News of the Week (November 30th, 2014)


News of the Week for November 30th, 2014


Obama Scandals


Why Shouldn’t White House Refund Fees to Recent Legal Immigrants?
Some White House aides must be regretting the day in 2012 that it created a “We The People” website, in which it pledged to make an official response to citizen petitions on it that gathered 5,000 digital “signatures.”

Obama Admits: ‘I Just Took an Action to Change the Law’
The White House has argued that President Obama’s executive amnesty order last week was made well within the existing law. But in remarks in Chicago tonight, President Obama went off script and admitted that in fact he unilaterally made changes to the law.

‘Stupidity’ consultant agrees to testify
Jonathan Gruber, the former ObamaCare adviser in hot water for his comments about the “stupidity of the American voter,” has agreed to testify at a House panel next month, setting up a healthcare showdown in what could be the final week of this Congress.

Gun Rights


‘HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT’ WAS A LIE: Testimony, Evidence Suggests Textbook Self-Defense Shooting
The Washington Post is one of many media outlets which has opted to post copies of the evidence reviewed by the grand jury investigating the shooting death of strong-arm robbery suspect Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson.

Gun victory: Fresno judge rejects delay to ending 10-day waiting period
Gun rights advocates intent on ending California’s 10-day firearm waiting period are hailing a decision by Fresno-based federal Judge Anthony W. Ishii that slaps down a delaying effort by state Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Listen to Mann v. National Review Hearings
Hearings in the case of Mann v. National Review will be held today beginning at 10:00 a.m. in the D.C. Court of Appeals. Audio of oral arguments will be live-streamed from the Ceremonial Courtroom.


Government in Healthcare


U.S. CEOs threaten to pull tacit Obamacare support over ‘wellness’ spat
Leading U.S. CEOs, angered by the Obama administration’s challenge to certain “workplace wellness” programs, are threatening to side with anti-Obamacare forces unless the government backs off, according to people familiar with the matter.


War & Terror


Obama removing Hagel as Pentagon’s chief
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel resigned Monday, becoming the first casualty of the Obama administration since Democrats suffered significant losses in this month’s midterm elections.

Defense Secretary, So You Know What That Means
Yep: It’s time to bring back Dick Cheney.

Finland feeling vulnerable amid Russian provocations
Wedged hard against Russia’s northwestern border, peaceable Finland has long gone out of its way to avoid prodding the nuclear-armed bear next door.

Ukrainians to Decide on NATO Membership in Referendum
Ukraine will decide whether to join NATO in a referendum at the end of this decade once it moves from “empty declarations” and completes “real” policy changes needed for membership, President Petro Poroshenko said.

‘They Even Cut the Throats of the Babies’: Yazidi Survivors Share How They Lost Their Families to ISIS
In Kurdish-protected and internationally-organized refugee camps throughout Iraq and Syria, Christians, Yazidis, and Muslim Kurds live a tentative life in which many have lost their entire families and have no sense of when they will be able to return to a life of normalcy.

Pope Francis: ‘Door Is Always Open’ to Dialogue with ISIS
Asked whether dialogue with the Islamic State is possible, Pope Francis said it wouldn’t be easy, but that he would never rule it out. Pope Francis tackled this and other issues in his Q&A session with journalists on the plane returning to Rome from Strasbourg on Tuesday.

Skin lightening ad on TTC gets under social media skin 0
So who wants to have lighter skin?

Inside the refugee camps of northern Iraq
More than two million Iraqis have been displaced since Isil militants began their campaign of terror: Christians and Muslims, farmers and businessmen, are all united by the fact they have lost everything and are trying to rebuild their lives

Flying robots to start serving in restaurants by end-2015
Restaurant-goers in Singapore can expect to be served by autonomous flying robots – the world’s first commercial attempt – by the end of next year.



SCIENCE: Women with workplace power are more depressed. Men, not so much.
Hmm. We’ve already learned that women are on average less happy than they were in 1970. So perhaps this whole feminism project is about remaking society to suit the minority of women who are feminists, at the expense of the much greater number of women who are not.

