The Wokeness of Spreading Coronavirus via Riots

     Quite a few people have noticed that many people who were dead set on lockdowns until some cure is found are now championing the protests turned riots. There are plenty of people who have been consistent, with those who believe in reasonable measures against Corona-chan also worried about an uptick in coronavirus cases, to those who were peacefully protesting against over-the-top restriction. Both of those groups are aghast at the sheer hypocrisy of “public health” experts who consider a family enjoying a park while social distancing to be a greater health threat than rioting, looting, mayhem, and arson committed by large groups in sustained and prolonged close quarters.

     How do they square that circle? Be believing that “systematic racism” is such a threat that both “grandpa and grandma” and your personal freedom must be sacrificed for it. They’ve let their cat out of the bag, and now they are using bad math to justify it.

     An opinion writer and wannabe professional economist tries, and fails, to justify killing off tens of thousands of elderly and vulnerable to save even one criminals life.

     This means only one thing… it’s time for a fisking!

A fisking! A fisking!

     Because telling people their loved ones need to die for “Social Justice” would of course make the vast majority of people angry?

     Right off the (Wuhan) bat (soup), we have the idea that bad ideas are an “infectious disease”. By this line of reasoning, thought criminals and other dissenters are treated as patients who’s mimetic evil must be isolated and “cured”.

     But of course…

     So, someone who couldn’t even hack it as an economist? Based off his opinion columns, not even the pretense of neutrality will be applied to this “economic” analysis.

     Note that he says that the “impact of broader cultural changes is impossible to measure, or even guess”. Any bets on whether he does just that?

     A “peaceful” protest that could kill a thousand people a day sounds like a real public health problem, something which could be stopped by breaking up the riots and insisting on the same social distancing requirements imposed on churches.

     Yet this “guess” will be used for hard number comparisons to prove what this twit had already decided.

     That’s nearly a 50% increase over what we have now. Sounds like a reason to stop the rioting and get the protestors to protest in a more reasonable way.

     So, it would take the police over half a century to be involved in the death of a suspect to even come close to what two months of rioting would do to the coronavirus death toll. Yet police involved deaths are somehow a greater concern than an actual infectious virus?

     Will he be talking about the “long-term” effect of less policing (i.e. the “Ferguson Effect”) that results in more crime, including violent crime, and economic devastation which causes poverty that in turn can have a real effect on people’s health?

     Nah, of course not!

     When he wrote “impact of broader cultural changes is impossible to measure, or even guess” he clearly wasn’t going to refer to the broader cultural changes in policing and criminal activity.

     Note the presumption here that all deaths, or if one is being charitable, 20% of deaths are nonjustifiable homicides and the fault of police which could be avoided due to “reforms”, and not to an officer legally arresting someone who is resisting, often violently so, let alone police having a reasonable fear that a criminal will kill/severly harm them or someone else.

     About a quarter of these deaths are from individuals who are Black. If this is about “social justice” and we assume that the decrease will track equally across all races, then only about fifty fewer homicides would occur. Even if we assume that all non-Black people who are killed were justifiably killed, that would only mean about two-hundred individuals. Even further in assumption, this would suggest that almost all Black individuals were straight up murdered (or victims of manslaughter).

     Of course, the almost all homicides by police are justified, and those that aren’t are almost always prosecuted. As horrible as it is than anyone is unjustly killed by a police officer, this is not a “public health crisis”.

     To be fair, a justifiable homicide by police can and does include incidence where an officer was in legitimate fear for theirself or for others, and it turned out that the person was just reaching for a wallet like a fool, but those examples do tend to be rare.

     But hey, let’s say that independent of all the death caused by criminals due to police “reforms” that result in fewer murderers and rapists that police don’t arrest because of “reforms”, two-hundred and twenty lives are not killed by police, even though such killings would have been justified…

     Most violent criminals are indeed not physically disabled or geriatric, which isn’t much of a surprise.

     Oh wait, he’s going to argue that the lives of young criminals are not only worth more than lives of “grandpa and grandma”, but worth many times more, isn’t he.

