lays down a marker for Hillary Clinton
The Massachusetts senator isn’t running, but she’s making clear she intends to have her say in 2016.

Request for protective order in Freddie Gray case denied
A judge has denied the request of State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby to keep attorneys in the Freddie Case from publicizing evidence before the trial.

Obama’s Creepy and Controlling Housing QuestionnaireShare article on Facebook
I’ve written about the “massive government overreach” of President Obama’s new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) regulation. I’ve also previewed the insidiously controlling consequences of HUD’s information-gathering for AFFH. Yet there’s no better way to get a feel for just how intrusive and inappropriate AFFH is than by having a look at its “Fair Housing Assessment Tool,” the questionnaire that every locality receiving HUD money is going to have to fill out.

New Citizenship Oath drops requirement to defend the United States
According to new guidance released by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, new immigrants will no longer be required to pledge to

White House: Obama Is America’s “Father-In-Chief”…
I think he prefers the term “Dear Leader.”

Thanks, ACLU: Illegal Alien Allegedly Rapes 14-Year-Old While Free on Bond
An illegal alien from the Philippines, 26-year-old Keane Dean, allegedly raped a 14-year-old girl in Santa Clarita after luring her into his garage and has been charged with two counts of child sexual abuse, according to the LA Times.

Apparently, Medieval-Themed Video Games “Legitimize” “White Supremacy”
If you like playing medieval-themed video games, you might not be just some harmless nerd — you might be a nerd who is also kind of a white supremacist.

Sally Kohn Blames Planned Parenthood Videos on “Patriarchy,” “White Supremacy”
The taxpayer-funded abortion giant has “patriarchy” to thank for exposing its dealings, according to CNN’s Sally Kohn.

Mom Arrested for “Abandonment” of Kids 30 Feet Away
Apparently, we’re supposed to walk around with our kids strapped to our chests.

Missouri Democrats Rename Annual Dinner After Racist KKK Member
In June 1911 future Democratic President Harry Truman wrote his friend Bess Wallace. In the letter Democrat Truman told Wallace what he really felt about Asians and blacks.

“I’m a Black Man”: ESPN Commentator Stephen A. Smith Ignites Firestorm With Bold Take on “Black Lives Matter”
ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith has made a habit of going against the grain on controversial issues – and he continued that trend on Tuesday.

In stunning attack, Cruz accuses leader McConnell of lying
In a stunning, public attack on his own party leader, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz accused Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of lying, and said he was no better than his Democratic predecessor and couldn’t be trusted.

White Privilege: Jon Stewart Tells Black Writer To F*** Off
Jon Stewart acted like a jerk to Wyatt Cenac. That doesn’t necessarily make him a racist.

Mexican and Central American Illegal Immigrants Sue Texas for Birth Certificates
Citizens of Mexico and several Central American nations have filed suit, claiming entitlement to birth certificates for their children born in the United States. They allege that the Texas denies them the certificates because they do not possess the required identification.

Liberal Study Unintentionally Reveals Nationwide Illegal Alien Crime Spree
A report issued by the liberal Migration Policy Institute (MPI) further shreds Chuck Todd’s assertion on NBC’s “Meet The Press” last Sunday that he and his staff, “couldn’t find a single study that links violent crime and immigration.”

Mostly White Social Justice Warriors Invade Museum Of Fine Arts In Boston To Tell Japanese People They Shouldn’t Wear Kimonos
The back story? The museum was holding an exhibit which involved Japanese culture and they invited people to wear kimonos as a way of getting into the exhibits more. A small group of social justice warriors have been showing up protesting the “cultural appropriation” and calling for “decolonizing museums”.

Lafayette Shooter Was Obama Supporter: “I Was For His Re-Election, I Liked His Spending”
He wrote this in his Manifesto (why do mass murderers always seem to have a rambling manifesto?)

Woman plans to marry her dog after ex-husband (a cat) dies
A woman grieving for her “ex-husband” cat has said she is now going to marry her dog.

Kamala Harris to review group behind Planned Parenthood abortion videos
California Attorney General Kamala Harris will review whether the nonprofit organization behind controversial Planned Parenthood videos violated state law, her office said in a letter Friday.