GOP Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy: Worst Week in California Politics
Capitol Weekly, one of Sacramento’s most credible news sources that reports on political and policy goings-on in the Golden State, has bestowed their “Singin’ Those Golden State Blues” award for the worst week in California politics to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, tagging him with the ultimate responsibility for the failure to pick up even one of nine Congressional seats in California that were competitive.

Republicans make steady gains with Asian-Americans
Asian-Americans, the country’s fastest-growing minority group, are embracing the Grand Old Party.

Parents Tasered, Sprayed, Handcuffed—as Kids Watch
On November 14, 2014, Home School Legal Defense Association filed a federal civil-rights lawsuit against Chief Sheriff’s Deputy David Glidden and Sheriff Darren White of the sheriff’s department of Nodaway County, Missouri. The suit charges Glidden and White with unlawfully forcing their way into the home of HSLDA members Laura and Jason Hagan on September 30, 2011, in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights.

Homeschool Family Raided By Missouri Sheriff, Parents Tasered And Pepper-Sprayed
A police raid on the home of a Missouri homeschool family involved the use of a Taser and pepper spray. The children were ultimately removed from the home and placed in the custody of social services. A Nodaway County Sheriff and an officer entered the home without a warrant.

Ferguson burning after grand jury announcement
A white police officer will not face charges for fatally shooting an unarmed black teenager in a case that set off violent protests and racial unrest throughout the nation.

IN FERGUSON: Businesses burn, police cars torched as violence ‘much worse’ than August
The tally of damage mounted Tuesday morning in the wake of the grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson.

‘Burn this b**** down’: The emotional reaction of Michael Brown’s family who had repeatedly called for calm but ultimately could not hide their anger
Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, collapsed in grief as it was announced the officer would not be charged and screamed ‘This is wrong!’

State Senator: This Is St Louis’ Race War
Monday night on MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell,” Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadali (D) said of the riots after the grand jury announcement that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will not face charges for fatally shooting Michael Brown, “This is St. Louis’s race war. We didn’t have a race war like other cities throughout the U.S. This is our race war.”

Store Robbed by Brown Looted on National TV
Ferguson Market and Liquor, the store that Michael Brown robbed before he was killed by Officer Darren Wilson was looted during the aftermath of the grand jury’s decision to not indict Wilson as CNN’s cameras rolled on Monday.

Alternate Reality Headline of the Day: ‘Thousands flood streets in mostly peaceful protest of decision in Ferguson’
We always joke about the media canard that violent protests are “mostly peaceful,” but who in their right mind could actually run with that after Monday’s night’s mayhem in Ferguson?

College buys $219K Chinese conference table
A New Jersey lawmaker is calling for a review of a state university’s purchase of a $219,000 custom-built, multimedia conference table from a company in China, where it has a campus it hopes to expand.

Missouri Lt. Gov: Did Obama Admin Lean on Governor to Keep Out Nat’l Guard?
Missouri lieutenant governor Peter Kinder expressed anger over the the Missouri National Guard’s absence from Ferguson during riots on Monday night, speculating that the Obama administration may have leaned on the Missouri governor to keep the soldiers back.

New York officer shot, killed after crazed man snatches gun from holster: police
Johnson City Officer David Smith, 43, was shot multiple times outside an MRI office near Binghamton after a disturbed employee managed to grab his gun just after 7 a.m., said Police Chief Joseph Zikuski.

Atlanta’s Fire Chief Suspended For Publicly Professing Christian Beliefs
Even in Atlanta you will be made to care. Atlanta’s Fire Chief, Kelvin Cochran, has been suspended for one month for writing a book in which he maintains orthodox Christian beliefs on sex and marriage.

Most of the Businesses Destroyed in the Ferguson Riot Were Owned By Minorities
The fact that Ferguson, MO’s businesses played no role at all in the shooting of Michael Brown did not save them. Many were destroyed Monday night. Unknown rioters set fire to some, and either those same rioters or others fired upon the fire fighters who braved the violence to try putting the fires out. Some rioters looted stores and shops that were owned by minorities who live in the community.

Adorable little girls to drop F-bombs until violence against women is no more
In case you thought the public outcry last month over teaching six-year-olds to curse like sailors in order to sell t-shirts might shame this outfit into rethinking its approach, let me assure you that you are very, very naive. That’s not the way this sort of tactic works. Once you’ve settled on a hyper-provocative approach to push your cause, you can’t drop that approach under fire without alienating the narrow but passionate niche of people who really liked it to begin with. Who’s more likely to pony up cash for a shirt, the casual viewer who was annoyed by the first F-bomb ad but might appreciate a more low-key PSA this time or the committed activist who loved how confrontational the first ad was and relishes this group’s willingness to challenge social norms ‘n stuff? Having kissed off average people by pandering to ideologues and young social media users forever on the hunt for something new and sensational to click on, they’re pretty much stuck with this M.O. now.

Missouri ACLU Not Interested in Civil Liberties for Darren Wilson
In a statement released Monday night, the American Civil Liberties Union affirmed their belief that police are not entitled to fair and just treatment under the law.

ARMED GUARDS WITH AR-15s Save North St. Louis Strip Mall From Looters
The “security team” was back out standing guard at the plaza last night.

First Pro-Truth Grand Jury Witness Murdered ? DeAndre Joshua, 20, found dead yards from scene of Michael Brown’s death..
DeAndre Joshua, 20, fits the social profile of an eye-witness who gave a police/FBI statement and testified before the Grand Jury in the Mike Brown shooting case. He was an employed black male, with no history of drug use or illicit behavior. He was also a friend of Dorian Johnson who is currently under protection.

Cops: #MichaelBrown Stepfather Inciting #Ferguson Race Riot is Blood Gangbanger has finally confirmed that Louis Head, the stepfather of Michael Brown, is a member of the Bloods gang.

#Ferguson Grand Jury evidence: Police Officer’s Account of Shooting
Officer Wilson: “At this point I’m like . . . this guy is going to kill me if he gets ahold of this gun.”

Obama Puzzled by Pro-Amnesty Hecklers: ‘I Just Took an Action to Change the Law!’
President Obama was slightly annoyed after illegal immigration advocates interrupted him during his speech on his executive actions on immigration reform.

Portland: Black protester punches white bystander; cop called gay slurs
As protests over the non-indictment of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson entered a second day, chaos continued to reign across the country

School cancels trip to Nutcracker ballet over ‘questionable material’ – a Christmas tree!
While some schools consider teaching masturbation to 5-year-olds, others deem a Christmas tree “questionable material.”

LAUSD expert argues girl with low IQ may suffer less after sex assault
A psychologist hired by LAUSD testified last year that a 9-year-old girl’s low IQ provided a “protective factor” that could reduce the amount of emotional stress she experienced from a sexual assault, according to court records examined by KPCC.

Halle Berry Takes Ex to Court for Allegedly Trying to Make Daughter Look Less Black
Actress Halle Berry has taken her ex-beau, French model Gabriel Aubry, to court, alleging that he tried to alter their daughter’s appearance to make her look less African American.

Officer David Smith never lived to tell about enraged perp who stole his service gun
Sucker punched in patrol car by enraged attacker who leaned in and took his weapon, just like Michael Brown attempted on Darren Wilson.

Ferguson Eye Witness Intimidation: Chilling Details
“I Googled my name and I seen my picture, and it said like snitches get stitches. Been nervous and scared.”

In Ferguson, Witness Intimidation, Lying by “Community of Color”
On Monday night, after the release of the grand jury verdict rejecting indictment of Officer Darren Wilson in the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of 18-year-old black man Michael Brown, President Obama took to the microphones. “We need to recognize that this is not just an issue for Ferguson, this is an issue for America,” he said. “[T]here are still problems and communities of color aren’t just making these problems up.”

Outrage in San Diego as Michael Brown’s Name Replaces Slain Officer on Memorial Bench
The name of slain office Jeremy Henwood was covered up and replaced with Michael Brown’s name on a City Heights park bench dedicated to Henwood in San Diego.

Governor Brown, Legislature Rolling out the Red Carpet for Illegal Aliens
Much attention has been paid to President Obama’s recent unilateral decision to create a de facto new legal status for millions of illegal immigrants in the United States by making it clear that the United States will not in any manner attempt to deport them. However, here in California Governor Jerry Brown and his Democratic colleagues, who control overwhelming majorities in both chambers of the State Legislature are way ahead of the President when it comes to inviting those in the country illegally to “come out of the shadows” and start receiving the privileges that state government can bestow on them.

Before there was #Ferguson, there was #Occupy
A little too similar, maybe?

DC Police Department Budgets Its Asset Forfeiture Proceeds Years In Advance
from the citizens-warned-to-convert-cash-to-unusable-bitcoins-in-case-of-PD-budget-shortf dept

Why John Cleese Daren’t Make Jokes about the Religion of Peace
Ex-Python John Cleese has admitted on Bill Maher’s show something which his fellow comedians generally won’t: that the reason they don’t make jokes about Islam is that they’re frightened of being killed.

Beard ban at Mormon schools getting stricter, students say
Facial-hair permits » Apparent crackdown might be in response to recent national news media attention.

Obama WH to Promote Ferguson Indoctrination – Including Classroom Memorials to Mike Brown
Obama White House to Promote Ferguson Indoctrination – Including Classroom Memorials to Mike Brown and letters to Darren Wilson

Demanding That Mob Burn Down Town Is Not Call for Violence per NAACP
In case you were wondering why Louis Head, the gang-affiliated stepfather of the dead thug Michael Brown, is not in prison for inciting a riot, it is because screaming for a rabid mob to burn down your town is not a call for violence. We have this on the authority of Cornell William Brooks. Cornell is President and CEO of the NAACP, so don’t you dare be racist by disagreeing with him.

Ferguson Protesters Terrify Children’s Christmas Choir Making Them Cry
On Black Friday Ferguson protesters in Seattle decided to crash annual Christmas tree lighting. The protesters were chanting, “Shut it down!” as the stormed the event.

Meet The Rich White Guy Who Is Running the Black Boycott of Capitalism Ferguson
There’s a white, rich dude running the black boycott capitalism movement known as United Blackout.

The Democrats’ surprisingly complicated 2016 Senate problem.
This is all relevant because – assuming a 54-46 GOP/Dem Senate – retirements are going to be exceedingly important in 2016. The current ratio of Republican seats being defended to Democratic ones – 24 to 10 – would be potentially bad enough; complicating it is that of the five other De

Black residents protect white-owned store in Ferguson
Since looting first erupted following the August police shooting of black teenager Michael Brown, nearly all the businesses in a two-square-mile area of this St. Louis suburb have had to board up. All except one — a Conoco gas station and convenience store.

Past ban on marrying blacks may mar tribe’s future
Several members of the Congressional Black Caucus are urging the Obama administration to withhold federal recognition of a Virginia Indian tribe because of its history of banning intermarriage with blacks.

Half-Naked Beyonce Wears Niqab in Ferguson Rioting Video, Muslim Fury Ensues
I am not sure what all the fuss is about. Apparently Beyonce is wearing the Islamic headdress while appearing half naked, and Muslims are offended. Offended = death.

HuffPo: Coca-Cola uses pin-up girls in heinously sexist advert to sell new Fairlife Milk
Coca-Cola have employed the trusty help of pin-up girls to help sell their new “premium milk product”, Fairlife.

Economy & Taxes


The Invisible Hand Delivers a Beatdown
It turns out that the same basic laws of economics apply for academics just as much as they apply for fast food workers. If an idiot Republican like me can figure out supply and demand, why is it that the self-styled most brilliant people on the planet can’t figure it out as well?

White House Quietly Releases Plans For 3,415 Regulations Ahead Of Thanksgiving Holiday
While Americans are focused on what delicious foods they’re going to eat for Thanksgiving, the White House is focused on releasing its massive regulatory agenda — marking the fifth time the Obama administration has released its regulatory road map on the eve of a major holiday.

OPEC Policy Ensures U.S. Shale Crash, Russian Tycoon Says
OPEC policy on crude production will ensure a crash in the U.S. shale industry, a Russian oil tycoon said.

What Can Hong Kong and Cuba Teach Us about Economic Policy?
Early this year, I shared an amusing but accurate image that showed an important difference between capitalism and socialism.




Venezuelan Thugs Break Into Blogger’s Home – Threaten to Kill Him & His Young Children
Alek Boyd is a Venezuelan blogger who reports on the corruption and devastation of the Marxist leadership in his home country. Currently, Alek lives in London far away from the Chavistas.

Afghan woman kills 25 Taliban rebels to avenge her son’s murder
An Afghan woman has killed at least 25 Taliban militants to avenge the murder of her son who was a police officer in western Farah province.

68% of Israeli Arabs oppose recent wave of terrorism, poll finds
An overwhelming majority of 68 percent of Israeli Arabs opposes the recent wave of terrorist attacks, while 77% prefer to live under Israeli rule rather than Palestinian, according to a recent poll by the Statnet research institute.

Hong Kong protests: Student leaders arrested by police
Students vow to continue fight despite setbacks

James Watson selling Nobel prize ‘because no-one wants to admit I exist’
World-famous biologist James Watson said he is selling the Nobel Prize medal he won in 1962 for discovering the structure of DNA because he has been ostracised and needs the money

900 Austrian Cops Raid Mosques in Terrorist Search
About 900 police officers raided mosques, prayer rooms and homes across Austria early Friday in an operation against suspected jihadi recruiters and alleged financiers of the ISIS terror group, local media reported. Prosecutors confirmed to NBC News in a statement that 13 people were arrested in the raids. The raids were the culmination of a two-year investigation into people suspected of recruiting young people to fight in Syria. A Vienna-based Bosnian preacher, who was the main suspect, was among those arrested, according to the media reports.

Spain’s Real Madrid drops cross from logo to appease Gulf sponsors
Spanish soccer heavyweight Real Madrid dropped the Christian cross affixed at the top of its official crest after signing a lucrative sponsorship deal with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi. At an unveiling ceremony in the Gulf emirate earlier this week, the club’s president, Florentino Perez, revealed a new credit card sponsored by the bank, which doubles as a Real Madrid club membership card. On the card, the club’s iconic “Los Blancos” badge is missing the cross atop its royal crown.

Algerian migrant can’t be kicked out of Britain because of his right to family life – despite threatening to KILL his ex-partner and children
42-year-old Algerian migrant was imprisoned for 15 months in 2012

How the Saudis spend your grocery money
Every time you buy groceries from the supermarket it’s most likely you’re paying an Islamic tax to the government of Saudi Arabia. Today, around 80 per cent of supermarket food produce from Australia’s largest and most iconic brands are Halal Certified. An estimated 500 Australian based food companies pay this Islamic tax which is passed on to you at the checkout.

In Northern Ireland, a Wave of Immigrants Is Met With Fists
More than 16 years after the Good Friday peace deal brought real hope that Protestants and Roman Catholics could live together in relative harmony, Northern Ireland is being racked by another wave of violence.




Hey, Ho, Hey, Ho: These Bureaucracies Have Got To Go
These two ‘nonpartisan’ bureaucracies strive to raise your taxes and expand entitlements. Time for Congress to fix a system rigged against our liberties.

Asians get the Ivy League’s Jewish treatment
Quotas to keep minorities out of schools were once considered racist and unfair, but colleges think it is just fine as long as they discriminate against the right minorities.

Congress Seems Happy to Have Its Powers Usurped
Don’t blame King Obama, blame his enabling band of cavaliers.

It’s Time To Exercise the Legislative “Veto”
And funding a constitutional government worth funding.