     He’s assuming that these criminals will live an average age comparable to the life-expectancy of the average person, and not be killed sooner or later due to crime-related lifestyle choices.

     A decade of living longer is a heck of a lot of time. Is this twit saying that forty or so years of extra life of two hundred people, almost all of whom really were threats to others, outweighs sixty-thousand sick and elderly having an additional ten years to live, spend time with their families, &c.?

     Ah, the “their lives aren’t worth living” argument!

     Or perhaps for those, or the friends/family thereof, who would live an additional ten years, even with other “quality of life” issues value their lives more highly than the lives of a couple hundred people who, with few exceptions, gave police no other choice than to use lethal force?

     Even adjusting that sixty-thousand who would die within months due to coronavirus to about forty-five equivalent “worthy lives”, that is still far more than two-hundred lives ascribed with a 100% “worthy” value, which disregards any estimates on not only the decrease in life-expectancy and quality of live due to criminal lifestyle choices of the people not justifiably killed by the police but also the deaths and decrease in the quality of life of others due to future criminal activity.

     Ah, this must be the “new math”.

     Notice all the assumptions and “fudge factors” that he applied in a biased manner to get his result, and he did all that to get a slightly higher number.

Of course if we use the 1100 estimate over two months (61 days), the total dead would be over sixty-seven thousand, which is higher than the guesstimated sixty-four thousand five hundred and seventeen +⅖ persons that he estimates based on his “fudge factor” assumptions, which include assuming that those who would not have died at the hands of police not only live an average of forty-four years all of which have a perfect unadjusted quality of life, that public healthcare considers the sick and elderly to have the worth of ¾ of a person (which is at least more than a slave), and that there will be “reforms” that can not only reduce the number of instances where a police officer is justified in using lethal force, but also that this reduction will be permanent for half a century without causing any negative effects whatsoever.

     Heck, if all we do it add on the same ¾ value for the last ten years of the two-hundred and twenty persons lives, that’s—over fifty years—more than ten-thousand less equivalent lives than those who would die from the “peaceful protests” in a mere two-months.

     There were further assumptions, including: Death, decrease in “quality of life”, other results of violence, &c. are irrelevant compared to the “Lives saved” of people who gave good reason to police to use justified lethal force, and a massive long-term effect on criminal activity that would reduce the number of justifiable homicides without increasing crime or any the of the long-term effects thereof.

     Yup, lots of guesstimate going on, and all towards a preconceived answer.

     Only if you fudge your mathematics like this “former economist” did.

     No, it doesn’t because this dishonest guesswork doesn’t even show that, let alone prove that a justifiable homicide is such a massive “public health” threat that killing off tens-of-thousands of innocent people is, even with utopian assumptions is somehow justified.

     So s**t these biased pseduo-guesstimations aren’t a real cost-benefit analysis like you said it was.

     B***h you did just that when you devaued the live of the nearly seventy thousand people who are estimated to die because of these “peaceful protests” by SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT.

     Again, HE DID JUST THAT.

     This just goes to show how full of s**t this twit is. Funny how the decrease in killings of Blacks by police also corresponds to an increase in crime, including murder, that hit the poorest communities, notably Black communities, for decades to come. Also note how the graph doesn’t show the past decade or that the vast majority of police killings involve non-Blacks.

     This was one of the more pathetic attempts at justifying “Geriatricide for Social Justice” out there.

     Ironically, while Blacks make up about 25% of arrest-related deaths which is twice the percentage of Black in the population (though it is less than the percentage of crimes committed), they also make up 24% of the COVID-19 death rate, which again is about twice that of their percentage in the U.S. population.

     So, at most, in order to avoid 11,000 Black people (and more likely a small fraction of that) over a FIFTY YEAR period from dying by a justifiable homicide, this “former econimist” would kill off over SIXTEEN THOUSAND BLACK PEOPLE in a mere TWO MONTHS.

     And that is considered “Social Justice”.

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