Venezuela’s Socialist Utopia: Chaos and a Coming Constitutional Coup

     The alleged socialist utopia that is Venezuela is facing chaos and protests. This was foreseen. It is now coming to pass. Perhaps, at this point, ‘twould be a blessing to face a Soviet-style collapse. Fate is likely to not be so kind.

     One would be forgiven for thinking that Maduro’s minions on the Venezuelan Supreme Court having backed down from dismissing of Venezuela’s elected legislature would have signaled a weakened in Maduro… or at least a willingness to compromise.

     The tanks in the streets plowing through innocent protestors, however, belies that notion.

     Maduro is now pushing a brand new coup by unilaterally trying to rewrite Venezuela’s constitution—a move that former allies such as Argentina and Brazil (who purged themselves of their own immediately prior totalitarian-minded Presidents) are denouncing.

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News of the Week (May 7th, 2017)


News of the Week for May 7th, 2017

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Anime Waifus Now As Valid As Homosexuality

     Remember how two male penguins raising a chick together was touted as absolute proof that homosexuality was not only normal in nature, but would result in superior parenting?

     If penguins are now the arbiters of behavior normalcy, then falling in love with an anime character is a valid and venerable sexual orientation:

“Various Japanese zoos have been collaborating with Kemono Friends and hosting special events. It’s been working, as social media has been showing an increase in zoo visits. The Tobu Zoo was hoping to bring otaku and children alike to their exhibits, but they accidentally turned one of their penguins into an otaku…

“Each exhibit pairs a Kemono Friend character with their real life counterpart. Grape-kun, a 20-year old penguin, literally fell in love with Hululu, who is a Humboldt Penguin character.

“Japanese visitors noted that Grape-kun would spend every minute staring at, sitting next to, or praising Hululu as if she was a breathing mate. He was even neglecting the rest of his flock just to be with Hululu. The penguin was dedicated!”

     If you don’t celebrate the love of a kemonomimi waifu, then you are a H8r.

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Quick Takes – Choosing Gender; Forcing Gender; Fluidity of Gender

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Gender is just like your opinion, man.

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     Do you want to have a boy baby, or a girl baby? In most of the world where abortion is an option, genetic testing can be done to facilitate this. However, apparently according to an idjit at “The Guardian”, all it takes is for an obsessed parent to shove a preferred “gender” down their child’s throat:

“There are mothers who want a daughter in order to have a close mother-daughter bond, or fathers who want a father-son bond. Their aim in ‘gender balancing’ is not to have a variety of sex chromosomes or genitalia among their children, but to have a child who will live up to their gender assumptions.

“Yet sex and gender are two very different things. And according to the state of the evidence so far, there is no biological reason why parents can’t have the sort of bond and experiences they want with a child of any sex.

“Despite more than 100 years of research, scientific studies have failed to provide good evidence to support the belief that babies are born with something like a ‘male brain’ or a ‘female brain’ which causes the gender traits parents have in mind.

“This means that sex selection (or gender selection, as it is often erroneously called) does not ‘do what it says on the tin’ so to speak. Parents want it to select gender but all it can do is select a child with certain sex chromosomes.”

     Of course, actual science disagrees:

“There are structural differences between male and female brains:

“It is true that greater variability exists within male and female brains than between male and female brains, however there are still structural differences between the sexes. Mens’ brains on average are larger than female brains and are more variable than female brains. This is reflected in IQ tests, men and women are of approximately equal average intelligence but there is far greater range of intelligence amongst men.

“Most the studies on the differences between male and female brains have been on structural rather than functional differences. And there is plenty of behavioural science across cultures – and even species – to support the biological basis for sex/gender differences. There is evidence that testosterone at least impacts male behaviour in terms of aggression.

“Science can’t even explain how consciousness arises from brain function, and we can’t even account for what functional neurological differences there might be between males and females. It is massively premature to deny the possibility there might be differences between male and female brains. The science is by no means settled.”

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British Judge Channels Herod, Orders Slaughter of an Innocent

     The death penalty was abolished in the U.K. decades ago, because it was considered uncivilized to execute rapists and murderers. This “civilized” society now considers the execution of the innocent baby Charlie Gard—in dismissal of the pleas to the contrary by the child’s loving parents—to be a paragon of bravery and dignity.

“Doctors can withdraw life support from a sick baby with a rare genetic condition against his parents’ wishes, a High Court judge has ruled.


“In his judgement, Mr Justice Francis said he made the decision with the ‘heaviest of hearts’ but with ‘complete conviction’ that it was in the best interests of the child.”

King Herod, always looking out for the best interests of the child.

     Charlie’s father and mother, Chris and Connie, point out that there are medications and treatments that are available, and while there is no guarantee, there is still the possibility of hope.

“Chris added: ‘Everyone’s so negative saying he won’t have a quality of life. It could perform wonders. Every child with a similar gene who is on this medication – I believe there is 18 around the world – they are all still alive, and they are all still getting stronger. I don’t see how we can know this and then just go “Do you know what, no just let him go”. They’re all alive, they’re all getting stronger. Charlie deserves that chance.’

