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Peaceful Protests?

     One of the most blatant of lies is that Antifa are just peacefully protesting against fascism and it is fascists that are causing chaos. The evidence against this lie is myriad, but there are some who believe that Antifa are … Continue reading

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When The Center For Disease Control Considers There Is No Greater Disease Than Racism

     Despite “training programs” that push Critical Race Theory, the Center for Disease Control nonetheless attempted to push ahead with a plan to “examine the mechanisms of systemic racism” in opposition to “White supremacist ideology.” Thankfully, that has been forcibly canceled. … Continue reading

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Whither The Latino Vote?

     One of the demographic groups that Donald Trump has been polling well with as of late is the Latino/Hispanic vote. There have been many reasons put forth for this including poor outreach by the Biden campaign, the effect of incumbency, … Continue reading

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Woke Indoctrinated School Kids Show They Know Their Woke Propaganda Good

     “Social Justice” may have been incubated and birthed in academia, and spread far and wide by HR departments staffed with harridans with degrees that include the word “studies” in the major, but it is the effusing of this insanity through … Continue reading

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News of the Week (September 20th, 2020)

  News of the Week for Sept. 20th, 2020 Tweet

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The Eight Commandments Of The Critical Race Theory Faith

     “Critical Race Theory” is not a serious academic approach but an unfalsifiable non-theistic religion with tenets not to be questioned but taken on faith as a truth to be uncovered everywhere. Here are eight such tenets of faith.      via James … Continue reading

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The Cowardly Propaganda Of Courageous Conversation

     For far too long far too many have rejected the notion that “Critical Race Theory” is a danger—dismissing it as a fringe or wacky idea that most people wouldn’t put up with—but even when the danger is recognized the sheer … Continue reading

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The Rotting Of Art

     The attack on “Western” art and its beauty and skill, be it because of “racism”, “sexism”, or just a hatred for the heritage of the West, is not some sudden social development, but a gradual decay of society, as can … Continue reading

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Abolishing The United States

     Institutional Education in America has long supported “wokeness” and “intersectionality”, with such woke rot reaching all the way to the Dept. of Education, as Christopher F. Rufo has uncovered. Last month, a Department of Education-funded organization hosted a conference on … Continue reading

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Woke Political Commissars For Law School

     Political Commissars or Officers, who watched over military units in order to assure ideological conformity, were common in both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, as well as Communist China of today. Now, the Black Law Student Association of the … Continue reading

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