News of the Week (June 4th, 2017)


News of the Week for June 4th, 2017

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A Politically Correct Message To Earth

     The following message from the leader of the Galactic Confederacy and transmitted via a friendly Thetan…

Make Teegeeack Great Again!

It has come to my attention that some Teegeeackian scientists and philosophers have finally found it fit to correct their own oppressive message to more intelligent life.

“At a conference in Leeds this week, a group of British astronomers and philosophers who form the UK research network for SETI – the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence – agreed to enter a competition organised by the Breakthrough Initiative to devise a message to send out to space on behalf of the world to whoever might be listening.

” However, discussing the likely content of the message at the British Science Festival in Bradford on Thursday, the need to revise our previous portrayals of life on Earth was raised.

“Jill Stuart, an expert in space policy at the London School of Economics, pointed to the plaque that was placed on the Pioneer 10 spacecraft, launched in 1972. Intended to convey the origin of the craft and to impart information about the inhabitants of Earth, Stuart observed that to modern eyes the pictorial message presents some issues. .

“‘The plaque shows a man raising his hand in a very manly fashion while a woman stands behind him, appearing all meek and submissive,’ she said. ‘We really need to rethink that with any messages we are sending out now. Attitudes have changed so much in just 40 years.’

“The plaque also clearly portrays the human figures as white, and Stuart added: ‘I would be uncomfortable with sending out any images or messages that include Western-dominated material.'”

Such enlightenment is worthy of a renewed… erm, “first” contact. I would like to invite these enlightened scientist and philosophers to board my space planes (the ones like look like DC-8s) for a friendly chat at a pleasant resort spot near a lovely volcano. It’ll be a blast!

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Quick Takes – Mandating for Social Justice; Prohibiting for Social Justice; Punching for Social Justice

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Bash the Fash!

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     In order to fight the “social injustice” of refusing to hire qualified people based on race, Barnard College is dedicating itself to refuse to hire qualified people based on race… for social justice… and workshops to spread the Progressive faith.

“A women’s college is planning to hire new professors based on the color of their skin because of the ‘demonstrated benefits’ of nonwhite faculty.

“Whether such faculty benefit the college enough to be paid for a full teaching load remains to be seen, however.

“After a year of deliberation, the Barnard College Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion released a set of draft recommendations last week with the aim of improving ‘representation, inclusion, and social justice’ in the classroom and on campus.

“Beyond hiring a new C-level official to oversee diversity efforts, the recommendations include mandatory social justice workshops for all community members and extra academic support specifically for racial minorities.”

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Gun Non-Crime Bad; Gun Crime Good

     The histrionic insanity the many anti-2nd Amendment zealots have quite often reaches the point of punishing kids for simply liking a picture of what turns out is not an actual gun:

“Ohio middle schooler Zachary Bowlin learned a valuable lesson about privacy last week after he “liked” a picture of an airsoft gun on Instagram.

“‘I didn’t think I did anything wrong,’ Bowlin told Fox 19.

“The seventh-grader ‘liked’ a picture of an airsoft gun on Instagram last Thursday that contained the caption ‘Ready.’ Bowlin said he plays with airsoft guns with his friends, and didn’t think much of clicking on the post.

“When he returned to Edgewood Middle School the next day, it was obvious officials had been tracking his online activities.

“‘I liked it, scrolling down Instagram at night about 7, 8 o’clock, I liked it,’ Bowlin said. ‘The next morning they called me down (to the office) patted me down and checked for weapons and told me I was getting expelled or suspended or whatever.’

“Bowlin was also served with a 10-day suspension for ‘liking a post on social media that indicated potential school violence.'”

     But it turns out that the rabid Left are quite willing to forgive far, far worse:

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is lambasting Montgomery County after jailers knowingly released an 19-year-old undocumented immigrant accused of bringing an AR-15 assault-style rifle onto school property, despite an immigration detainer lodged against the teen.

