If You Are Dating An Ancient Sumerian God, You Are Crazy

     If you are a girl who thinks she is a biological male, then any semblance of reality is lost, and there is no stopping the leap down the rabbit hole…

     I blame Ivo Shandor.

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3 Responses to If You Are Dating An Ancient Sumerian God, You Are Crazy

  1. avatar Cato says:

    I had a girlfriend many years ago, when I was a naive young man, who was an early adopter of the otherkin nonsense. I always thought of that aspect as harmlessly eccentric. I liked her quite a bit, and she managed to be perfectly normal about just about everything else, so it was easy to rationalize it away. After several months, she started to get worse. She had decided that she wasn’t some kind of mythological creature in spirit, but actually a vampire, and went straight on to disturbing levels of macabre. My native reason reasserted itself, and I realized that if you accept any part of the nonsense, you leave the door open to accepting unlimited nonsense. Needless to say, the relationship didn’t long survive my new outlook, and I’ve never stopped being thankful to have gotten out of it when I did.

  2. avatar dIb says:

    There is so much wrong with the above. But it is funny she gets angry at people labeling her different sexes, and then describes those in her family with brother, sister, uncle, etc.

  3. avatar harbqll says:

    “Born leader”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA