Race is a Linguistic Construct

     Apparently, your being White or not is determined by what language your grandparents spoke.

     Interestingly enough, this means that most Blacks in America, whose grandparents spoke English, are actually White.  This would also mean that your humble narrator isn’t.


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3 Responses to Race is a Linguistic Construct

  1. avatar Epobirs says:

    By this rationale, all of our enemies in WWII were non-white, even the Germans. And even those Soviets from the Caucasus region…

    • avatar Cato I, Emperor of Mars says:

      So White is not a race, but is now a sort of categorically unmoored euphemism for the Anglosphere and its culture. While on the one hand that’s completely absurd, on the other, it’s an admission of what they truly hate: our culture and all of its underpinnings.

  2. avatar harbqll says:

    My grandparents came over as young children from the old country, speaking Czech as their first language. So that means I’m not white?

    Awesome. Where do I go to apply for my EBT card, free Obamaphone, Affirmative-action reduced standards for employment and school admissions, etc etc? And I understand this means not only do I not have to pay taxes anymore, but I get a tax refund besides?