Making Babies Check Their White Privilege

     Not even pushing Critical Race Theory in K—12 education is enough. Now, White babies must be purged of their Whiteness from birth and constantly reminded that even as a helpless infant, they are evil oppressors who should fight against things associated with their race, which is necessarily evil.

     The veritable Christopher Rufo yet again obtained source documents from an “‘equity’ toolkit” from the Arizona Department of Education.

     Notice how they claim that racism is caused by “letting children draw their own conclusion based on what they see”.

     Ya know, if you have to have a monopoly on what people think, then maybe, juuust maybe, it is you who are imposing a system of oppression.

     Continuing on…

     If you have to teach someone from birth that everything associated with their race is evil and that unless they conform to an ideology based in animus against their own race, then they will also be evil, even though they will still be evil because they will benefit from that evil no matter what just because they exist, then it is you who are the one who is perpetuating evil.

     It is like the original sin of Whiteness that can not be washed away until the eschaton has been immanentized and the White-free neo-Eden is established on Earth.

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