Trial Balloon For Tyranny

     One thing that is becoming very clear is that the “commune” in the “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ)”, now renamed “CHOD”, is that they are not revolutionaries trying to overthrow the established order to achieve a woke paradise—they are the vanguard of the establishment which has already been compromised and taken over from the inside.

     From ignoring violations of firearms laws that would result in a police SWAT team breaking into some otherwise law-abiding citizens home with all guns blazing, to the sheer fact that the City of Seattle is, not just tolerating, but outright endorsing and subsidizing this revolutionary commune by actually using city personnel and assets to help them secure their barricade, let alone still providing water, electricity, and EMS services for free.

     This isn’t a “revolution” from the “rising of the proletariat from the streets”, but rather an institutional power flexing its muscle and letting its freak flag fly while testing the boundaries of what it can get away with.

New Logo for the City of Seattle.

     This is far more insidious and dangerous than an overt revolution and take over. Their revolutionary aims can be met, not by replacing the “systems of oppression” and power, but by taking them over, and through corrupt neglect, allow the “revolutionary” communal “non-governments” to exercise power without interference or restraint. This is especially insidious when said governments’ negligence is selective in favor of the “revolutionaries” and consequently still used against the “enemies” of the “revolution” who might be able to oppose said “revolutionaries” in a true period of anarchy.

     It is a sort of selective libertarian-statism towards creating an anarcho-syndicalist “paradise”/hellhole.

     This is treason by the Mayor (and supporting City Council) of Seattle, if not also on up to the county and even state leadership.

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So They Say They Want A Revolution…

     Unless you’ve been blissfully unaware of the news recently, then you likely know about the autonomous anarchist commune that has been declared in a part of Seattle (apparently in a bid to out-Commie Portland), and have declared independence (while remaining dependent on city services, including EMS). So “oppressed” these wannabe revolutionaries are, that the Seattle Times decided to print a puff piece extolling how spiffy this woke, anti-racist, anti-Capitalist, &c. non-hierarchical paradisaical utopia is. Why they even have a “big tiddy Antifa girl” to convince you!

     But, unsurprisingly, it turns out that the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ)”, which has been renamed “CHOD”, isn’t a happy place with flowering meadows and rainbow skies, and rivers made of chocolate, where the children dance and laugh and play with gumdrop smiles.

     So what’s so non-utopian about what’s going on in Seattle? The rape, robbery, and other violent acts that the police can’t get to.

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The Return of Corona-chan

     Did you think that just because people decided to go out to either try at a return to normalcy or to engage in arson and looting, that the Coronavirus would just disappear as if it were some invented plot?

     Think again.   Corona-chan never really left.

     We’re already seeing some places start to reach dangerously high hospitalization rates, including beds quickly filling up in parts of South Carolina, Imperial County in California now having to send people out-of-county due to having reached capacity, surge capacity in parts of Alabama, Arizona running out of lung machines, and higher rates throughout most of California’s counties.

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When “Anti-Fascism” Means Opposing Abolitionists

     In order to push the narrative that “Whiteness”=“Oppression”, it is necessary to erase the  inconvenient truth contrary thereto. And what better way to do that then to desecrate a statue to Matthias Baldwin, an abolitionist who also directly funded and supported schools for Blacks.

     Why desecrate this statue of someone who actually believed that Black lives mattered? Because it is a reminder that at its core, America is good and that slavery was something at odds with that, and would never last.

     This isn’t even the only example of a statue of an abolitionist being vandalized, as can be seen by the case of this statuue of abolitionist John Greenleaf Whittier:

     It is an evil ideology it is when the abolition of slavery is considered a sin worth condemning someone for… at least when the “White man” does it.

     Or perhaps some people do find it racist, and find it to be symbol of White Paternalism. And so it goes: Support slavery and racial oppression, and you are evil; do nothing and you are supporting the “system of oppression” that is society; actively support the rights and dignity of those who are Black, and you are oppressing by treating them like children under oppressive paternalism.

     It is all about the narrative: “Whiteness” must always be seen as the evil.

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News of the Week (June 14th, 2020)


News of the Week for June 14th, 2020

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Firing Line Friday: Why Are Our Intellectuals So Dumb?