Hillary: capitalism needs a “reset”
Hillary Clinton visited New York University’s Stern School of Business this week to give a speech on economic policy. On the surface that sounds roughly as interesting as watching paint dry, but she dropped a few gems into the otherwise standard, liberal dogma which caught the attention of analysts around the country. Echoing some familiar sentiments of more fire breathing socialists, Clinton said that capitalism itself was “out of balance” and in need of a “reset.”

Houston “Bathroom Law” Flushed by Texas Supreme Court
The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that Houston violated its own city charter by failing to put its controversial “bathroom law” on the ballot. The court suspended the law and gave the city 30 days to either repeal it or schedule a ballot initiative to approve it.O’Malley: “Citizenship Is a Human Right”
Responding to a Texas case in which state officials are asking that a federal court toss a birthright citizenship lawsuit, Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley declared today that “citizenship is a human right.”

At Anti-Bullying Conference, Middle Schoolers Learn About Lesbian Strap-On Anal Sex, Fake Testicles
In rural, small-town Iowa, a group of parents and community leaders is seeking to prevent students from the local taxpayer-funded middle school and high school from attending future versions of an anti–bullying conference for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teens.


Economy & Taxes


The Clinton economic plan: The kitchen sink
HILLARY CLINTON had probably hoped to avoid the usual rollercoaster of American presidential campaigns, in which candidates must first swing towards the party base in primary elections only to veer back towards the centre for the general election. Yet the Democratic frontrunner has had no such luck, owing in part to a tenacious challenge from Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist senator from Vermont. Judging by her speech on the economy on July 13th, Ms Clinton is feeling the pressure to lean leftward.

Lesbian Divorce Gets Nasty
One positive thing about legalizing gay marriage is that it gives the rest of us the opportunity laugh about gay celebrity divorces

Ted Triumphantly Treads Titanium Testicle Territory; Casually Cruises Cadmium Cojones Country
Ted Cruz has been made an utter fool over the Export-Import Bank, and seems maybe a tiny bit hacked off on the point. Watch and weep

US Chamber changes tactics, takes aim at incumbents
Not-so-friendly fire




ISIS supporter may continue to work for the Swedish Migration Board
A female Islamists who sympathize with Muslim terrorism and ISIS may remain with the Migration Board. The Board refers to the freedom of expression and opinion, that their administrators have the right to express support for terrorist groups that rape, maim and kill Christians and other non-Muslims.

Swedish “Far-Right” Plans Gay Pride Parade Through Muslim Areas; Leftists and Gay Rights Groups Decry the Parade as Racist
No, this is not satire. On July 29, a gay pride parade is scheduled in Sweden. But, you see, this is no ordinary gay pride parade. This gay pride parade was created by Jan Sjunnesson, former editor-in-chief for the Samtiden newspaper in Sweden, which is owned by the nationalist Sweden Democrats party (for our Canadian readers, think of the Sweden Democrats as being kind of like the Conservatives or the Canadian Action Party, which means that they’re considered “extreme far-right” in Sweden). The parade is scheduled to go through Tensta and Husby – two areas where Muslim immigrants are more than 75% of the population.

A look at southern Thailand’s smoldering insurgency
A recent string of deadly attacks have turned the spotlight on the southern Thai insurgency, a decade-long conflict over autonomy that has claimed some 6,500 lives. DW examines the causes and implications of the unrest.

At least six missing after clampdown on human rights lawyers in China
Hundreds were targeted in what state media described as “a legitimate law enforcement action” – but activists fear detainees could face torture

Europe Is Hardly a Paradise for Working MothersShare article on Facebook
Mackenzie Dawson, best known for giving Gwyneth Paltrow what for, explained in the New York Post yesterday “Why Working Moms Don’t Have It Better in Europe.” The Europeans’ famously generous parental-leave policies have downsides, she says, and their social attitudes can be surprisingly retro

GAY PRIDE PARADE Planned Through Muslim Area of Stockholm, Sweden
A gay pride parade is scheduled for July 29 through Muslim neighborhoods of Stockholm, Sweden from noon to two PM.

Government Backed Feminist “Re-Education” Workshops For Schoolboys
Feminist workshops to “re-educate” boys in school are on the rise, following new government guidelines issued in March. The first “Good Lad Workshop” was held for boys as young as 16 at the St Edward’s School, Oxford, this month.