“While doctors have argued it would be fairer to withdraw life support, Connie argued: ‘All we’re asking is for two months to try this medication. We’ve been here for months trying to get this anyway and he hasn’t deteriorated in that time. And we will know if it works or not in that time.'”

     The cost, which we are told isn’t supposed to be a factor in a country with socialized medicine available, isn’t even a question in this case!

“A crowdfunding campaign set up to pay for Charlie’s treatment in America has passed its £1.3m target.”

     But no. The judge and cowardly politicians would rather tout platitudes of how being killed is in anyone’s best interest. They are explicitly ordering this child’s death.

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Gender Lysenkoism

     There are those on the “scientific Left” who would rather engage in “Gender Lysenkoism”. They deny that there are two biological sexes, claiming a dozen or so “sex determining genes” and declare that it is a “spectrum” and a “social construct” whilst “gender” is the all encompassing identity that can and ought to be imposed upon others’ objective reality.

     Yet at the same time, they declare that “gender” is something separate and distinct. This “gender” has to be an innate characteristic or otherwise it would not receive the same protection as race, for example. Yet, “gender”, too, is concomitantly a “social construct”. “Gender”, then, is a subjective objectivity much like certain non-Newtonian fluids whereby they are only solid when struck in contrast with an actual firm force of logic, reason, and reality. In other words, someone’s opinion of their own gender is considered a scientific fact, while biological sex isn’t.

     This raises the question of sexual orientation as a protected class: How can someone have an innate and immutable attraction to one or the other biological sex if biological sex itself does not biologically exist?

     In reality, biological sex is an indicator of either being male or female, in sexually dimorphic species such as human beings. Females have an XX chromosome pairing and males have an XY chromosome pairing. There are cases where there are X0 or XXY pairing, such as Klinefelter Syndrome, or where other conditions alter the natural course of development in utero of a child into either physically as a male or physically as a female, such as Swyer Syndrome. However, even there, the body tends towards either the male or female form. Additionally, there are often other complications, such as infertility that are part and parcel of these syndromes. In other words, such individuals are not a 3rd sex, nor are they proof of a “spectrum” of biological sexes.

     What we are seeing is the invention of “gender” as something other than, and distinct from, biological sex, differentiation the two, and then transferring any and all reproductive traits of biological sex to “gender”.

     What, then, is “gender”?

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Victims of Communism Day, 2017

     Today is Victims of Communism Day. It is also “May Day,” where “useful idiots” march and demonstrate in free countries, while those who have to actually live under Communism are made to march lest they face dire consequences.

     Let us take pause and listen to Daniel Maray who:

“serves as a witness to the ideology, history, and legacy of communism, speaking out for the more than 100 million people killed by communism.

“A witness to the historic events of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, Daniel won a gold medal for fencing in the Olympic Games that same year. Victory turned to defeat, however, when Soviet tanks rolled back in to Budapest and resumed communist rule”

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News of the Week (April 30th, 2017)


News of the Week for April 30th, 2017

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Britain’s The Times Newspaper Declares War on… Anime

     The British daily newspaper “The Times” recently published an investigation about how Facebook refuses to remove what it deems to be “child pornography”. This is a serious accusation and something worth reporting about if true. However, The Times does itself no favors when it concentrates on examples of Japanese anime-style drawings and games.

     One of the four is clearly a real child whose face is blurred out, so The Times story ought not be dismissed out of hand, and it certainly is understandable the The Times would not show any actual child being hurt.

     However, that is no reason to include drawing, even drawings that are not even pornographic (such as two pictures from Chimame Chronicle (チマメクロニクル).

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Quick Takes – Critical Whiteness; Problematizing Whiteness; Invented Privileging of Whiteness

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Whiter than white.

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     If there is one thing you learn at colleges now-a-days, it is how oppressive oppressors oppressively oppress. Case in point, Cal. State San Marcos’ “Whiteness Forum” where students were required to present a “critical look at Whiteness”:

“‘Students learn best when they actually do something as opposed to just hear something,’ said Professor Dreama Moon, who teaches the communications class called ‘Communicating Whiteness.’ Every year for the last 13 years, students have created projects to pull together the forum as part of the class, she said.


“The syllabus for the class states the course seeks to examine ‘whiteness as a historical, social, political and ideological “invention” with a long trajectory within the United States and in the world.’ The syllabus defines whiteness ‘as a system of power based on racist ideology maintained discursively, institutionally, and materially.’


“The ‘Whiteness Forum Project’ was an assignment in the class in which students were called on to ‘research, plan, and execute an educational forum on whiteness on the CSUSM campus.’

“‘The objective of the forum is make whiteness visible in a critical way for faculty, staff, and students on our campus as well as the greater community,’ the syllabus states. ‘The forum WILL NOT be a simple cultural celebration of whiteness, but an arena for critical education.'”

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