Why Ferguson?
The grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, returned a “no bill” against police officer Darren Wilson, and devotees of the slain Saint Michael Brown — a martyr to the Holy Cause, in the eyes of idolators who worship at the Civil Rights altar — engaged in a ritual riot, while the High Priest of Social Justice, Barack Obama, gave a ceremonial press statement. Why?

The Forgotten Americans
Obama’s coalition is held together only by his personal mythography.

Conventional Wisdom
Where the Democrats should convene in 2016

Believe your eyes, not liberal talking heads
In the post just below, Scott refers to “the underlying behavioral disparities that are reflected in the numerical racial disparities” in incarceration rates, school discipline and so forth. As he notes, these behavioral disparities were on display for all to see last night.

Madagascar officials raise bubonic plague death toll to 47
Malagasy officials have raised the death toll from a recent bubonic plague outbreak to 47 as the bacterial disease spreads through the country.

Liquor Store Liberation Front Marches In Solidarity With #MichaelBrown
A recap of last nights Social Justice Warrior rampage

Why Censoring Speech Creates Extremists And Causes Atrocities Instead Of Stopping Them
In the 1920s, the National Socialist German Workers Party was banned by the government of Weimar Germany. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, the Nazis were prosecuted numerous times for “hate speech”. Rather than hinder the Nazis, this merely helped them in every way imaginable. Through the courts, the Nazis were given a platform to spread their views to a far wider section of the public than they otherwise would have had access to. Through their prosecutions, they were able to cultivate an image of themselves as martyrs and political prisoners, drawing people to their side in droves. Today, Europe is making the exact same mistake that it made with the Nazis.

More evidence that the left wants to get into your bedroom
The American right was at once mocked and feared by liberals for the scrutiny they devoted to the sex lives of average Americans. This impulse among conservatives culminated in George W. Bush’s administration’s unsuccessful attempt to enshrine heterosexual marriage into the U.S. Constitution.

Dear Conservatives: Enough Already With The “Stars”
Conservatives have a leadership problem. This isn’t news to anyone who has been paying attention for the last seven years, but blame for this particular failure does not rest entirely on the leadership of the party. There is a very real and very damaging impulse within the movement that we seem at a loss to address, let alone correct. Despite almost certain failure, it seems worth the effort to take a stab at it.

Brand Unawareness
Russell Brand wants the world to know that beneath the clown makeup is the face of a Serious Man.

Ted Nugent Chimes in On Ferguson: You Probably Should Read This…
Rockin’ Ted Nugent had something to say about the Ferguson riots, the death of Michael Brown and the whole magilla on Facebook.

The Truth About Thanksgiving
Ben Shapiro takes a look at the true story of Thanksgiving – not the multiculturalism and socialism pushed by leftists every November.

Audacious Epigone: Channeling Barabbas
The Facebook status (with nearly 100 “likes” in less than a day) of a pretty well-adjusted, friendly black college girl I know, who has lived an unbroken affluent existence all her life.

Yes, the process in Wilson’s case was unusual, but it didn’t favor Wilson
Because the evidence seems to support the grand jury’s “no bill” ruling in the Darren Wilson case, critics and protesters have focused on the grand jury procedure. They argue that it was highly unusual, and they are right.

America’s first socialist republic
On Thanksgiving, it is customary that Americans recall to mind the experience of the Pilgrim Fathers This year, it is especially appropriate that we do so–as we pause, in the midst of an economic maelstrom, to count our remaining blessings and to reflect on the consequences of our election of a President and a Congress intent on “spread[ing] the wealth around.”

Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation
Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor; and—Whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their joint committee, requested me “to recommend to the people of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness”

Lincoln’s Thanksgiving
Lincoln’s famous Thanksgiving Proclamation of October 3, 1863, was drafted by William Seward and signed by Lincoln. The Union’s victories at Gettysburg and Vicksburg lay in the background; the Gettysburg Address was to come the following month.