“On Saturday, April 29, Mario Granados-Alvarado, 19, a citizen of El Salvador, allegedly broke into a Rockville police car, snagging a shotgun, AR-15 rifle and ammunition from the vehicle’s trunk. The unmarked Chevy Impala was parked outside of an off-duty officer’s house at the time of the overnight break-in.”

     The difference? The evil perpetrator who must be punished was an American kid who liked what isn’t even a real gun; the innocent youth was an adult who brought a rifle to campus.

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Canada Outlaws Cis-Normative Dissent

     The Canadian Senate has outlawed doubleplusungood speech against anyone who refuses to accept the current “truth” of transgenderism.

     Considering the anti-free speech effect of Canada’s other so-called human rights legislation, the scope and depth of this law is unhyperbolically evil:

“Canadians who disavow gender theory could be charged with hate crimes, fined, jailed, and compelled to undergo anti-bias training if the Trudeau Liberals’ Bill C-16 passes, critics told a Senate committee last week.


“Dr. Jordan Peterson and lawyer D. Jared Brown were among those warned the committee the bill is an unprecedented threat to freedom of expression and codifies a spurious ideology of gender identity in law.”


“A University of Toronto psychology professor, Peterson told the senate committee May 17 that ‘it’s unbelievably dangerous for us to move towards representing a social constructionist view of identity in our legal system.’


“‘I think that’s appalling, first of all, because there hasn’t been a piece of legislation that requires Canadians to utter a particular form of address that has particular ideological implications before, and it’s a line we shouldn’t cross.’

“Moreover, ‘the very idea that calling someone a term that they didn’t choose causes them such irreparable harm that legal remedies should be sought,’ is an ‘an indication of just how deeply the culture of victimization has sunk into our society.'”

“The federal department of justice has made clear it will use the Ontario Human Rights Code guidelines, and that these ‘mandate’ the use of genderless pronouns on request, Brown said.

“‘Mandating use of pronouns requires one to use words that are not their own that imply a belief in or agreement with a certain theory on gender,’ he added.

“‘If you try to disavow that theory, you can be brought before the Human Rights Commission for misgendering or potentially find yourself guilty of a hate crime. To sum up, on the subject of gender, we’re going to have government-mandated speech.'”

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News of the Week (May 27th, 2017)


News of the Week for May 27th, 2017

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Will Donald Trump Make Volcanoes Great Again?

     Quick quiz: Who is being blamed for future volcano eruptions that could devastate the United State of America?

(A). An angry volcano god, pining away for a virgin
(B). Xenu, our beloved galactic dictator
(C). An evil, abet brilliant, supervillain
(D). Donald Trump

     If you answered “D”, congratulations, because you correctly guessed who will be blamed for the lack of Federal funding—which as everyone knows is the sole cause of natural disasters, plagues, and boy bands:

“Fortunately, America has got a heck of a lot of incredible scientists, geologists and volcanologists working on pretty much every single one of its volcanoes. Although prediction still remains the elusive Holy Grail for researchers in this field, earth scientists have never had a better understanding of volcanological process than they do in 2017.

“There’s a major problem though, and this time, it has got something to do with the president. Apart from goofing around with his strangely ominous Coke-ordering button on his desk in the Oval Office and complaining that the job of Commander-in-Chief isn’t as easy as he thought it would be, he has also vowed to slash science funding in the US to historically low levels.

“Although NASA’s proposed 2018 budget isn’t too shabby, the geosciences will be severely defunded if the budget proposal gets the approval of the GOP-dominated Congress. If it does, then don’t expect the monitoring of America’s volcanoes to improve – in fact, it might get worse.”

Make Magma Great Again

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Venezuela Degenerating Into Primates Flinging Feces

     Venezuela continues to spiral downward into an ever deepening maelstrom.   People are starving, the regime is no longer unified, and people are resorting to flinging feces… and being forced to eat the same.

