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Sandia Struggle Sessions Revisited

     If you thought the previous revelations about mandatory wokeness and racial/sex discrimination at Sandia National Laboratory, where critical nuclear weapons systems work is undertaken, were bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I've obtained explosive new documents in my investigation of … Continue reading

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Paladins of Wokeness

     It is popular amongst some people to see “Social Justice”, such as with #BlackLivesMatter, as simply a form of extortion on the same lever as the Mafia—which is unfair to the Mafia.   Certainly, the people who push “implicit bias … Continue reading

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Struggle Sessions Come To Sandia National Lab

     Modern day “struggle sessions”, whereby Whites and/or Males (usually both) are taken aside and made to admit how everything is their fault and forced to explain how they will repent their sin of “Whiteness” and/or “Maleness”, are not just limited … Continue reading

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Anti-Cancellation Clause

     One of the obvious problems with cancel culture in this day and age is the immediacy of cancellation upon any suggestions of “cancellability”. Perhaps one way of staving off the raving hordes whilst not besmirching powers that be is to … Continue reading

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Struggle Sessions Come To Seattle

     The Struggle Sessions of Mao’s Cultural Revolution was a tool to insure ideological adherence by humiliation, torturing, and even literally cannibalizing those—including those who had been zealous revolutionaries themselves but not “enlightened” by the new days standards—deemed not sufficiently pro-revolution, … Continue reading

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     Many people are seeing the current madness of Critical Racial Theory, “anti-racist” training/struggle session, and other assorted hyper-racializations happeneing and asking whence this madness came. A Heritage Events podcast over at Ricochet does a very good job of exploring the … Continue reading

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Joe “Bad Touch” Biden’s Plan To Destroy Small Businesses With Wokeness

     Lawfare is when the legal process is the punishment. Large corporations, who are increasingly “woke”, can handle the expenses of lawsuits easily enough, but smaller companies and sole-propiratorships can and would be easily wiped out, which is why small companies … Continue reading

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Cult Of Normalcy

     “Doublethink” is an interesting thing when applied in practice. For much of the norms of most of the world, the beliefs and thinking of the broader Left can, more or less, infiltrate societies and change them through tyranny and mutation … Continue reading

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In The Era Of Corona-Chan L.A. Teachers Demand Racial Justice

     The question of whether schools should re-open or stay with distance learning is an open question with legitimate points of debate as well as disagreement over “the science”.   Some parents, amongst others, even are saying lack of public school … Continue reading

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An Example Of Actual Institutional Privilege

     Oh, to see an example of the presumption of actual “institutional privilege” and the expectation of actual “institutional power”… from the organizer of #BlackLivesMatter (U.K.).      Notice how she is taken aback at being called “angry” after she… gets angry.      Notice … Continue reading

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