     In the hopes of encouraging a more civil, and illuminating, discourse, here is another episode of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s “Firing Line”.

     While people who have actual expertise, knowledge, and demonstrable abilities ought not to be knocked down because they are “credentialed”, it is true that such belittlement can exist because self-declared intellectual elites tend to quite often demonstrate their abject stupidity. William F. Buckley asked, nearly forty years ago, the evergreen question: Why are out intellectuals so dumb?

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Now Is NOT Time For Knee-Jerk Police Reform

     Apparently, if you oppose looting, then you hate Black people, at least according to the apologia from The author went so far as to justify looting as a necessary tool to effect social justice.

“It’s really hard to defend something you don’t totally understand, particularly when it feels like a thorny topic. If your relatives are wringing their hands over the fate of that poor ‘small business’ CVS and you don’t know what to say, I strongly recommend reading Vicky Osterweil’s 2014 essay ‘In Defense of Looting’ in The New Republic. It corrects the myth that peaceful protest is the only way to successfully fight for civil rights, and explains the connection between property, anti-looting discourse, and white supremacy.”

     David Thompson notes that you can not justify looting as proof that “black lives matter” when these riots are most heavily hit neighborhoods and businesses are predominantly… Black.

“Among those of us deemed insufficiently woke and therefore suspect, questions may arise. For instance, in what way will those “black lives” be improved by the destruction of local infrastructure, local businesses, and the subsequent, perhaps dramatic, reduction in trust and goodwill? And what if the stores and homes in question – the ones being smashed, stripped of their contents and set ablaze – are owned by people who happen to be black, as has often been the case? What if the places being looted and vandalised with abandon, indeed exultation, are depended on by people who also happen to be black, whether as customers or employees? After the razing and ruin of their places of work, should these people be pleased to be former employees? Unemployed people who now have no local grocer, or garage, or pharmacy?”

     The article “In Defense of Looting”, by the way, was written do defend looting and other such destruction to… protest the legitimate use of self-defense against “gentle giant” Micheal Brown of Ferguson infamy.

“Throughout the civil rights era, massive non-violent civil disobedience campaigns were matched with massive riots. The most famous of these was the Watts rebellion of 1965 but they occurred in dozens of cities across the country. To argue that the movement achieved what it did in spite of rather than as a result of the mixture of not-non-violent and non-violent action is spurious at best. And, lest we forget, Martin Luther King Jr., the man who embodied the respectable non-violent voice that the white power structure claims they would listen to today, was murdered by that same white power structure anyway.”

     Note how the Watts riots are called a “rebellion”.

     What does all this have to do with police reforms?

     It’s about NOT validating violence, arson, looting and arson.

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The Wokeness of Spreading Coronavirus via Riots

     Quite a few people have noticed that many people who were dead set on lockdowns until some cure is found are now championing the protests turned riots. There are plenty of people who have been consistent, with those who believe in reasonable measures against Corona-chan also worried about an uptick in coronavirus cases, to those who were peacefully protesting against over-the-top restriction. Both of those groups are aghast at the sheer hypocrisy of “public health” experts who consider a family enjoying a park while social distancing to be a greater health threat than rioting, looting, mayhem, and arson committed by large groups in sustained and prolonged close quarters.

     How do they square that circle? Be believing that “systematic racism” is such a threat that both “grandpa and grandma” and your personal freedom must be sacrificed for it. They’ve let their cat out of the bag, and now they are using bad math to justify it.

     An opinion writer and wannabe professional economist tries, and fails, to justify killing off tens of thousands of elderly and vulnerable to save even one criminals life.

     This means only one thing… it’s time for a fisking!

A fisking! A fisking!

     Because telling people their loved ones need to die for “Social Justice” would of course make the vast majority of people angry?

     Right off the (Wuhan) bat (soup), we have the idea that bad ideas are an “infectious disease”. By this line of reasoning, thought criminals and other dissenters are treated as patients who’s mimetic evil must be isolated and “cured”.

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Going Bald for Black Lives Matter?

     Are the White woke people going bald for #BlackLivesMatter?

     Let’s find out!

     This is tidbit came across on Twitter…

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News of the Week (June 7th, 2020)


News of the Week for June 7th, 2020

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