     The people are starving and farmers can’t feed them:

“The government hasn’t published farming data in years. But Machado, the agriculture expert, said annual food imports averaged about $75 per person until 2004, then soared after Chávez accelerated the nationalization of farms, eventually seizing more than 10 million acres. The government expropriated factories, too, and Venezuela’s domestic food production plummeted.”

     While Venezuela doesn’t have enough money for food, it can afford lots of Russian shoulder fired missiles! He’ll need them to fend off the hordes of rampaging people, like the ones that burnt down his boyhood home!

“Demonstrators lit the house in the city of Barinas where Chavez spent his early years aflame Monday afternoon along with several government buildings, including the regional office of the National Electoral Council, said Pedro Luis Castillo, a legislator who represents the area.

“The burnings capped a violent day in Barinas — known as the cradle of Chavez’s revolution — during which protesters clashed with national guardsmen, businesses were shuttered and roads were blocked with fire-filled barricades”

     However, there are cracks in the regime. Venezuela’s top prosecutor is distancing herself from Maduro, and riot police are trying to find a way out. Considering that protesters have been forced to use s**t-filled cocktails against projectiles as security forces, is it any wonder that they don’t want to put up with this s**t?

“Venezuela’s opposition protests on Wednesday may be the messiest in a six-week wave of unrest as demonstrators prepare to throw feces at security forces, adding to the customary rocks, petrol bombs and tear gas.

The new tactic has been dubbed the ‘Poopootov’ in a play on the Molotov cocktails often seen at streets protests in Venezuela.”

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Quick Takes – Privilege Bias; Privilege Pledge; Privilege Retreat

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Whose privilege?

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     In a case of a blind squirrel finding a nut, a course on “critical race theory and implicit bias” is (allegedly) incorporating the concerns of conservative students…

“American University recently rolled out two separate courses on ‘critical race theory and implicit bias,’ one of which it is seeking to make mandatory for all first-year students.


” While the course was initially intended to address the apparent prevalence of white privilege in America, another professor leading the course’s development said she tweaked its scope after the shocking results of last year’s contentious presidential election.

“‘I really wanted students to have a debate about this,’ professor Angie Chuang noted in the school’s press release. ‘If you’re white, you’re privileged, but we just learned about this entire population that’s struggling. How do we address that contradiction?’

“Accordingly, Chuang actually solicited the input of one of the few vocal conservative students on campus, Krista Chavez, who leads the school’s Network of Enlightened Women chapter and initially had her doubts about the proposed course.”

     Assuredly, the college will get over this temporary bout of sanity…

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Indigenous Science Isn’t

     At the so-called “March to Science” protests, one of the many examples of anti-science sentiment on display was a call for embracing “indigenous sciences“…

“Indigenous knowledge and practices are often dismissed as mythology or ‘quaint stories,’ Melissa Nelson, associate professor of American Indian Studies at San Francisco State University […].

“‘There are numerous contemporary indigenous sciences based on a long tradition and history. They need to be validated as such — not as folklore,’ said Nelson, who is Anishinaabe.

“With the global March For Science events being held on Saturday, Nelson was part of a group that wrote a declaration arguing that indigenous science, including ancient practices of conservation and healing, could complement dominant ‘Western science’ and be useful at a time when people are looking for ways to tackle problems, such as climate change and issues of sustainability.


“‘It seemed incomplete to me that as we celebrate science, we don’t celebrate the other sciences,’ Robin Kimmerer, director of the Center for Native Peoples and the Environment at State University of New York, who is Citizen Potawatomi, told BuzzFeed News.”

     A herb that is used to treat an illness may very well have a chemical that does indeed have a pharmacological positive effect. However, perhaps the herb is just a herb.

     There are not different “sciences“. Different “ways of knowing” are not all valid. There is no such thing as “Western science” just as there is not such thing as “Indigenous science”: There is just science and not-science.

     It is this type of “indigenous science” nonsense that leads stupid rich White people to worship crystals or believe in indigo children. Ultimately, all this does is make this new multicultural spectrum of “science” a laughing-stock.

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