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Dissenters Purged From Venezuelan Civil Service

     Faced with a potential recall election, Venezuela’s President Maduro has decided to make a convincing case… by firing from the civil service anyone who dares not blindly support him: “In the last few months, Venezuelan politics pretty much has revolved … Continue reading

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The Veil of John Rawls’ Ignorance

     John Rawls is a name that few Americans are familiar with, let alone a name many, if not most, conservative are unfamiliar with.   Yet his major works, “A Theory of Justice” and “Political Liberalism” have served as the lens through … Continue reading

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News of the Week (October 2nd, 2016)

  News of the Week for October 2nd, 2016 Tweet

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The Ultimate Tool of The Patriarchy? Puppies!

     What’s next?  A beat up old van that has “free candy” written on the side?      The puppy was probably a misogynist anyway… Tweet

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