The Left’s Mark for Modern Sinners

     Searchlight’s dim bulb, Senator Harry Reid, went on yet another rant about the Koch Bros.:

“NASCAR fans can easily find their favorite drivers by simply looking at the cars as they fly because there are corporate emblems on the hood of the car. In fact, they’re all over the in fact, they’re all over the car. For our clothing here in the for our clothing here in the Senate we don’t bear commercial. Many Republican senators might as well wear Koch industries insignias.”

     The marking of enemies is not Reid’s desire alone.  Attorney General Eric Holder wants to force so-called “smart gun” technology that would require the owner of a gun wear a special ring or bracelet in order to operate the gun, despite the fact that such technology is far less reliable than most guns:

“‘One of the things we learned when we were trying to pass those common sense reforms last year, Vice President Biden and I had a meeting with a group of technology people and talked about how guns can be made more safe by making them either though fingerprint identification, the gun talks to a bracelet that you might wear, how guns can be used only by the person who is lawfully in possession of the weapon,’ said Holder, referring to so-called ‘smart gun’ technology.”

     While these two instances of marking come from different origins, they do show a common worldview: To mark their enemies.

     Since yellow stars and pink triangles have already been used, then perhaps, a new symbol of shame would be applied?

     Or perhaps another badge?  After all, it makes it so much easier to purge the society of incorrect thinkers.

     Heck, why not just apply a mark of Cain?

     A little mood music:

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