Hanoi’s Capitalist Revolution
Free markets, private businesses, malls, and a middle class —not what Ho Chi Minh had in mind.

Gnawing at Georgia
From Chatham House comes another reminder (with my emphasis added) that the growing (if not always honestly acknowledged) contest between Russia and the West is playing out on many fronts. As background, South Ossetia is a ‘state’ carved out of the former Soviet Republic (and, yes, I know Georgians hate hearing their country described that way) of Georgia that has been under full Russian control since 2008’s brief Russo-Georgian war.

Pakistan Stays Death Sentence of Christian Woman Convicted of BlasphemyRishi Iyengar
The mother of four was sentenced to death in 2010

I’m being prosecuted for calling human rights commissions “crazy”
Here we go again. This October I will be prosecuted for one charge of being “publicly discourteous or disrespectful to a Commissioner or Tribunal Chair of the Alberta Human Rights Commission” and two charges that my “public comments regarding the Alberta Human Rights Commission were inappropriate and unbecoming and that such conduct is deserving of sanction.”

Sweden Democrats now 2nd biggest party
According to the latest Sentio poll the Sweden Democrats are the 2nd biggest political party in Sweden with 23,3%.

Maybe There Won’t Always Be an England
The Royal Air Force is collapsing.

Dear Alberta Human Rights Commission,
You swine. You vulgar little maggot. You worthless bag of filth. As they say in Texas, you couldn’t pour water out of a boot with instructions printed on the heel. You are a canker, an open wound. I would rather kiss the Law Society of Alberta than be seen with you.




Lies, Damned Lies, and John Kerry
Just to bring you up to date in the ongoing efforts of the Obama administration to provide Iran with $150 billion and the ability to make a nuclear weapon.

The Progressive Ouroborus: Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley Edition
Nutroots Nation 15 Features The Spirit Of Morder

Attention America’s Suburbs: You Have Just Been Annexed
It’s difficult to say what’s more striking about President Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) regulation: its breathtaking radicalism, the refusal of the press to cover it, or its potential political ramifications. The danger AFFH poses to Democrats explains why the press barely mentions it. This lack of curiosity, in turn, explains why the revolutionary nature of the rule has not been properly understood. Ultimately, the regulation amounts to back-door annexation, a way of turning America’s suburbs into tributaries of nearby cities.

The Dodd-Frank Five-Year Anniversary Is as Bad as We Thought It Would BeShare article on Facebook
When the Dodd-Frank Act took effect on July 21, 2010, critics were fast to predict that the 2,300 page-long legislation, which passed the House without a single Republican vote and received only three GOP votes in the Senate would fail. Tomorrow will mark the five-year anniversary of Dodd-Frank and its unfortunate distorting effects. Just as when it was passed, the legislation remains unable to address the problems it was intended to.

The Left’s Crackdown on Free Speech
An unjust double standard.

Feminism: Gender Competition and the War Against Human Nature
Freedom, prosperity and happiness require people to develop and encourage an attitude that can be described in five words: Voluntary cooperation for mutual benefit

Fear And Loathing At Netroots Nation
The craziness at Netroots Nation 2015 could have been ripped from Hunter S. Thompson’s pages. And it doesn’t bode well for Democratic prospects.

It’s Getting Tough To Tell Planned Parenthood From Nazis
Say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, dude—at least it’s an ethos. Planned Parenthood’s just in it for the money.

How You Can Stop ObamazoneShare article on Facebook
President Obama’s transformative assault on the political and economic independence of America’s suburbs—and indeed all local government in America–can be stopped. I’ve written about the massive federal overreach of Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) regulation here and here. Conservative opinion has been alive with outrage over AFFH for a month now. If the Republicans in Congress can’t stand up and take action to stop Obama’s de facto nationalization of local government in America, what are they there for?

Congratulations, “Dishonest Fascists” – #GamerGate Destroys Max Read
“Never underestimate your enemy,” is a maxim of military strategy. Before you decide to go to war on the Internet, first consider the fate of Max Read, who was riding high as editor of Gawker until he decided that insulting #GamerGate was a smart move. He chose poorly.