Hate Speech From A Religious Fanatic
Reich-wing fascist tea-bagger George Washington is spewing dangerous religious propaganda

Justice—for whom?
Slogans are not what it’s all about

Teaching Little Girls to Hate Boys, One Barbie at a Time
The latest cultural meme to make it big in feminist circles is Feminist Hacker Barbie

An Open Letter to Bloomberg’s Sheelah Kolhatkar, on the Delicate Matter of Anita Sarkeesian
Dear Sheelah Kolhatkar: Yesterday, my attention was drawn to your extraordinary profile of video game critic Anita Sarkeesian, which is to be a cover story in Bloomberg Businessweek. On Twitter I intemperately called it a “grotesquely shoddy work of credulous, ridiculous fangirlism.” On reflection, I conclude I did not go far enough.

No, ‘Black Friday’ does not refer to slavery — just our annual frenzy of consumerism
Social media posts by R&B singer Toni Braxton and NBA player J.R. Smith have highlighted an inaccurate urban legend about the origins of “Black Friday.”

“We Live in an Age of Conspicuous Compassion”
“Modern liberalism as a set of emotions,” as explored by Kyle Peterson in the Weekly Standard

Fundamental Concepts : The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many
Last week, after the fundamental concepts thread was mostly dead, a poster came in and excoriated me for being part of the gay mafia. It seems that because I have a gay friend, and because I respect and like her and am able to discuss serious topics with her, I am a deluded fool.

Why I Said I’d Have Shot Michael Brown in the Face
I strongly believe twitter is a platform which is every bit a part of “real life” in that things said there can have huge consequences (see Anthony Weiner for example). And while I also believe Michelle Malkin is correct that social media “democratizes influence,” I’m of the opinion that there is a bubble of sorts in which some with less influence are treated as though they have more influence even though, for the most part, it’s only within the aforementioned twitter bubble that that’s true.

The beginning of the end for Nancy Pelosi?
No one in Washington much cares what House Democrats do these days. House rules tend to ensure that the main job of members of the minority is to show up, vote “no” and lose.

Joan Walsh’s refusal to understand why Democrats lost
Joan Walsh, one of the biggest beacons of White Guilt on the Internet, has released her “reflection” of 2014, and looks back at what she calls her “mistakes” (which, oddly, don’t include almost everything she’s ever written). In this piece at Salon, she says her mistake was overconfidence in red state women and what she got right was the use of Ebola as a fear-mongering story. Because those are definitely why the Democrats did so poorly.

Why Harvard’s Asians Are Invisible
Is Harvard promoting affirmative action for non-Asians? That’s what a lawsuit is claiming—and it’s just the latest sign that Asian Americans have become the ‘invisible’ minority.

No, Prosecution did not Mislead #Ferguson Grand Jury into Erroneous Decision
Lawrence O’Donnell ignores that Darren Wilson’s strong claim of lawful self-defense was more than sufficient to prevent indictment

Yet another reason Lawrence O’Donnell is wrong on #Ferguson Grand Jury (@lawrence)
Tennessee v. Garner limits the use of deadly force in arresting nondangerous suspects, NOT demonstrably dangerous suspects such as Michael Brown.

The Feminization of – Well, Everything
111 We allow a feminized educational system to force-feed [Margaret] Atwood, [Maya] Angelou, [Alice] Walker, et al. to teenaged boys.

Why Southern Democrats can’t win
I’m not in the business of giving electoral advice to Democrats. Unlike Chuck Schumer, who went out of his way to tell us what we had to do on immigration or face a blow-out in 2014, I enjoy blow-out elections like 2010 and 2014. I am in favor of at least a two-party system because having lived in one-party paradises in DC and Maryland I can tell you nothing corrupts so absolutely as one party being in perpetual control of government. The modern Democrats are, however, not an acceptable alternative. Nothing would make me happier that the Democrat party simply going away because the Democrats and what passes for “values” in the Democrat party run contrary to logic, economics, and Western Civilization.

No, It Was Not “Improper” for #Ferguson Grand Jury to Consider Self-Defense
ThinkProgress misquotes Supreme Court to argue it was improper for Ferguson Grand Jury to hear evidence that the shooting of Michael Brown was self-defense.

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