Is the Iran Deal Unconstitutional?
Here is my assessment. To begin, the Constitution’s text provides the way to make major international agreements – through supermajority approval in the Senate, as set forth in Article II, Section 2: “The President … shall have power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur.” This is, moreover, the way the framers and ratifiers understood it: every discussion of international agreement-making in the founding era assumed it would take place through the Senate as Article II, Section 2 describes. Some argued that this was not enough protection against harmful treaties, and wanted a higher bar – three-quarters of the Senators present, or two-thirds of all Senators, not just of those present. No one contemplated that treaties could be made in an alternate, less demanding way.

What today’s Q-Poll showing Democrats losing in key states does and does not mean.
You’ve probably read about this Quinnipiac poll already. The short version, for those who haven’t: Biden, Clinton, and Sanders all lose to Bush, Rubio, and Walker in Colorado, Iowa, and Virginia. Virginia is the toughest nut for Republicans, but there isn’t a single combination above where any Democrat leads any Republican.

The Whores of Moloch Preside Over the American Press Corps
I often call the DC-NYC press that covers politics the circle of jerks. The euphemism implied in it aptly describes the typical coverage we have come to expect out of the press corps covering politics. But I think it is worth noting that, at root, they are whores of Moloch.

Clip ‘n Save: The 41 Companies Who Donate to Planned Parenthood
Time to cut off funds for Dr. Mengele & Co.

Is Polygamy Next?
NOW that the dust is settling from the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, which recognized a right to same-sex marriage, there are new questions. In particular, could the decision presage a constitutional right to plural marriage? If there is no magic power in opposite sexes when it comes to marriage, is there any magic power in the number two?

Random Feminist Craziness
Why did Harriett Williamson (@harrietpw) lash out at #GamerGate this way? I have no idea. Her account is currently suspended, which suggests that she sent this message during some kind of Twitter meltdown. Ms. Williamson is a British lesbian who hates men so much that when a man suggested she could be heterosexual, she “wanted to . . . punch him in the face.” This is an odd dynamic about lesbians that men generally don’t understand. Most lesbians are insulted if any male expresses interest in them; the very idea of heterosexuality is abhorrent to them. As a general rule, lesbians actively loathe males and do not like to be anywhere near men. Of course, there are exceptions, but Harriet Williamson is not one of them. She is not one of those “girls who have been rejected by the heterosexual dating market.” She despises males, and wants it to be known that men should avoid her.

Feminism as Totalitarian Ideology
Feminist gender theory, explained by Professor Salih in her synopsis of Professor Butler’s influential 1990 book, Gender Theory: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity, is totalitarian in two senses of the word. First, it is a political invention, a belief system that claims to define reality in order to advance the claims of a group to exercise complete power. Second, feminism is a totalitarian movement in that its adherents employ methods of terroristic intimidation to silence those who dissent from feminist ideology. This is most evident in academia. On those rare occasions when any critic of feminism appears on a university campus, they are met by angry mobs of feminist protesters.

Why Scott Walker is so dangerous
“First off,” Scott Walker proclaimed, “we took on the unions, and we won. We won!”

The Big Gay Marriage Lie
Gay marriage, we’ve been told, will not affect you. What a crock.

How Outer Space is Becoming the Next Internet
An hour after sunrise on June 28, Mike Safyan and nine co-workers from Planet Labs gathered in their San Francisco office for a pancake breakfast. It was a Sunday, so business was closed.

Feminist Tumblr: “Queer Artist” Loves “wesome Blasphemous” Dildos
Melanie Thibodeau is a 23-year-old graduate of Emily Carr University “a public post-secondary University located on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Established in 1925 as the Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts, it is named after Canadian artist Emily Carr.” What kind of lessons did Ms. Thibodeau learn there?

You Have a Constitutional Right to Buy and Sell Sex. Here’s Why.
A new lawsuit seeks to make prostitution legal in California.

The remaining count of the Rick Perry prosecution, and how it unconstitutionally intrudes on the Governor’s veto power
As I mentioned, a Texas Court of Appeals panel has just held that Count II in the Rick Perry prosecution had to be dismissed: the “coercion” statute on which the count was based, the court held, is facially unconstitutional. But the court held that it lacked the authority to dismiss Count I, because that dealt not with a facial challenge (“the statute is facially invalid”) but with an as-applied challenge (“the statute may be just fine in many situations, but it can’t be constitutionally applied on these facts”).

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